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in-the-middle-of-jungleDear sahabat “da Trooper Bali” dimanapun berada,
Pada kesempatan kali ini saya ingin berbagi kebahagiaan dan kenangan dengan sahabat semua mengenai arti persahabatan sejati.



Selamat menyimak.


Beberapa waktu yang lalu bertempat di Hotelku, Karang Menjangan Surabaya, saya berkesempatan bertemu dengan dua sahabat lama yang saya kenal sejak 15 tahun yang lalu di saat awal awal saya mulai memakai SUV Trooper. Mereka adalah Cak Zainal Mochamad dan Mas Nanang Darmantyo. Mereka ini lah yang banyak memberikan ilmu pengetahuan seputar SUV Trooper, sehingga saya mengerti dan melek bagaimana merawat dan mengerti sejarah perjalanan SUV Trooper sampai seperti yang kita kenal saat ini.DEWA&TROOPER-SILVER



Saya merasa sangat beruntung dikunjungi oleh sahabat sahabat lama ini di penginapan  saya di Surabaya, di saat saat saya butuh teman yang bisa saya ajak berbagi dan berdiskusi mengenai berbagai hal baik itu masalah pertemanan, pesahabatan, hobby, kehidupan dan tentu saja masalah Trooper dan pernak perniknya.

Kamipun ngobrol panjang lebar dan bernostalgia mengingat bagaimana saat saat pertama kami berjumpa dan mengadakan pertemuan hingga 60 an SUV Trooper di Bali pada tahun 2006 yang lampau. Kenangan masa lalu selalu indah untuk dikenang, terlepas dari berbagai hal pro dan kontranya.

Akhirnya kami pun ngobrol hingga larut malam.

Terimakasih Cak Zainal Mochamad dan Mas Nanang Darmantyo yang telah mengunjungi saya dan istri di saat saya membutuhkan teman untuk berbagi.
Semoga persahabatan ini selalu abadi dan tidak terkontaminasi oleh kepentingan tertentu yang dapat merusak sebuah persahabatan.



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(Reposted) Let’s go to Banyuwangi….! part. 1.

Hi brother of da Trooper and all of “da Trooper Bali”  website visitors….

I am back again to you after a few days busy with my regular job as I have to feeding my family to provide their needs. I just finalized my article of Banyuwangi, as our next plan is to explore the beauty of Banyuwangi. Before we go there I think It is would be worth for all of us whoever will join with KTI Bali to got to Banyuwangi on our next adventure touring.

Lets start now….

After Trooper Indonesia Gathering (TIG) VII which just held in Yogyakarta from 8 to 11 July 2007 KTI Bali members seem not do any activity to trekking or out door. It seem they are quiet busy with their routine activity. But one of the members suddenly call me and encourages to go to Sukamade in Banyuwangi residence for our next out door schedule..

This invitation seem so challenging as some of KTI Bali members never visit Sukamade and me too. I understand and heard that Sukamade and Meru Betiri beach which is so closed with the city. If we see on the map, Banyuwangi it self is a spectacular next door neighbor of Bali and very closed with Jembrana residence, separated by the strait of Bali.  Banyuwangi is a part of East Java province and only about 25 minute ferry ride from Gilimanuk to Ketapang harbor.

Before we go there, it would be good to know and learn about it. About the people, about the culture, about the city, about the arts which is almost the same like the one we may see in Bali, about the history and an interesting legend of Banyuwangi name. I have read a few books about Banyuwangi and compiled to share it to all of you a KTI friends and a visitors of KTI Bali website.

Please enjoy the story….

Banyuwangi city is surrounded by beauty and abounding in history, sights, and in particular, performing arts.  In the city we can visit the Blambangan Museum a home of the ancient scripts and archaeological treasures. The history unfold in the old British quarter with a building that dated back 1766, a time when the British had just started a trading cooperative with the Chinese. There also a richly decorated Chinese temple in the corner of the city.

On the way you will easy to find a “becak” the pushed bicycle with three wheels which push by a man.  It’s about the city. Well, as we drive da Trooper and willing to know and follows the pathways that we can passing by, we plan to go to Meru Betiri and Alas Purwo the national park in Banyuwangi residence.

Banyuwangi name came from the “Banyu” = water and “wangi” = nice smell / floral aroma smell. So if we translate it in English the name of the city is “Nice smell of water”. Do you know why the city call by this name..?  It’s very interesting that you will know why the name of the city is Banyuwangi.

All right here is the full story. Enjoy it. Hope you will open your frame atmosphere more wide guys….

There is three an interesting places in the far east of Java. First place is Baluran, where is the covey of wild buffalo life and under the protection of the government.

The second is Banyuwangi, whereas the people who will cross to Bali Island must passing this city before they jump onto the ferry to cross the strait of Bali.

Banyuwangi the nearest neighboring to Bali, that’s way their culture quiet close compare to Balinese. Especially their dance performance and a little things of their language quiet close to Balinese in some parts. 

And the third place is Blambangan is known by the temple of Blambangan as long time a go Blambangan is the city of the Blambangan Kingdom. Blambangan is a Hindu Kingdom during that time. And nowadays, the temple still standing and be a famous distance of Balinese Hindu Community to their “tirtayatra” (Tirtayatra = Tour to visit any temple with a specific and has an history of ancient Hinduism).

The name of Banyuwangi is start from this epos story.  Start from the city of Blambangan.

Blambangan city not so busy like Banyuwangi but in the past time in few years ago Blambangan is the center and the main city of the Blambangan empire  and has it’s empower during that time. On that time Blambangan kingdom ever trembling the Majapahit kingdom when the king of Blambangan kingdom was  Prabu Bhre Wirabhumi who is more famous with his name Menak Jinggo on the legend, but luckily there is a young man name Damar Wulan with his spectacular ability could kill Menak Jingga and Majapahit avoid from the harmful.

The name of the city of Banyuwangi are raised during the king of Blambangan was Prabu Menak Prakosa who was still the grand son of Prabu Menak Jingga or Prabu Bhre Wirabumi. The area of the kingdom of Bambina quiet big and even that time the king of Prabu Menak Prakosa could attack the Kingdom of Clunking in Bali Island. The selected troopers and a squad were sent to Klungkung, Bali and landed in Kusamba beach, Klungkung. The guards troopers of Klungkung kingdom who keeping the beach could not covered and could not attack against the Blambangan troopers who leads by their king Prabu Menak Prakosa himself. After grab Kusamba beach, a part of the Klungkung kingdom the troopers of Blambangan moving and attack Gianyar kingdom and in the short stage Gianyar also be a part of Blambangan kingdom as the Gianyar squad could not defend  their city line. When Gianyar fell down onto the Blambangan empower, the day was evening so the king of Blambangan Prabu Menak Prakosa order his troopers and squads to take a rest and make a based camp and raise a tents in the grass yard.

After they take a rest for few hours, the king of Blambangan call his assistant Adipati Ragajampi to discuss the strategy that could build to attack the Palaces of the king of Klungkung.

“Tomorrow early in the morning please go and lead the first attack to the Palace of the King of Klungkung. You may bring a half of the squads to empower your attack against them”. The King Prabu Menak Prakosa said.

“Yes your majesty” I will”. replied Adipati Ragajampi.

“Try to make them out from their bunker” While I will follow you with the rest of the squad to make the follows attack.” the King Prabu Menak Prakosa continue his order.

“I obey your order your majesty”. replied Adipati Ragajampi.

Again the King Prabu Menak Prakosa said : “If we won the battle, I will appointing you as a new King of Klungkung and be my representative in Bali…..!’. 

“I…. I….. I appreciate very much your present your majesty. I thanking you by thousand your majesty…” said Adipati Ragajampi with a lot of happiness in his face.

“So do your best and won the battle Ragajampi.” said the King Prabu Menak Prakosa again. “Try to finish and won the battle before I arrive and you could grab and arrest  the king of Klungkung …!!.”  The King continue.

“I will do my best your majesty…” replied Adipati Ragajampi. 

And the meeting is over.

While in the Palace of the King of Klungkung, Ida Cokorde Klungkung  also held a meeting with all of the family and relative of the kingdom. The King of Klungkung has two child who already been growth to a teenager. A son and a daughter. His son name Cokorde Bagus Tantra and his daughter name Dewi Supraba.

As a son of the king, Cokorde Bagus Tantra was a handsome guy. His figure not to high, not to skinny, he was an averages in size. He seem so qute, but his behavior some time not so good. Not good like his father, Cokorde Klungkung the King of Klungkung Kingdom. He easy to jealous if seeing  another people doing the better things than him. His age about twenty third years

The daughter of the King of Klungkung, Dewi Supraba the ages about eighteen years. She is very pretty and beautiful. With a nice good behavior and very helpful, make almost all of the people who met her will felt comfortable as Dewi Supraba love and respect to every one.

The King of Klungkung already been old. About 67 years. His faces have been shrinkage and his hair his beard is white. With sadness he said to his son and his daughter: “Tantra and  Supraba tonight both of you must go out from the Palace and disappear some where. If we won the battle you may back to the Palace.” said the Cokorde Klungkung, the King of Klungkung. 

“Father my beloved one, please allow me to stay. I want to accompanying mother.”  She request.

“Father allow me to go to the battle to attack the enemy” Allow me to battle against them… Cokorde Bagus Tantra requested. “ Cokorde Bagus Tantra also ask.

The King of Klungkung raised his hands and replied.

 “I appreciate very much your willing my son.” But I have thinking about it and decided that both of you must go now. If I die on the battle, at least I still have a son and who will there after will continue our kingdom.  And you can collect your power and get back our kingdom.” The King continue.

 “But father……”

 “Don’t argue with me again” Panglima Cokorde Rai will a companying you to the safe place.” The King of Klungkung than look at his wife and said : My wife, you may join them tonight to the safe place.” He said.

“No my husband. I will join you forever. In a glory or in a losses. I will never ever leave you.” She said.

The King knew very well his wife behavior. Once she decided it would not be change anymore.

The King of Klungkung then call his son : “Cokorde Bagus Tantra, come closed to me.  He order his son.

(to be continued)

Follows the next story which will let you know more over…




(Reposted) Let’s goto Banyuwangi. part. 4. finish.

Last synopsys :

“My husband were not join in those battle to attack Bali Island.” Dewi Surati try to defendant  from her brother.

“No. Your husband is Prabu Menak Prakosa son who killed our father. It’s mean he also our enemy.

“I and uncle Cokorde Rai still built a squad and power to attack and get the Klungkung Kingdom, while you are here enjoy life with our enemy. If you still need me to acknowledge my sister, please help me.” He shout again loudly.

“Brother, what should I do…?” She asked Cokorde Bagus Tantra.

“You must help me to make a crowded in Blambangan Place and killed your husband and Prabu Menak Prakosa, so the squad will busy and concern their power in the Blambangan Palace. Adipati Ragajampi will be come to Blambangan to deserve. And in that time I will attack Klungkung and make a revenge and get back Klungkung Kingdom.” He explain.

Dewi Surati so scare heard his brother plan. With no need by herself she shooting: “Nooo….. It is impossible. I could not do it. I have been help by my husband when I am alone, no food, no one and the rebels almost kill me.” She said.

“Damm you…!!! You would not help me…? It’s fine. I will not push you to do that , but you must accept my judgments for your cheat.” Cokorde Bagus Tantra than go quickly.

“Brotherrr….?!!”  Dewi Surati call his brother, but Cokorde Bagus Tantra ignore it at all.

Cokorde Bagus Tantra run and jump within a second he disappear from the eyes of Dewi Surati.

Dewi Surati just stay alone and the tears drop from both of her eyes. She is so sad facing those fact.

A few days latter…..

Raden Banterang went out of the Palace to hunting the wild pigs in the jungle to help himself to have a fun thru the jungle.

His mind so confuse. His mother push him to find another girl who can give them a child soonest because of Dewi Surati is could not give them one, while Raden Banterang loving Dewi Surati so much. He facing a very difficult situation. To sit on his mother part or to Dewi Surati.

Therefore, he often go to the jungle to make a fun by hunting the wild pigs. But someday, when he ride his horse to the jungle, there a guy who worn a torn dirty shirt stop his step by standing in front of Raden Banterang way.

Raden Banterang very angry and asking: “Who are you…? What are you doing to stand in front of me…?”   He continue with a high tense voices.

“Please forgive me your majesty.” That guy fell himself in front of the foot of Raden Banterang.  “You are in dangerous. Big dangerous your majesty.

“Big dangerous…?” What do youi mean…?” Raden Banterang ask in counfuse.

 “Don’t you know that Dewi Surati is Dewi Supraba the King Klungkung daughter who will take a revenge for their parent day.” The guy continue.

“Hugh’ How do you knew this a beggar…? Raden Banterang asking again.

“Forgive me your majesty.. I’ve been tell by a trader people from Klungkung who make a business trading in Blambangan. He saw  Dewi Supraba in her new name Dewi Surati in Blambangan Palace. He never forget Dewi Supraba face, although she change her name to Dewi Surati and marry you your majesty.”

“Damm you a beggar. If you lie to me I will cut your neck . Because you so brave to cheat my wife.” He continue.

“Forgive your majesty. If you do not trust me, you will see the prove, right now Dewi Surati just put a Keris from the Klungkung Kingdom in pillow case of hers. In the short time you will kill by Dewi Supraba your majesty.

Raden Banterang has a high temperamental and he always judge and finalized the things at once before  he thinking it carefully. In this case he acknowledge the issue without investigate it is correct or wrong issue.  His heart so burn in angry. He abandon his plan to have a fun and hunting in the jungle. He jump onto his horse and back to the Blambangan.

When he arrive in the Palace he just entering their bed room . He is not see her wife.  “Hmm May be she is in the garden.” He said to himself snoozed.

Raden Banterang pull the pillow of them. And yes. There is a Keris inside. He pull the keris and he look carefully that keris in his hand. There is a Balinese words on the handle of the Keris. Yes the keris is belong to Klungkung Kingdom.

“Damm…..!!?! Raden Banterang moaning loudly. He take the keris and put inside of his trouser and run to the garden.

“Oh Raden Banterang my husband… ! What happen..? usually you will back in the evening….”

“Come with me….” Said Raden Banterang so cold.

With no talk, he bring his wife left Blambangan Palace in the horse to the jungle. Dewi Surati so surprise watching his husband face which is seem so angry.

He bring his wife to the rivers in the deep of the jungle where they met in the first time. He down his wife from the horse.

“My husband, why you bring me to this place…?” She asking.

Raden Banterang not answer his wife question. But he pull out the Keris from his wais and said.  : Dewi Suati…!!!!  Tell me the truth….!!!  Who are you….?!??” His order heard breaking the space.

Both eyes of Dewi Surati open widely when seeing the Keris that she knew is belong to his father, the King of Klungkung which given to his brother Cokorde Bagus Tantra when they will left the Palace Klungkung in the night before the battle against the trooper of Blambangan.

Raden Banterang appoint the Keris to the face of Dewi Surati and said “Dewi Surati, tell me the truth who are you…? He shout loudly.

“All right my husband I will tell you the truth.” She said in sadness. She is almost crying….“ I am Dewi Supraba the daughter of the King of Klungkung.  I from Adipati Ragajampi who want to catch me and push me to marry him.

“A very good you may open to me!.” Cut Raden Banterang.

“But believe me Raden Banterang, not a pity in my mind to trying to cheat you as my husband.” She continued.

“Why then this keris is put in your pillow…? Raden Banterang raise the Keris highly.

“No. I don’t know who put the keris in my pillow. It is true that a few days a go my brother visit me and push me to kill you, but I could not follow his order. How may could kill my husband.  Because I love you with all of my heart body soul.” She continue.

“Lier….” Raden Banterang shout veryloud and make Dewi Surati so trembling. Both of Raden Banterang eyes are red. His high temperament are came out and he could not think clearly what have been they facing actually. He always do a judgement and varnish before investigate and think it clearly. This habit will regret him later on.

“The prove is there.” He shouting even more loud. “But you still try to deny.”   You have to redeem your false and die in this keris. Your father keris.” He said continue.

“Please don’t my husband.” She look at her husband in sadness. “Don’t make my father’s keris dirty with my blood my husband. If you not trust me any more, it is fine but there is another way to prove my love and my loyal to you.”  I could not swim my darling. This river is very deep. The water run so fast. If I jump onto it, I will die soonest, but please give a chance to pry to my God Ida Hyang Widhi Wasa.

Raden Banterang stay stoned at his foot. His heart beating so fast. But since his mind are clamp by a angry and locked by a his high temperament he could not thinking brightly and clarity.

“All right.” I give you a chance to pry and apologize to the God Ida Hyang Widhi Wasa…..!!”  He shouting even more loud now.

With whispering Dewi Surati prying to the God Ida Hyang Widhi Wasa and wish; Oh my God, Ida Hyang Widhi Wasa, please show a prove to my husband how I love and loyal and I never been cheat to him. Please prove that I am a loyal wife of her.” She wish on her prying.

Upon finish prying, she look at her husband and said ; “My husband, be a witness. I will jump onto the river. If later on after I jump the water of the river fragrance the nice good smell of floral, it is the prove that I was a loyal and innocent wife of yours. But in opposite, if the water smell badly, it is the prove that I was a cheat wife and I am guilty. Okay my darling… Good bye my love…….!!!

“Byurrr……” the water in the river are foaming when accepting the body of Dewi Surati. Her body are dived into the water. And never raised again from the river.

Raden Banterang stay stoned at his foot. He watching the river with wide opened eyes, and only a few second there is a nice fragrance of floral smell from the water of the river.” Banyuwangi.” Raden Banterang shouting to him self. Banyuwangi mean a fragrance water.

Now Raden Banterang knew that his wife is true. She is a loyal loving wife. She is not guilty. She is very nice women and could not compare to any one that he knew.

Raden Banterang fall down to the ground. His eyes are wet with a tears. He regret at all. But every things has already done. Thousand regrets will never get back every things that has been done. Dewi Surati the beautiful wife, inner and outer the loving lady has gone. He will never take anyone to replace her completely.

The place that happen then named “Banyuwangi” as like what we known this time. In the modern era, Banyuwangi develop rapidly to the modern and busy city   like what we know at  this time.

A few month latter after the tragedy of Dewi Surati, Cokorde Bagus Tantra and Panglima Cokorde Rai attack the Klungkung Palace. Adipati Ragajampi could not deffence the Palace because almost all of the people of Klungkung backing up Cokorde Bagus Tantra and Panglima Cokorde Rai.

Before the people of the Klungkung get back the Palace, Adipati Ragajampi himself and his family with the rest of his squad escape from the Palace of Klungkung and go to the beach and sailing the sea  back to Blambangan.

Prabu Menak Prakosa so sad knowing the loss of Adipati Ragajampi from the people of Klungkung, and to appreciate his effort the King of Blambangan then assign and give him a place in the west of Banyuwangi until he died.

To remind him the place then called ROGOjampi, according to the local dialect.

That’s about Banyuwangi and Rogojampi history.

Back to our part, we plan to go to Banyuwangi in the near time…..

We will report our jopurney in this site….

OK guys see you soonest. Please stay tune on this site…..

See you around….




Me during writing

(reposted) Let’s go to Banyuwangi…! part. 3


The last synopsys :

Raden Banterang known as a helpull and nice guy. The people love him very much for his good behavior. The people very respect to him and in the same time fear at him especially the people who often make a crime.

 If Raden Banterang see  anyone make a bad things, without thinking how and why, he will judge and varnish them at once. This is behavior will regret him latter on. 

As a young handsome guy and known as a King’s son, there is so many beautiful pretty women falling in love like crazy to him and wants to marry him, but so far none of them are interesting to Raden Banterang. Raden Banterang still like to hunting do a combat to anyone that seem so strong. He wants a new challenge and to be number one among the people.

When Raden Banterang went to the jungle to hunting the wild pigs he heard a lady voice crying and shouting “ Help…. Help…. Help…. Some one please help me….”

Raden Banterang hurry his steps and moving his head and trying to find out where is the source of that voice.

He then jump to high tree and look around to found the voice. He so surprise when he saw three man haunt a young lady with wear a torn trousers and shirt.

He jump and fly among the tree and in a second he is already in front of those three bold man, who already catch those young lady in his hand.

“Let the girl go.” He shouting to those three bold man.

Those three bold men look at him and laughing openly. “The man who catch the young lady then left the young lady. He move to Raden Banterang anda ask: “Who are you…? Why you want to involve disturbing my happiness…” He said after he finish his laugh.

Raden Banterang fold his hand in front of his chest and said :”I am Raden Bantering the son of the Prabu Menak Prakosa, the King of Blambangan. And I hate a man like you who only cold brave to a girls.” He said.

Those bold man so surprise, his face change and seem soscare, but only a second, Raden Banterang already hit both of them in one time and make them throw away with a blood on their mouth and they die together.

After the two bold man die, Raden Banterang look at the young lady who is still trembling after watching how Raden Banterang kill those two bold man only in a second. She is seem so scare. Raden Banterang smile at her and said “Don’t worry I am not a bad guy. I will help you young lady.” So who is your name…?

“I am Raden Banterang from Blambangan.” He continue while his face smiling to confince those young lady.”

Those young pretty girl seem so surprise and fall her self in front of Raden Banterang and said : “Please forgive me your majesty. I am a stupid girl by not knowing that you are Raden Banterang the son of the King of Blambangan.” She said. “I am Dewi Surati.” .”I am only a village girl.” She said again. “ I am escape from my village as my village destroy by those two bold man and their people. My parent are die killed by those two bold man.” I am escape from my village, but those bold man saw me and follow me until you help me from their dirty hands,” She continue again.

It’s alright. Now please stand .” Raden Banterang order those young lady. He is heart suddenly beat faster. Since he saw that young lady at first, he falling love at the first sight to those young pretty lady. It seem that this young lady is not a ordinary people. But he did not know who.

“So where will you go now Dewi Suati…? Asked Raden Banterang to the young lady.

“I do not have any things anymore your majesty. No parent no house and no family at all. Said those young girl And she same very so sad. “I do not know where I must go now.” She continue with in a sadness.

“Alright. Dewi Surati. I will introduce you to may parent. Would you like to see them.” Raden Banterang replied.

“No your majesty. It is impossible. And I am very scare to see them. I am only a village girl your majesty.” Replied Dewi Surati.

“it’s okay Dewi Surati. You will stay with me in the palace.” Said Raden Banterang while he push Dewi Surati to agree his request.

“What…. What….. What that mean your majesty…? Ask Dewi Surati.

“I am the open mind people Dewi.  If you like, would you please to marry me Dewi Surati….? Asked Raden Banterang with doubt.

‘Ah Raden….your majesty… you are do wrong choice your majesty. I am only a poor simply village girl. Does not knew any things about the palace. I am afraid would not serve you in the right way your majesty….” Said Dewi Surati again.

“It’s okay Dewi. Don’t you mention that again. okay..? closed Raden Banterang.

He swift his hand and grab Dewi Surati hand and pick her to get into the horse. And those couple move to the Blambangan Palace.

Raden Banterang is the type of a man who can decided in instant. He is so wonder about the face of Dewi Surati. Her face is really really pretty beautiful. He not need to investigate who is Dewi Surati, where she is came from. Completely not needed. He already falling in love with the first sight. He feel so closed and so familiar with this young lady.

But he is not a stupid people. Before he introduce Dewi Surati to his parent, he keep her in one of his shoulder and ask the palace women staff to bring every things needed for women to Dewi Surati, including the women wear to be worn by Dewi Surati.

When Dewi Surati finish making up and properly dressing, every body who see her in proper dress are open their eyes widely, because Dewi Surati is really really pretty and beautiful. Dewi Surati become like a goddess from the heaven. And she is the one who is necessary and good to be the wife of Raden Banterang. She is not only pretty and beautiful, but her behavior also is very nice like the prince of the kings.

Prabu Menak Prakosa himself, wants that Raden Banterang soon marry and wants has and grandchild soonest.

Therefore, when Raden Banterang introduce Dewi Surati and want to marry her Prabu Menak Prakosa agreed and prepare the wedding for his son urgently.

The wedding ceremony are great and held for three days and three night continuously. Every people of Blambangan are happy with the wedding of Raden Banterang and Dewi Surati..

The days gone with fully happiness with those couple. Prabu Menak Prakosa and his wife love Dewi Surati so much as Dewi Surati always shown her respect and love to anyone.  Prabu Menak Pakosa and his wife so proud about Dewi Surati. She is not only has a pretty beautiful  face, but her attitude also beautiful which is make everyone love to her as well. She is seem not so difficult to socialized her self to every one in the  Blambangan Palace. This is of course make everyone quiet strange, as usually if the country women will facing difficulties during socialized herself with anyone in the palace. She is clever, read and writing.

“She is like a prince. “ Said the King wife.

“Yes she is very clever read and writing. Our son so smart to choice the wife.” Said the King Prabu Menak Prakosa.

All of the Blambangan Palace also very proud and loving Dewi Surati more and more every day. Dewi Surati very pleasant stay in the Blambangan Palace.

Month passing so fast, and years goes by. After three years of their wedding the problem coming to them. After three years marry, Dewi Surati seem not pregnant yet. Prabu Menak Prakosa who is wants to have a grandchild soon since the beginning Raden Banterang marry her, and he quiet disappoint with the fact and also the King’s wife seem very disappoint.. Dewi Surati very sad as the King wife always shown her disappoint and shown her dislike to Dewi Surati.

Dewi Surati began to keep herself alone. She often sit in the side of the fond in front of her house, thinking about herself who has no child yet.

“The only the King Prabu Menak Prakosa seem still love me, while my husband Raden Banterang also seem so disappoint on me.” She talk to herself sadly.

“Why every body changes…? “ She talk to her self once again. “Oh God, please help me…” She whisper to herself.

Dewi Surati know as a nice lady. She often give her helping hands to the   poor people. Almost every day the poor people come to her asking a cup of rice or any food to eat.

Someday, there is a poor man come to her. He is wear a torn dirty shirt. Those man not so old.  Dewi Surati so strange see that guy. And she feel so familiar with him. She try to compile her memory. In the  part those poor man see herface  so sharp, which is make Dwi Surati trembling and feel so scare. The eyes of the guy look like so angry.

Suddenly the poor guy said: “Supraba…! Now you change your name to Dewi Surati. Although I wear this  torn dirty shirt, I believe  you would not forget me don’t; you…? “ His voice heard like angry.

Dewi Surati knew the voice. It is true that the guy is her brother Cokorde Bagus Tantra.!!

“Oh my brother Cokorde Bagus Tantra.  The God finally fulfill my prying and give us a chance to meet.”  Oh my brother I am so happy to meet you again.” She said in gladly.

“Don’t say my name..!!!”  Shout Cokorde Bagus Tantra.

“You change your name even you marry our enemy. The son of the people who killed our parent.” He continue.

“You have forgot our goal to revenge and kill our enemy. You are not and my sister anymore.” He shouting again.

 “Please don’t say like that my brother. I am still Dewi Supraba your sister just like before.” I change may name to hidden from our enemy who always follows.”. She explain.

“Alright, but now you marry with our enemy.” Shouting Cokorde Bagus Tantra in angry.

“My husband were not join in those battle to attack Bali Island.” Dewi Surati try to defendant  from her brother.

“No…. ” He shout again. “Your husband is Prabu Menak Prakosa son who killed our father. It’s mean he also our enemy.”

“Please don’t say like that my brother. I am still Dewi Supraba your sister just like before.” I change may name to hidden from our enemy who always follows.”. She explain.


“Alright, but now you are marry with our enemy.” Shouting Cokorde Bagus Tantra in angry.


(to be continued)

Follows the continuation of this legend….



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Viewing a Gloves

The last synoppsys :

The King knew very well his wife behavior. Once she decided it would not be change anymore.

The King of Klungkung then call his son : “Cokorde Bagus Tantra, come closed to me.  He order his son.

Cokorde Bagus Tantra came closed to his father and sit down near The King Klungkung feet. His seem so sad.

Suddenly the King raised the “Keris” from his hips. (Keris is a weapon of the king as like samurai in Japan). He then said : “This Keris is belong to our grand grand father. This Keris must keep and don’t ever fell down to any one out of our dynasty, therefore, please bring this Keris with you and keep it carefully.”

The King then gave the Keris to his son Cokorde Bagus Tantra. Those young man then accept the Keris and his hand tremendously as like there is a strange feeling came out from the Keris.

The King then clave his hand. The clave of sign. And Panglima Cokorde Rai coming with two people of his squad member.

They then fell their self in front of the King’s foot with respect.

“So Cok Tantra and Supraba, please follow them right now’….! Said the King of Klungkung.

Dewi Supraba who is speechless since the beginning of the meeting, could not keep her feeling and huge her mother tightly with tears drop from her eyes.

“It’s alright my dear. Every things will be okay. Trust to the God. It’s not absolutely we will losses. If the god with us I believe we will be together soon the war completely finish, but now you must go to keep your self.  In the next future  you and your brother will be back to attack and get the kingdom of Klungkung  back become yours, if we could not defensive  the Kingdom from the trooper of Prabhu Menak Prakosa this time .” Said her mother to strengthen her daughter.

The time so limited, and Cokorde Bagus Tantra and Dewi Supraba soon leave the Palace of the King of Klungkung accompanying by Panglima Cokorde Rai who is seem so great with his lethal ability.

Battle in Klungkung.

Suddenly a busy and crowded heard when the morning  just broken. “Fire……!!?!  “Attack the Javanese. Kick them out from our land.” Shouting heard so loud.

Prabu Menak Prakosa and Adipati Ragajampi so surprise when realized that the squad of Klungkung were came and attack their camps even the day still in the dark. The squad of Blambangan still slept when they attack. This is out of their prediction.

Prabu Menak Prakosa react and Adipati Ragajampi do so. They split their step to open their strategy of their squad.

“Don’t panic.” Take your weapon and go to the empty yard.” Adipati Ragajampi instruct his squad.

While Prabu Menak Prakosa already recall his squad and left the camps to the empty yard. A couple of the Klungkung squad who run to them has been knocked back by them.

Although Prabu Menak Prakosa and Adipati Ragajampi success to built a defensive squad, but almost a half of their squad are killed or in injury.

The sudden attack in those early morning is really really make them angry and wants to take a revenge against the Klungkung squad. There is no time to help their friends  who are in injury in the tents, as the battle are continue.

The sunrise in the east with it warm and gold color and make the land are bright. Prabu Menak Prakosa the King of Blambangan order Adipati Ragajampi to attack back against the squad of Klungkung Kingdom.

“Attack back…..!?!” Adipati Ragajampi shouting to instruct the Blambangan squad to attack and push their motivation to kick the Klungkung squad. He raise up this hands which hold his Keris.  The battle so hard and crowded. Both squad  are hit and knock each others. So many squad members from both part are die.

The power of both squad seem quiet the same. While the both king, the King of Klungkung and the King of Blambangan now facing each other and they will do a combat. They fight so fast and both of them seem have a same power and almost the same knowledge. In one moment, the King Of Blambangan do a quick penetrating his Keris to the chest of the King of Klungkung, but the King of Klungkung only smiling and the Keris of the King of Blambangan  could not hurt the King of Klungkung. His Keris could not make even a small pain.

The King of Blambangan quiet surprise. On his surprise suddenly the King of Klungkung hit him with both of his hands and make Prabu Menak Prakosa the King of Blambangan throw away for about 10 feet and felt down on the grass.

“Incredible.  He hit me so strong and makes my chest so hurt.” Prabu Menak Prakosa talk to himself in pain. Before he fully understand what’s going on, the King of Clunking follows with his kick and “Baggg” .The side kick from The King of Klungkung hit the right belly of Prabu Menak Prakosa and make his body jump in the air, but in this time  he ready and could control his position, he move his body and landed in the grass and the blood out from his mouth. He feel so pain  on this right belly. But concentrate at the moment and suddenly hit his Keris to  grass deeply and within a few second he take it out.  His lips trembling  and say the words and he touch  the top of his Keris with his tongue and wet it with his saliva.   “I know how to handle your power guys. “ He said to himself.

The King of Klungkung quiet surprise watching Prabu Menak Prakosa action. He understand that his cont knew how to neutralized his magic power. He became more careful and defensive and not let the keris of Prabu Prakosa to touching his skin.

And after he finish his words. Prabhu Menak Prakosa jump in front of the King of Klungkung and attack him with his Keris. By this time the King of Klungkung seem so careful to handle every attack of the King of Blambangan. He do not let the Keris of Prabu Menak Prakosa to touch his skin. He prefer to avoid the Keris or some time he block  the Keris of Prabu Menak Prakosa with his Keris until a dust of fire out from both of their Keris.

Both of the king are combat in brutally and already been in the midday, but both of them still combating and even more brutal. Some time the King of Klungkung hit and push the King of Blambangan which made him in a difficult position, but some time the King of Blambangan push the king of Klungkung in the same way.

The King of Klungkung old already. He is ages about 65 years over, while the King of Blambangan ages about 40 years. He is still so strong and aggressive to push the King of Klungkung who seem so tired with the combat.

And in one moment, suddenly Prabu Menak Prakosa push his Keris to the King of Klungkung who defence with his Keris, but due to a full power push by Prabu Menak Prakosa his Keris broken and he has no defence when the King of Blambangan push and “Zeb …” The Keris of the King of Blambangan hit  deep into the left chest of the King of Klungkung and “ Arrraghhh…..” The King of Klungkung felt down to the grass. The blood out so much from his hurt. And the King of Klungkung pass away in the combat. 

In the same time Adipati Ragajampi also killed his cont. The Adipati of Klungkung Kingdom.  The Klungkung Kingdom squad are broken the line. They confuse due to no leader who can control and give them a direction.

“Stop the battle….” The King of Blambangan shouting to all of the squad. His order sound so powerful and make all of the squad stop the combat and stay to heard the order of the King of Blambangan. 

“I announce to all of the squad of Klungkung. Your King and your Senopati are die.” “And it is no one will lead you in this battle.” He continue. “ If you surrender we will let you life, if not I will kill all of you to follow your King.” He shouted again.

The squad of Klungkung speechless. They confuse what to do next. A few of them whispering “Let continue the battle till the last blood of us, like what have been shown by our King” Don’t be a cheater.” They said. But another squad replied : “Don’t be stupid. Without our leader we will not win the battle. We may will die in stupid too.” Another squad whisper.

Finally all of the squad of Klungkung surrender and put their weapon.

“Very good it it’s a right choice to safe your life.” Said Prabu Menak Prakosa.

The Klungkung squad speechless and fell down their head to see the grass They seem very sad due to their King  pass away.

Prabu Menak Prakosa than instruct to all of the squad to help their friend who in injury and buried their body of their friend who die on that battle.

For the body of the King of Klungkung and his Senopati, Prabu Menak Prakosa order to bring them to the Klungkung Palace to further process.

The wife of the King of Klungkung crying heavily and huge the body of the King with heavy tears drop on her eyes.

And in accordance with the tradition of Hindu Bali, the body of the King of Klungkung cremated. To show the loyal to her husband, the first lady of the Klungkung Kingdom than jump into the fire where his husband cremated.

The King of Blambangan Prabhu Menak Prakosa stay in the Palace of Klungkung for a few days before he left to be back to Blambangan.

He divided his squad into two part. Half of them left in Klungkung to a companying Patih Ragajampi and another half squad follow the King of Blambangan back to East Java in Blambangan.

The King of Blambagnan fulfill his promise to Adipati Ragajampi. He assigned Adipati Ragajampi as the new King of Klungkung Kingdom.  Adipati Ragajmapi

A few days after, Adipati Ragajampi then bring his wife and his child to stay with him in the Palace of Klungkung

He ask his wife and his daughter to learn the traditional culture, the performing art, the dance culture and also the Balinese language.

To take a sympathy of the people of the Klungkung, Adipati Ragajampi ask everyone to find Cok BagusTantra and Dewi Supraba, but no one knew  where are they. They seem missing and gone like the wind.

Back  to Blambangan city.

Prabu Menak Prakosa has one son. His name is Raden Banterang. He is a handsome guy, clever, smart and his figure very strong like an athlete karate. As he learn any knowledge including the fighting knowledge and tactic.

(to be continued)

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