Holidays to the East part of Bali (part 4 End)


Dear all of “da Trooper Bali” lover, I am backagain to you to continue share the story of my holidays to the east part of Bali. Please enjoy…!

Synopsys last episode;

Finally at 1 o’clock we went back to the hotel for a rest time for while. The street rather quiet here because not many tourist in the roads at night, most of them only dwell in hotels or eating in the restaurant closest to her hotel. By 22:28 o’clock we were relaxing in the hotel room while looking out to sea and listening to the orchestra of waves dancing to the beach.


The atmosphere of the night at the Inn feels very peaceful and serene. The edge of wave breaking down to the beach is more emphatic sound. The sound of the sea waves that create a very peaceful mood and create a comfortable feeling. My wife and I sat down on the terrace while gazing seductive flickering light sea fishing. Occasionally the trumpet of the ship sounded proving a ship that travels across the Lombok Strait. Seductive flickering light in common with sparkling stars in the horizon of the sky really is beautiful and elegant.


Looking at the dark sky with sprinkles of the myriads of stars also is something on our mind and memories. How beautiful and great magnificent creations of God. We speak capably slowly interrupted crickets and other insects. The atmosphere of the night with the sound of night insect’s outcome into a beautiful memories for all of us. Only the occasional there is a sound of passing motor vehicles. The atmosphere of the night really peaceful and serene.
We just entered the bed room lying to recharge our energy in order to be fresh to continue our holiday for tomorrow and be able to enjoy the coast of Amed with an air of its beaches. And then after luncheon, we plan will forward the return journey back to Denpasar.


Finally, do not feel we’ve been asleep and awake when I heard the sound of the sea water in the pond in front of the terrace. The clock shown hours 5.15 am. I rose from the fold and open the curtains of the window to see into the pool and it turns out that the children had been bathing while leaping at the pool. The eastern horizon at the sky still looks dark with a red copper lines. Apparently the Sun would soon rise. I call the wife to get out and wait for the sunrise. Really lovely views from the terrace of our rooms. Slowly but surely, the sky on the eastern horizon is getting flushed copper. The weather feels cool, not cold, but feels comfortable even though I was shirtless.


My wife call out Dewinta our daughter who slept in the next door cottage adjoining with her girlfriend in order to get up to see the sunrise. At 6.17 seconds, slowly but surely getting widespread reddish color and the sun began to emerge from the eastern horizon little by little, and as half of the part of the Sun is visible at the horizon it’s atmosphere is so peaceful and beautiful surrounding earth.
The beauty of God’s creation. We should thankful for over the grace and opportunities as well as the time that is given to us to still be able to enjoy this beauty. We gathered on the terrace to watch the beauty of the morning together. May all of Ethereal happy in this new day … Finally the 6.30 minute ascending Sun is to run the task light up the Earth and gives energy to the whole of the world.


Considering our plans last night, we rushed to pack it to go to the center of the coast of Amed located approximately 2 kilometers on the northern end. At 6.40 we’ve been hurtling down the road toward the northern coast of Amed and go to the one place that echoes its shape rent snorkeling equipment.
It’s too early morning. There are some people who are apparently going to dive. The sea breeze was blowing winds and waves looks a bit big and play boats and boats moored on the edge of the sea. Some boats seem to be dragged down the waves until somewhat to the deep sea side. An officer approached us and offers snorkeling and diving packages. But with smooth we refused because of wind gusts and it seems like not a good time for diving or just snorkeling. Finally we just walk into the sea and sea water play.


Soon upon enough time we played around in the seafront, until finally the Sun is growing up and shining feels the heat in the skin. And finally at 8.37 we decide to return to the hotel for breakfast. After we park our vehicle, we go up to the terrace where breakfast is prepared. Breakfast in the form of eggs scrambled with tomatoes herbs and two pieces of bread served with a cup of hot tea or coffee. Enough to filled and generate an energy until lunch time later. He he he …


After had our breakfast, we entered to the room and packing our belongings and prepare everything before leaving the hotel and back to Denpasar. But before, we’ll stop over to the Brown House where the location is on the one way to our return for travel routes to our home in Denpasar. So, we have to hurry to get ready looking for the luncheon venue around North Amed Beach before continuing the trip to the Brown House to go home back to Denpasar.

At 11:30 we were leaving the hotel towards the coast of North Amed to search for lunch and enjoy the atmosphere of the coast of Amed in daylight. We arrived on the coast of North Amed at 11 and choose a restaurant called Warung Bali that looks quite clean and lively. Seen some foreign tourists were enjoying lunch while talking chit chat.
beach-rumah-coklat-2 We chose a middle seat near to the coast so that we could see the passing of the boat departing tourists for diving and snorkeling. A young man welcoming us and offer some food and give us a menu list. It seems that this young man is a stall owner at the same time. He offers a special menu of Barracuda grilled fish or snapper. I chose the Barracuda grilled fish with fresh vegetables, while my wife chose the Snapper grilled with fresh vegetables also. A glass of fresh apple juice to accompany my lunch today. Atmosphere was very lively and customers come and go so busy lunch time.

Not so long time for enjoyed our lunch time as we must in hurry at 13.40 we leave Warung Bali to go to Brown’s House and then home to Denpasar. We scoured the highway Karangasem – Denpasar to Brown’s House where headed home in the village of Jasri, still around Karangasem residence too.
Brown’s Houses currently being trend especially among children and teenagers…

He he he …

Finally after almost in a hour driving from Amed Beach, we enter the area of the Brown’s House where set in amid coconut groves on the edge of the sea. Enter the area of the Brown’s House, we’ve been stopped intercepted by officers who asking a fee permit of Rp 10,000.0.-per car to passing by the area to go to the Brown’s House.
We walked in between the high coconut trees in-stream was interrupted with the surrounding bush, should take careful passing the pathway we follow since there is a piece of the coconut tree which cut not in good way, so it could hit the bottom of our vehicles.

Enter Brown’s home area, many vehicles have been parking which not in order, so if any new vehicles come entering the area will in difficulties . If you wanted to visit to the Brown’s House, please pay attention of the area so that our vehicles are not impacted the former base of the coconut tree. Before entering, we must buy a ticket entrance which is Rp. 10,000.0 per person and get a piece of white soap as merchandize. Sadly ticket clerk seem not friendly and rude and even less often shout to visitors of who entering the area without buy a ticket. Most of the visitors do not understand to paying admission. As the ticket box is hiding in window and there is no sign of the ticket box. As well there is no sign, we must buy a ticket admission to enter. It is the one which often outwit visitors, so the visitors just entering and eventually shooting by rangers tickets to buy a ticket before enter. Alamaaak …!

Entering the complex area of Brown’s House, there is nothing special, coconut groves land covering an area of about 50 acres is not special, just the shape of the building is not common, because the building shaped or circle with a roof of bamboo stems that are torn and mounted stacked such that the form field as the rain water flow in grooved so as not seeping into the room.

The roof of bamboo is then coated with asphalt is heated until it melts and liquid, then apply around at all of the areas of the roof so that the bamboo become waterproof. In the past, the roof of bamboo has this model was used as a regular in the remote corners of the roof, so it is not something new. There are 2 large swing from ropes hung on two coconut tree trunk position is rather high. So when we play swing, and if seen from the seafront, the swing was impressed is above of the houses.

There are several buildings of bamboo-shaped ship, this seems to be the point of interest of this overall Brown’s House. Many of the teenagers use this point a place to take a picture and selfies picture. They are chit chat loudly while taking a photo which makes the atmosphere became boisterous with shouting and their babble. Maybe our kids are born in a modern era, consider the roof of bamboo model, become a new and special. As known, since they born from a baby to become a kids they just found their home use a modern roof materials like porcelain roof, or asbestos. He he he … panorama-beach-rumah-coklat
There are several large buildings with shapes and models that are almost the same. Is a circular or semicircular with bamboo roofs conical or conical spring. I am trying to sightseeing around the area to figure out, what’s actually a special about this Brown’s House, which make the people curious to visit.
As it turns out, I found that actually this place is the Chocolate Factory houses a wide range of products made from chocolate. Home-based manufacturer of various kind of snack made from chocolate. And it turns out that the owner is a foreigner. The name of the manufacturer is Charlie’s Chocolate Factory. Again and again we lost by foreigners who made the money machine in Bali …. Ha ha hah…

Subjected to a building that appears to be the largest, seem used for the room where different types of chocolate-based products are made. I entered the room and look at them, and realized how chocolate candy chocolate and jams are made. The building is also simultaneously show room chocolate products that have been prepared are marketed.

After seeing the view around, finally we all get bored too, because nothing special from this Brown’s House. We also prepared ready to pass on the way back to Denpasar. The village of Jasri – Denpasar we will travel approximately 1, 5 hour drive.
Finally, we ended our short the holidays and now it’s time for a rest. Home recharge for a routine the next day.
Well, a friend of “da Trooper Bali”, that is our short vacation to the eastern part of the island of Bali, hopefully reading this story gave you benefits and additional insight for companions “da Trooper Bali”.


We apologize, if there is unpleasant words and thank you for always following my words in this “da Trooper Bali” . Once again, please be forgiven. Keep read the article in “da Trooper Bali” because I will continue to share information and stories only in “da Trooper Bali”…

Greetings of friendship,





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Mitos seputar olie mesin


Dear Sahabat “da Trooper Bali” dimanapun berada,

Apakabar hari ini…?
Great… Saya yakin semua sahabat dalam keadaan sehat dan berbahagia bersama keluarga.

Saya ingin berbagi tips seputar olie bagi kendaraan kesayangan kita bersama sahabat “da Trooper Bali” Kita semua tahu, olie adalah cairan yang sangat penting bagi kendaraan kita. Olie yang bertugas memberi pelumasan pada jeroan mesin yang merupakan jantung dari kendaraan akita. Ibarat darah dalam tubuh kitaa, tanpa oli maka jangan harap kendaraan kita bisa beroperasi dengan baik dan aman.
Yuuuk kita selami lebih lanjut seputar olie, agar kita mempunya wawaasn dan pengertian yang benar tentang olie bagi kendaraan kita.
Berikut adalah mitos dan penjelasan mengenai olie yang saya rangkum dari berbagai sumber. Selamat mengikuti…!


Penggunaan oli pada mesin kendaraan sifatnya mutlak dan sangat penting. Selain berguna untuk melumasi dapur pacu, cairan ini bertugas untuk mencegah terjadinya friksi atau gesekan yang berlebih pada komponen komponen jeroan mesin. Dewasa ini, peran oli tidak hanya berfungsi untuk melumasi seluruh komponen bergerak dalam mesin saja. Namun pelumas juga harus mempunyai kemampuan untuk membersihkan ruang bakar dan mencegah terjadinya endapan dan gram gram dari logam yang aus dari bagain jeroan mesin.

Olie juga harus memiliki kemampuan beradaptasi dengan cuaca sekitar. Selain fungsi oli di atas, apakah Anda tahu bahwa selama ini ada mitos seputar oli yang beredar di masyarakat. Agar tidak terjerumus dengan sejumlah mitos yan gsalah mengenai oli, mari kita pahami lebih jauh fungsi dari pelumas ini.


1. W pada 10W – 40

Adalah penting untuk mengetahui tingkat kekentalan atau vikositas oli yang akan Anda beli di toko. Perlu Anda ketahui bahwa pelumas yang baik adalah tidak terlalu kental namun tidak juga terlalu encer. Jika terlalu kental, kinerja mesin akan terbebani karena cairan tersebut kesulitan untuk mengalir dalam ruang bakar. sehingga membuat keja piston dan part terkait menjadi berat.
Sebaliknya jika terlalu encer, maka oli akan terlalu mudah tergelincir layaknya air sehingga tidak amamapu melindungi piston dan part lainnya dari gesekan yang dapat menimbulkan terkikisnya part mesin. Vikositas oli sendiri memiliki dua klasifikasi masing-masing yakni single grade dan multi grade.


Oli jenis single grade memiliki kekentalan pelumas yang lebihs stabil sehingga umur pakainya cukup panjang. Tetapi jenis ini tidak mampu menyesuaikan kekentalan oli sesuai kebutuhan mesin. Di Indonesia sendiri menggunakan tipe pelumas multi grade. Untuk mengukur tingkat kekentalan oli, produsen menunjukkannya dengan kode seperti SAE 10W-30.

Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) adalah sebuah organisasi yang mengatur peredaran oli di dunia. Kode berupa angka yang berada di belakang SAE adalah untuk menunjukkan kemampuan pelumas di cuaca dingin. Semakin kecil angkanya membuat kemampuan oli semakin baik di suhu paling rendah sekalipun. Kemudian kode W adalah terjemahan untuk (Winter).
Maka contoh oli yang baik untuk udara dingin adalah SAE 0W. Pelumas multi grade tidak hanya memiliki kemampuan melindungi ruang bakar pada kondisi dingin, namun cairan tersebut juga mampu menjaga mesin ketika cuaca panas sekalipun. Umumnya range yang cukup ekstrim untuk tingkat kekentalan oli adalah SAE 10W-40.

2. Oli menghitam pertanda ganti

Pengendara yang baik akan selalu menjaga kondisi mesin dalam kondisi prima. Beberapa orang menganggap bahwa ketika pelumas mulai berubah warna menjadi gelap, maka inilah waktu yang tepat mengganti oli. Anggapan tersebut ternyata salah dan hanya mitos belaka.
Oli yang beredar di pasaran saat ini umumnya telah menggunakan detergen sehingga mencegah adanya endapan atau lumpur. Dengan adanya fitur tersebut, oli bekerja seperti seharusnya. Kemudian pelumas mengumpulkan partikel-partikel kecil yang dapat menyebabkan endapan. Hal inilah yang kemudian membuat oli berubah menjadi hitam.
Biasakan mengganti oli sesuai rekomendasi pabrikan, jangan berdasarkan warna yang telah berubah menjadi gelap.


3. Mengganti oli setiap 5000 kilometer

Semua pabrikan mobil biasanya memberikan anjuran waktu yang tepat untuk mengganti oli. Umumnya, pabrikan menyarankan untuk mengganti cairan pelumas setiap 5000 kilometer. Hal ini ternyata salah dan banyak orang yang telah menerapkannya. Umumnya yang menyarankan untuk mengganti pelumas kendaraan lebih cepat merupakan penjual oli. Dengan teknologi yang semakin canggih saat ini, kemampuan oli yang telah dilengkapi detergen akan mampu bekerja baik hingga 12 ribu kilometer. Hal ini tentunya tergantung pada kondisi lalu lintas. Bagi Anda yang kerap menjumpai kemacetan parah atau setidaknya membuat mesin berkerja lebih keras, opsi mengganti oli lebih cepat patut dipertimbangkan. Karena dalam kondisi tersebut, bukan kilometer lagi yang jadi patokan karena meski diam, mesin masih tetap bekerja saat idle di kemacetan.


4. Oli sintetik dapat menyebabkan kebocoran pada mesin

Mitos ini tidak benar. Beberapa pengguna kendaraan antik atau lawas sempat khawatir dengan kondisi ini. Oli sintetik kabarnya dapat merusak seal karet yang terdapat pada mesin. Percayalah mitos ini tidak benar. Kebocoran akan terjadi karena ada sesuatu yang tidak beres dalam mesin. Oli sintetik memiliki molekul yang lebih kecil dibandingkan oli mineral, sehingga memiliki penetrasi ke celah terkecil di mesin. Dapat disimpulkan oli sintetik bukan penyebab kebocoran justru akan berguna untuk mendeteksi gejala kebocoran pada mesin. Berlakulah bijak dalam memilih oli yang cocok bagi kendaraan Anda. Jangan asal pilih oli berharga murah namun bisa merusak komponen dalam mesin kendaraan.

Nah, semoga artikel ini bisa membantu sahabat semua memahami olie dan kegunaannya dengan benar sehingga pada akhirnya mampu memperpanjang umur pakai mesin pada kendaraan kita. Semoga bermanfaat.

Ikuti terus “da Trooper Bali” karena saya akan selalu menyajikan berbagai artikel penting dan bermanfaat bagi sahabat pecinta otomotive.


Salam otomotive dari “da Trooper Bali”





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Holidays to the East part of Bali (part 3)

Hi, all of my beloved friends who love to join in the “da Troper Bali”,
I am coming again to continue to share my holiday in the East part of Bali a fee week ago. Here is the story… Please enjoy…!


Last synopsis :

My daughter Dewinta order “rujak” the mixed fruit with palm sugar sauces, Orange Juice and other snack. Unfortunately, we had to wait quite longtime for our order. This is we can realized as there is so many people of visitors to the area, while the officer’s canteen there are only 6 people.
Travel far enough and badly damaged streets and far locations that are difficult to reach, paid off with the satisfaction of enjoying the beauty of this Tree House.


Enjoying the uniqueness and the beauty of the tree house, at 14.50 eventually we left and headed to the Inn which we have booked on the coast of Amed, not too far from the tree house. Just about 25 km or 25 minutes drive reverses direction and turn to the left, we’ve entered the coast of Amed.


The Street towards the beach still very bright, because the Sun is still shining violet reddish rays in the sky. We continued down the road to the Inn and find the location where we spend our night to stay. Entering the coastal areas provide very comfortable mood and escape. The wind is breezy and rather shady makes the mind and soul is quiet and serene. Amed beach is a beach located on the eastern end of the island near the port of Padangbai which is a the door connecting the two island Bali Island and Lombok Island.


After a 25-minute drive finally at 13.17 we entered the site of Amed Beach and continues down the street which is quite crowded with a walker who most of them are a foreign tourists from different countries. The atmosphere of the beach very creamy feel and make us feeling free. From the gap diner place and restaurant, which lay along the road we could see the coast with waves that white breaking to the seaside of the beach. We are on searching the site of the hotel we’ve been booking previously located a little South towards the entrance around 2 kilometers from the Centre of the coast of Amed.


Finally, at 20 minutes we arrived at the Acarya Cottace, we’ve booked a few weeks earlier. The Inn is not too large and is located above of the cliffs that dealing directly with the offshore. From the terrace of our cottage we directly can see the boat and ship passing by crossing the Lombok Strait get in to Lombok island. See the sea without limits create our feelings felt relieved and feeling all the burden that we seemed to squeeze off. When we are finished taking care of the process of checking in, we go to the room to take a rest for a while, whilst the children take off soon their clothing and dabble into the existing pool in front of the terrace.


While my wife and I sat down in the terrace while twiddle, while looking at the eastern horizon offshore. I recently was reminded of that during on the way had stopped in the village of Pesinggahan, Klungkung buying Satay fish with “ketupat” the rice steam in the knitted bag made from coconut leafs. Fish Satay broil the fish in the village of Pesinggahan is very famous for tasty, many civil servants from Denpasar and Badung who deliberately came to Pesinggahan just to had a lunch with Satay fish and vegetable Eggplant with spicy onion sambal delights, even Denpasar – Klungkung passable. It takes 40 minutes to 1 hours to depart from Denpasar. My wife and I enjoy fish Satay with “ketupat” while still pedestal berm on the hotel terrace. While the far ahead out at the sea there, we can see the large ships that crossed the Strait and many fishing boats are also on the ocean to catch fish.
Hmmm …. Eat Satay fish and and heard the wave sounds while looking at the sea turns out to add to enjoy fish Satay. He he he …


After eating and after resting for a moment, I finally joined with the children swim and soak in the outdoor. Our soak long enough until the day getting dark and the Moon and stars began rising on the eastern horizon.
So I soonest out form the fool for bathing and pack it down to look for dinner while enjoying the night atmosphere of the coast of Amed. By 19.15 p.m. we all ready and set out in search of food around the coast of Amed. The atmosphere feels relaxed and at peace. Hear the sound of the sea waves on the beach gives a deep impression and brings us into the mood which is very comfortable and peaceful.


Don’t need much time, finally we chose a restaurant that looks elegant with light rays of lights that Dim and give the impression of a beautiful and elegant. We parked the vehicle and get into a restaurant. It place that turns out to have 3 floors, Basement, 1st floor and 2nd floor. I glanced down and noticed there is a small park that is well enough with a couple of small gardens seats on it. We chose to seat on the 1st floor because of the 2nd floor was already fully booked. We ordered food and is somewhat confused by the menu option that quite a lot.
After choice and have a look all of the menu list, in the end I just ordered fried rice special receipt from this restaurant. Fried rice again fried rice again… He he he …


We enjoyed dinner while talking and discuss our plans for the next day. We conclude tomorrow morning will be playing the center of Amed Beach plying water and the wave in Central Coast Amed and go back to the hotel for packing. And we’ll have lunch before returning to Denpasar at about 14.00 later on.


Finally at 1 o’clock we went back to the hotel for a rest time for while. Te street rather quiet here because not many tourist in the roads at night, most of them only dwell in hotels or eating in the restaurant closest to her hotel. By 22:28 o’clock we were relaxing in the hotel room while looking out to sea and listening to the orchestra of waves dancing to the beach.

To be continued….!


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Coffeology – Kedai Kopi

Selamat siang sahabat “da Trooper Bali” semua dimanapun berada..!

Hopefully all of you are in good health, a lot of joy and a happiness..!

Saya ingin berbagi info khususnya bagi sahabat penikmat kopi sejati di Denpasar khususnya dan Bali pada umumnya.

Ada kedai kopi baru di seputaran Renon yang baru saja di launching. Namanya “Coffeology” Ini alamat lengkapnya. Silahkan di simak ya.



Telah di buka kedai kopi yang cocok dan pas di kantong kita kita… He he he…

Harga murah dengan rasa yang dijamin mantap dan asli kopi. Tersedia kopi lokal, Kopi Aceh Gayo, Cappucino, Espresso, Blended coffee, brewed coffee dan berbagai snack, hot snack, sphageti dan banyak lagi yang lainnya.

Ayo datang dan nikmati kopi asli khas Coffeology di alamat;

Jln. Letda Tantular 17 Renon (depan Bank Indonesia, disebelah utara Mi Kober)

Premier Opening tanggal 3 Agustus 2016.

Opening hour from 10.00 am to 11.00 pm.
Dapatkan special discount sampai 50% untuk item tertentu di hari pembukaan hari Rabu tanggal 3 Agustus 2016, mulai pukul 07.00 am WITA sampai pk. 11.00 pm. Ngopi cantik sambil berdendang diiringi live music single keyboard. Ayo jangan sampai kelewatan….!

Di Coffeology kami melayani anda lebih baik….!

Inspirasi dan hal-hal yang besar dan istimewa muncul dari kopi dengan rasa terbaik….!


Salam dari Coffeoloy.
Great things comes from great coffee….!





Dewa Dwipayana

Touring adventure with Land Rover and Taft Hi Line.


Selamat pagi to all of “da Trooper Bali” friends where ever you are…!
I believe that all of yo are in good health, a lot of joy and happiness always…

I would like to share to all of you about my short journey joining with the friends from Land Rover and Taft Hi Line owner host the team member of Multilevel company outbound. Please enjoy the story and the picture.LINE-UP-BEFORE-GO


Sunday July 31, 2016, I have a chance the opportunity bring the guests the members of the famous Multilevel company to outbound and bring them to the light off road activity. The number of participants about 200 over people. Therefore, need about quiet lot four by four vehicle. And most the vehicle are Land Rover Series and a few Daihatsu Taft and 2 Trooper including me. Total vehicle was 36 four by four vehicle.




Since my Black Trooper was stay and vacuum from any outbound activity since almost 6 month ago, I am not pretty sure the condition of him. So on Friday 29 July 2016 evening I pick up my black da Trooper from his garage in my kampong village to bring it to the my trusty workshop to inspect it’s condition and make sure all the part are secure and in good condition. Especially the engine, the braking system and it’s accessories including the power windows system to make sure all of them are in good condition as well as it the function.


Saturday morning I drive my black da Trooper to the workshop and just leave it there to inspect and I join the Sarbagita bus to go to Nusa Dua to work my duty.

By 10.30 I’ve been called by the workshop informing that the left front power window does not work and need to service as well the switches.




Finally at 13.20 I have pick up my Black da Trooper as everything seem okay. I drive to home and by 16.45 I arrive at home and washing da trooper in hurry as I also have to host my wife going to the supermarket to buy something. By 19.20 I finish to grooming my da Black da Trooper and preparing all the things may need during the journey like the Cool box, the Tool box the portable gallon water I may need. After all the preparation of my da Black Trooper finish, in hurry I take to the bath and showering myself and by 20.00 I am ready going to supermarket. I sleep at 22.15 to safe my energy for the journey. BERSAMA


Sunday morning I woke up at 5.30 and had my breakfast fruit and take bath to refresh my body and soul.




COFFEE-BREAK WP_20160731_12_29_54_Pro

At7:00 I’ve been at the meeting point in Desa Budaya Kertalangu and joined with several colleagues from Land Rover and Taft owner who already present. Total jeep there is a 36 jeeps for bringing the two hundred people of the participants. The route is not so far, Denpasar, 1946, Baturiti, Pangkung Tibah, Tanah Lot and back to Desa Kesiman Kertalangu.





Hopefully this story will enriched your knowledge.

Please stay tune with da “Trooper Bali” as I will always share you the story and the experience…


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Holiday to the east part of Bali (part 2)

Synopsis of last episode.

It turns out that the road is still long to the Tree House, because we could not ride with normal speed, considering the rocks as well as narrow and downhill of the roads. Our speed is only 10 to 20 kilometers per hour. It feels like we’re just about to arrive at a location approximately at13.00 o’clock.

The streets that we skip the already not so solid, so we could spur the vehicle a bit faster, but must remain alert, considering suddenly there are motorcycles that cross the street without giving sign or turn lights. This sometimes makes me freak out and have to do sudden braking that makes passengers being startled. The Sun was shining the light of increasingly blazing because increasingly, lucky us the air conditioning in the cabin worked perfectly so that all of us feel comfortable along this trip. We continue to rolling toward the North amid the searing Sun of East Bali. The streets are rather continuing uphill because of getting closer to the location of the Tree House. Left right way evident in trees and grasses that started yellowing due to the heat of the Sun, in addition, the area east of Bali indeed seldom cloudy. That’s why, many of the residents of the village of Culik, this Fortress that wandered out of their village to search for a better income and lucky.

Hopefully with the advancement of technology, the Government is able to provide water for the needs of this population so that a minus in the village of Culik it can survive and not leave the land of his forefathers.
“Uuufps …! In front of 200 meters again we have to turn left dad.” said my daughter.
I reduce the speed of vehicles while paying attention to the T-junction told by my daughter. Directions to the location of the Tree House is not clearly visible, since there is no sign or hint where to board the direction we have to go through. Lucky my daughter and her friend understood using an electronic map of the last up dated which is very accurate, so we don’t get lost or going the wrong way.
“It’s the T-junction on the left a closed shrub and bushes that look of drought,” said Sari friends my daughter who join in this trip.

A small road trail to the Tree House was indeed surrounded by scrub Oaks because of drought with great stones and endless gravel around the shrubs. The possibility of those large rocks and gravel is came from Mount Agung flooded from time eruption in he year of 1963. We were rolling along the narrow streets with a thin asphalt start to break down and leaving only gravel and macadam that is getting into the more badly damaged. GREAT-VIEW On the left and right side, many trees and shrubs connect along connection without any houses around it. Only dry shrubs and palm trees that grow along without an order. We still continue to following the way that it felt endless because it is still on and on with the dry bush land that is unbroken with abyss and boulders in dry grass which molt land. The road is now winding up with a steep incline and derivatives. The streets increasingly narrows with abyss in the left side of the road. PIRAMIDA-IN-RUMAH-POHON



Finally we entered the area where the look there are some simple home with its dusty, dry but not seen its inhabitants. The streets still with rocks and gravel and dusty flying off. I reduced the speed to avoid gaping holes and with his left hand, abyss. When it starts moving forward, I am forced to stop again because it looked before there is a vehicle approaching. Apparently the just came out from the Tree House after their visit. I took off the brake pedal of my Red Mitsubishi and started forward again, but must stop again and should kick again the brake pedal, when from the opposite direction there is a red-color city car also reverses direction. I was forced to pull out with carefully because the streets are very narrow and the gaping chasm on my left side. Once the vehicle passes we move forward again and in the distance, we can see there is a bamboo bridge which hanging with walls built out of cobblestone-like stacked stack without plastering sand and cement. PEPOHONAN-RUMAH-POHON

“It was the location of his tree house dad” said my daughter Dewinta while pointing to her finger to the front.
In the distance and in a highest we see the bamboo hung and tied above the tree that connected with tall buildings with pillars that are also made from bamboo which seem so floating. The bright weather make it look striking in the highest. We are constantly approached and eventually reached the location of the Tree House, RUMAH-POHON-JUGA but to reach our parking lot must be rather steep path down the slippery ground sand. Some of the small vehicle that will return home seemed difficulty climbing the incline it because the slippery road surface. Some of them are take the way on tried and tried again and again so as not to lose the traction to climbs the road.
After several vehicles were successful up and passed us, we go down and enter the parking area that seems to be newly created and filled in as the soil is very loose when trapped by the wheels. Finally we arrived in the Tree House at 12.15 Bali time.

I am a bit worried, if sudden heavy rains would make the parking lot became a sea of mud, that would be difficult to traverse the streets especially uphill towards the back. However, the sky was bright and clean in blue without even a slight clouds, the weather looks very nice and light with a very scorching sunshine. It seemed unlikely it will rain. Seen a lot of vehicles have in the area of parking lot. It was a lot of visitors during the day. After Park my Red Mitsubishi in a secure, we get down and get in to the area tree house after paying for parking at Rp. 10,000.0 per car. So down sunshine feels stung the skin and face. Temperatures outside the range between 30 to 33 degrees Celsius. Quite hot indeed. He he he.


My advice if you are will visit here, we recommend setting up a hat or umbrella to reduce the bit of the Sun. We are entering the area of a the Tree House from the entrance of a rather narrow and uphill climb several dates with the walls of the separate from the “outside world” which also built from the round stone with a similar size. So enter the entrance we were greeted and welcomed by the clerk and ask for donations for the maintenance contribution of the e area which is Rp 10,000.00.-per person. We pay Rp.100.000,-for 8 people. Afterward, we were free to enter the area but of course while maintaining the norms of decency and ethics.
We welcoming by this banner…. He he he he….



I noticed there some building in this Tree House. And try to count and calculate that there are 3 high building which is quite spacious with a size of approximately 70 square meters built from big bamboo stands for all skeletal structure and also the structure of floor then covered by “gedek” the knitted bamboo. This place is quite extensive can be reached by climbing the stairs which is also made from bamboo stalks or hanging in a bamboo bridge made from bamboo as well with a length of almost 20 meters and wide about 1 meter and hanged with ropes “gadung” a traditional rope. This suspension bridge passes, making enough adrenaline challenged, because the time to traverse the bridge would sway and swinging left and right quiet hard, so that we will be swung and swinging around that made stunned and even fear and panic, the sensation that filling by a group of teenagers who run together on that suspension bridge. They scream yell in fear at the time of passing the bridge.


The bridge is swinging and swaying, need extra struggle to reach the prime building from where we can see a beautiful view of the sea in the East of the island of Bali from a height and in the west, we can see the mount Agung which is the highest mountain in the island of Bali. Besides the major landmark of it, there’s more substantial building that functioned as a two-story cafeteria downstairs and a place to relax on the floor it. From the top floor which is in the highest area of this location we can see around the lovely views with the backdrop of the blue sea in the distance at the East side of Mount Agung and mansions.


Uniquely, despite the scorching sunlight seared, but the entire area that doesn’t make us a sultry. The air felt cool comfort. Any visible verdant grass, and other plants such as passion fruit, mangosteen, oranges, papaya, guava. Grapefruit, bananas and other plants flourished, even though the water is very limited due to its location of this area in the highest at foot of Mount Agung. There is also a restricted area with nets, where turkeys, chickens, peacocks and even a small dog like peking’s dogs roam freely.


There is also a canteen that sells quite a variety of drinks such as variety of juicem like orange juice, iced tea, assorted soft drink, a variety of snacks, Rujak or mixed fruits with palm sugar souce, “tipat cantok”, fried noodles and even fried rice or nasi goreng is also available with prices evenly Rp. 10,000.0-per serving. Reasonably priced and friendly to our pockets. I walk around to have a look to sightseeing the area to know and find out more details of this Tree House area. I looked around and realized if the location of the tree house is on the top of the fairly high hills and elongated like a large ship that is stranded on land, since the end of the East side of the area is tapered like the stern of the ship, while the surrounding ravines and barren plains of endless hills and stone structure of the lava froze so be boulders as big as elephants and cows.


Oh yes, this is the lava stone which is currently much used in Balinese communities to build sanctuaries, temples and other arts buildings, including the gate of Bali style. Seem artistic and looks magnificent. Rock lava flooded the eruption of Mount Agung in 1963 it does have characteristics and strokes as well as the unique black color and beautiful, especially after become a building of the temple or Balinese main gate called “candi bentar” and other Balinese style gate. The buildings are constructed from lava rock type is so very chic and its aura is very authoritative. Currently the price of lava rock from Mount Agung is quite expensive because of the many requests from within Bali Island itself and even also from outside of the island. YOU-HAVE-TO I continued walking around against the area and try to count the square wide of the area of which I am an appraiser covering an area about 18,000 square meters or approximately 180 acres.BUILDING-IN-RUMAH-POHON But due to the location in the height above a cursory and long look a bit narrow. After walked around and take some photos at various locations, we are looking for a gazebo or “bale bengong” to resting.
My daughter Dewinta order “rujak” the mixed fruit with palm sugar sauces, Orange Juice and other snack. Unfortunately, we had to wait quite longtime for our order. This is we can realized as there is so many people of visitors to the area, while the officer’s canteen there are only 6 people.
Travel far enough and badly damaged streets and far locations that are difficult to reach, paid off with the satisfaction of enjoying the beauty of this Tree House.

To be continued…


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Holiday to the east part of Bali Island ( part 1)

Good morning all of “da Trooper Bali “ friends where ever you are…!
Trust this post finds you and your family are well in a good health full of joy and happiness…!

It's me...!

I would like to share about the destination to spend our holiday in other part of Bali. Talking about holiday in Bali, we will directly forward to Kuta, Sanur and Nusa Dua area which located in south of Bali Island. Yes, this area quiet famous and very popular in all over the world as itself.

Selfie pose

In fact, many places and other tourist destinations in Bali that also beautiful and exotic which we can visit in different parts of Bali Island truly chic and pretty and very interestingly compared to a tourist destination that was popular which is in the southern area of the island such as; Tanah Lot, Sanur, Kuta, Nusa Dua, the Garuda Wisnu Kencana, the Pandawa and some other places in the South of the island of Bali. Well, the holiday season in July 2016 ago, I and my family have an opportunity for a vacation and enjoy a holiday in parts of the East coast of the island of Bali.


In fact many locations for attractive and beautiful vacation with lower budget cost in various locations in Bali. Here I will share my vacation with my family to Eastern hemisphere of Bali Island which a very exotic and interesting with a lower budget that complies with our bags. I had been planning a vacation to the eastern part of the island of Bali.

Here I will share my vacation with my family to Eastern hemisphere Bali a very exotic and interesting with a budget that complies with our bags.
This year’s holiday, I and my family had been planning a vacation to the eastern part of the island of Bali. After considering the various aspects and the budget, we finally decided to take a vacation to the beaches of Amed, and before heading to the coast of Amed, we will pay a visit to the village of Culik, the Stronghold of Karangasem and then spending the night in the coast of Amed. To streamline the time to avoid not to get confused on the street, I plan and arrange for 2 days of vacation. The plan will Leaving from Denpasar towards the village of village of Culik, the new famous “Rumah Pohon”, then headed to the beach to enjoy the beautiful beaches of Amed and snorkeling in the afternoon, spend the night on the beach of Amed and the next day we plan to visit to the home of the chocolate which is still one route directions back to Denpasar.


I have book rooms with a budget that complies with our bags. Our two families with a total of 4 adults and 2 teenagers and two children. After weighing, we finally decided to order 3 simple rooms with budget 600 thousand per room with extra bed including breakfast for 8 people. Without the elaborate preparation, we set off at 7:30 in the morning from Denpasar towards the East. Distance Karangasem Denpasar approximately 60 kilometers or will about 2.5 hours driving to the town of Karangasem and we are still heading North approximately 25 kilometers or about 30-minute drive to the village of Culik, the Sub camps. Lucky us, this holiday season the streets are not too busy dense, so we could drive comfortably without the extreme traffic jam and or crashes and lining up on the road. We are down the road towards the East, Jalan Gatot Subroto, follow the main road to by pass I Gusti Ngurah Rai, Tohpati, turn left directing on the circles of road, to the directions to Gianyar via the by Pass Professor Ida Bagus Mantra which is the most wide road of that shortening the distance of Denpasar with Bali eastern part. It connects the Denpasar with Karangasem Regency which is the eastern end of the island of Bali.



By 9:30 o’clock we stopped at the village of Pesinggahan which is also a favorite place for fans and lovers of sea fish specialties in the form of sea fish and “sate lilit” and “pepes” or fillet of sea fish mixed with Balinese sauce’s wrapping by banana leafs and grilled which was served with rice and vegetables, and fried peanuts. My daughter Dewinta wanted to eat a typical “Warung Ikan Laut” that is quiet good enough and seem health and clean. In this we simply order a meal because that’s been sold in packages consisting of a bowl of fish soup, rice with 2 “sate lilit”, 2 “ sate tusuk” satay, pinch a small bowl of vegetable, peanut and fried. The price of one package including a glass of the hot sweet tea is 17.000 Rupiahs. Quite satisfying and makes us full until 3 hours. He he he. We ate our food in a rush, as the time goes by and today’s already moving on the day and the sun began to emit the rays very hot.


To catch up on time in order to arrive at a tree house in the village of Culik, the Fortress before the middle of the day. At 10.15 we’re moving again towards the East and going straight to a tree house in the village of Culik. The streets are getting a little crowded because we have started approaching the village, Padangbai crossings from Bali to Lombok. We continue to rolling with speed about 40 to 50 kilometers an hour, following the main road. The journey began when approaching light dairy choked up at the T-junction Padang Bai Harbor and directions to Karangasem due to unbalance of the timing of the traffic light between green light and a red light from the direction of the side leading to the port. The green light just missed 3 or 4 vehicles and Red again, while waiting for red lights in long enough, so the vehicle queue buildup going on long line.

With wife

We are stuck at a red light waiting for almost 10 minutes, before you we continue the journey towards Karangasem quite smoothly. With an average speed of 60 kilometers per hour, we hope would be arriving at the location of the Tree house before noon. After walking a few kilometers, the streets start winding and narrow with a fairly sharp rise, however, keen safe to passing. The clock on the dashboard has shown at 11 o’clock when we entering the village of Candi Dasa, a few kilometers before the town of Karangasem. Candi Dasa is also a well-known tourist destination and visited by many of overseas travelers. Even many of those who are repeatedly because of their love the island and the beach with nature in this village of Candi Dasa. Candi Dasa beach is famous for its white sand that is not inferior to Sanur and Kuta. Left right along a small, home stay and plenty of restaurant and bar side by side along the way. We can see that most of the people who passed are foreigners from overseas from various nationalities. We still have to continue to move towards the North.

The streets are narrow and left right start seemingly barren as it enters the village of Munti Gunung. In the distance appear to Mount Agung, standing grandly, we pass the bridge of the dried river with lot of rocks and the stone. Apparently not enough rain water to irrigate it.
From the GPS I see that the distance to the tree house is still about 15 kilometers with it takes about 45 minutes. That’s assuming a fixed speed 50 kilometers per hour. We are still on the road in the hot mix smooth. Few kilometers more will enter the macadam roads passable were severely damaged, before down the slopes and canyons that deep and again climbing the cliff with steep winding roads. Lucky me I drove my Red Mitsubishi Freeca with legendary Diesel’s engine in power full, recalcitrant and heat resistant, even it’s not in four wheel drive for all terrain, however I trust and strongly believe with its cruising capability and durability of the machinery which is already legendary. The temperature outside the cabin around 34 to 38 degrees Celsius with a very scorching sunlight, making the eye feels glare and heat. But not so in the cabin of my Red Mitsubishi. The cabin feels airy and comfortable thanks to the air conditioning that is still in highly optimized cooling the cabin.

With beloved in sunset point

Finally we entered the village of Culik, Kubu Regency. I reduce the speed of my Red Mitsu as I am not so familiar with the way. I must find the T junction to look up for the driveway towards the Tree house. Enter the roadway towards the tree house is indeed feels like entering another world, due to in the right and left side of the pathway stretch of cliffs with boulders and trees palm from the family of brasses flabelliform and ejection, along with other great-looking of various big high trees dried due to the heat of the weather. The grass looks dry as a barren expanse of straw. Occasional dust rotating windblown dust suddenly blows in gusts. We keep moving forward followed by the vehicle with my brother in law who driving a Toyota Yaris hatchback with four passengers weighted fair, had made him a little worried considering the steep roads with steep climbs and macadam of the road. However after I notify tricks and to take heart and concentration seems to be moving with the safe countermeasure to car deck stuck in the stone streets.


It turns out that the road is still long to the Tree House, because we could not ride with normal speed, considering the rocks as well as narrow and downhill of the roads. Our speed is only 10 to 20 kilometers per hour. It feels like we’re just about to arrive at a location approximately at13.00 o’clock.

To be continued…


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Selamat Hari Raya Idul Fitri 1347 Hijryah

Kami segenap awak redaksi da Trooper Bali mengucapkan selamat Hari Raya Idul Fitri bagisahabat yang memuliakannya.

Semoga di hari yang fitri ini, Allah SWT melimpahkan rahmatnya dan memberi kita anugerah,kesehatan yang baik, fikiran yang jernih rejeki yang melimpah dan senantiasa berbahagia bersama sanak keluarga. Amin….

<strong>”SELAMAT HARI RAYA IDUL FITRI 1347 HIJRYAH 6 – 7 Juli 2016″

“da Trooper Bali”

Dewa Dwipayana
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Be what you are and be strong, although your friends leave you behinds….!

Dear all of da Trooper Bali friends,

How are you today…?
Wish all of you are in good health and lucky…

Due to many things and some family problem as well as busy time to serve my wife who are in bad health, I can not writing any thing on this site.
Now, I need your support to keep me strong facing a difficulties which visit in my life. I really really need your support to passing this phase…
Believe me, I will always remembering you in the rest of my life for every things that you gave to me to make me strong and passing this hard time.

As time goes by, I can see and feel who were the true good friends, who are just looking for an opportunity and advantage whether its be a material or a non material.

Sick and sad to see a friends who were I appreciate as a good and best friends to who I can share, and now turns only capitalize and steal the opportunity at the time when I am in trouble. But it’s much better rather than forever stuck in the actual circumstances of my own detriment.

With events like that, I have enriched myself with understanding and appreciate the genuine friendship that has been shown by many friends of mine who actually shows sympathy to me in hard times that I facing.

This condition makes me realize and can clearly see, that previously I had only built a vague friendship which has been pointed out by several people who I used to think as friends formerly.

The world will continue to spin and will not stop until the end of the times. And I am pretty sure, my difficult hard experienced may also be experiencing by every person in this world. Who knows …?

I’m grateful to be able to wake up, though feels poignant at heart …!

Thanks God for your blessing and reminder ….!

My beloved da Trooper Bali friends, I am thanking you for your support and always be my friends.

Once again thank you for your kind support. It really really mean to me…!


Dewa Dwipayana
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