Adventure to Kawah Wurung, Banyuwangi East of Java (part 2)

Synopsys previously :

There are seven da Trooper, one 4 X 4 Suzuki Escudo, one Red Ford Ranger DCab, one Orange Suzuki Jimny and 1 Toyota Sienta join in this journey. I ‘ve waiting in Indomart Penyalin, near to may home village and meet with Mr. Maruta Kencana Sunu with his da Trooper who already been there about 30 minutes beforee me. His wife and his younger son seem buy some things in the mart. While, I ‘ve been completing all the things needed a day before. So I just sitting and just look arround the strèet the vehicle passing by in from of the mart.

After a few minutes seat, another army Green Trooper came, he is Mr. Tikno and his family. They are 4 pax, his wife and the two of their daughter. They join with us while waiting another 4 vehicles who are also will join in this touring. They are, Mr. Rio and family with his Sahara Trooper, Mr. Hery and family with his Blue Trooper and one Toyota Sienta black tne family of Hery’s eldest sister. While, another vehicle, Agus Prawira with his Red Ranger and Mr. Sadu with his Silver 4 X 4 Suzuki Escudo and Bli Gde Rudi with his mate Grey Trooper will follow and direct to line up in Gilimanuk, while one Jimny already been in Banyuwangi, as Wayan Susila the owner was early start, due to he need to visit Surabaya by train from Banyuwangi.

So, we decide to start from Tabanan with 5 vehicle. And the time goes do fast, and the time was met 10.15 Bali time Which mean, 15 minutes passess then the schecule of 10.00 ETA Tabanan. I seated vin a navigator seat, as my wife wants to driving to Banyuwangi. So I just seat and watching the way in front of us. We start moving in convoy slowly as we plan to have a lunch in Jembrana at 13.00. We still have 3 hours to catch up the schedule of our luncheon.

Lucky us, the road not so busy, except in the long bridge in Meliling and Gadungan. There are some trucks and busses coming from our opposite way in convoy, they are about 4 busses and some truks in the line. Hence makin the road seem so crowded since the busses trying to passing the convoy of the trucks which taking over our way and make us should slowing our vehicle and stop suddenly to give them a chance to pass. The busses driver some time very agressive and push us to out from the road which very dangerous for the bikers in our left side, some time in reflect I shouting when the busses taking our way with their loud horn and light… What crazy driver.

We run in constant speed about 60 kilometers per hour. Actually I still quiet doubt with the performance of my black Trooper, since I still traumatic with it’s transmission after swape engine to new engine of 4D56T from Mitsubishi. It was 3 times breaking the cluth and it’s cover. But I have fixed and recinstructing again the gear box in different workshop in Kedonganan, where I maintenance for all of my vehicle since 1995. After reconstructing the gear box to matched and compatible smoothly working with the new engine, seem okay. But after tryu g to driving in test drive short and long distance, some time the transmission still hard to switch, especially from gear 4th to the 3rd. This was make me quiet worry. So just praying to the God, hopefully everything are okay and we can enjoy the journey completely…

All of us still in convoy and some time chit chat in Radio communication to inform among us about the traffic situation in front of us. So far everythings are okay. I look to all of the engine indicator, oil indicator, temperatur indicator and volt meter and make asure everythings are allright. It was make me quiet happy with the performance of my da Trooper. We run in 60 to 80 kilometer per hour and so far the engine temperature still normal, only 2 Stripnup from the bottom. It could be within 40 to 80 degrees celcius.

After passing the third long bridge in Megati we moving quiet fast as the3 road not really busy, we run our vehicle about 70 to 80 kilometres per hour. We expecting will reach Pura Rambut Siwi at 12.00 and can take a lunch in Negara at 13.00.

We stop by in Pura Rambutsiwi at 12.40 to have a blessing and praying for all of the Hindu members wishing a safe journey. Since the time run so fast, at 13.13 we then in a hurry rolling to the west, to Negara to catch up the time to crosssing Laut Bali in Gilimanuk bay to Ketapang east Java about, while we also have to take our lunch before continue the journey.

At 13.35 finally we can take our lunch in a small warung “nasi campur” (read mix rice). After rolling about 3 hours finally we had our late lunch properly. After take about half an hours resting for the lunch, at 14.14 we moving to Gilimanuk and hopefully will reach the port by the latest at 15.00 as we will line up with another two vehicle.

To be continue…

Dewa Dwipayana

Hi Roof Black Trooper


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