Adventure to Kawah Wurung, Banyuwangi, East of Java (part 1)

Adventure to Kawah Wurung, Banyuwangi – East Java

Good day to all of da Trooper Bali friends…!!

Hope everythings are okay with all of you guys as I am. After quiet long time not writting due to there are some insident and problem I’ve facing which was made I lost my feeling and spirit of life, hence make me almost die and after cooling down and recovery my spirit, now I am back again to you to share my latest journey adventure to Kawah Wurung, Banyuwangi East Java which some friends of Trooper Nusantara in Trooper Nusantara Jamboree#8.
In October 2018, one of my friends inform me that there will be an Even held by Trooper Nusantara in Banyuwangi, East Java which is not too far from Bali Island. And in addition I would like to do the test drive quiet far for my Black Trooper after the engine swaped to Mitsubishi with 4D56T. Mr. Blacky facing serious problem on it’s gearbox after done the swape engine. It’s has 3 time breaking the clutch, which seem because the application of the genuine gearbox of the Petrol with the engine from Mitsubishi were not precision. I will write this case separately in the next article in this blog.

Okay, back to the story of the Adventure to Kawah Wurung now.
After have the fix date of the event, I then register to joint in the even to Mr. Maruta Kencàna Sunu who is the committee for Trooper Nusantara Bali region. I start to check and recheck the condition of my Black Trooper to ensure that all everyhings are okay. Check the engine, the turbo the drive train, the wheel, the brake system, electrical, light and all of it’s other part. The crutial thing is it’s gearbox and the feel of handling the steering it’s self. Seem everythings are okay and running well.

Thanks God…
After waiting almost 2 months waiting, the times is coming. On 27 December 2018 midday we are ready for the journey to Banyuwangi, East Java.

We get in touch in meeting point in Indomart, Penyalin, Tabanan about 25 kilometres from Denpasar and only about 900 metres from my home village in Samsam, Tabanan rregency, as currently I’ve live in the village now after retired from my work place in Nusa Dua.

I’ve prepared all the needs of journey and to outdoor camp. I put the tent, the contatiner box of the outdoor needs like portable cooking stove, cookingequitpment, plat, glasses, mug, spon, pork, instant noodle, coffee sachet, balinese coffee, sugar. Don’t forget about camp tent, blànket, matras and others of the tent campers need in the back of my black da Trooper last night.

There are 7 da Trooper, 1 4 X 4 Suzuki Escudo, 1 Ford Ranger DCab, 1 Suzuki Jimny and 1 Toyota Sienta join in this journey. I ‘ve waiti g in Indomart Penyalin, near to may home village and meet with Mr. Maruta Kencana Sunu with his da Trooper who already been there about 120 minute before me. His wife and his younger son seem buy some things in the mart. While, I ‘ve been completing all the things needed a day before. So I just sitting and just look arround the strèet the vehicle passing by in from of the mart.

To be continue…!

Dewa Dwipayana

daTrooper Bali


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