Holidays to the East part of Bali (part 4 End)


Dear all of “da Trooper Bali” lover, I am backagain to you to continue share the story of my holidays to the east part of Bali. Please enjoy…!

Synopsys last episode;

Finally at 1 o’clock we went back to the hotel for a rest time for while. The street rather quiet here because not many tourist in the roads at night, most of them only dwell in hotels or eating in the restaurant closest to her hotel. By 22:28 o’clock we were relaxing in the hotel room while looking out to sea and listening to the orchestra of waves dancing to the beach.


The atmosphere of the night at the Inn feels very peaceful and serene. The edge of wave breaking down to the beach is more emphatic sound. The sound of the sea waves that create a very peaceful mood and create a comfortable feeling. My wife and I sat down on the terrace while gazing seductive flickering light sea fishing. Occasionally the trumpet of the ship sounded proving a ship that travels across the Lombok Strait. Seductive flickering light in common with sparkling stars in the horizon of the sky really is beautiful and elegant.


Looking at the dark sky with sprinkles of the myriads of stars also is something on our mind and memories. How beautiful and great magnificent creations of God. We speak capably slowly interrupted crickets and other insects. The atmosphere of the night with the sound of night insect’s outcome into a beautiful memories for all of us. Only the occasional there is a sound of passing motor vehicles. The atmosphere of the night really peaceful and serene.
We just entered the bed room lying to recharge our energy in order to be fresh to continue our holiday for tomorrow and be able to enjoy the coast of Amed with an air of its beaches. And then after luncheon, we plan will forward the return journey back to Denpasar.


Finally, do not feel we’ve been asleep and awake when I heard the sound of the sea water in the pond in front of the terrace. The clock shown hours 5.15 am. I rose from the fold and open the curtains of the window to see into the pool and it turns out that the children had been bathing while leaping at the pool. The eastern horizon at the sky still looks dark with a red copper lines. Apparently the Sun would soon rise. I call the wife to get out and wait for the sunrise. Really lovely views from the terrace of our rooms. Slowly but surely, the sky on the eastern horizon is getting flushed copper. The weather feels cool, not cold, but feels comfortable even though I was shirtless.


My wife call out Dewinta our daughter who slept in the next door cottage adjoining with her girlfriend in order to get up to see the sunrise. At 6.17 seconds, slowly but surely getting widespread reddish color and the sun began to emerge from the eastern horizon little by little, and as half of the part of the Sun is visible at the horizon it’s atmosphere is so peaceful and beautiful surrounding earth.
The beauty of God’s creation. We should thankful for over the grace and opportunities as well as the time that is given to us to still be able to enjoy this beauty. We gathered on the terrace to watch the beauty of the morning together. May all of Ethereal happy in this new day … Finally the 6.30 minute ascending Sun is to run the task light up the Earth and gives energy to the whole of the world.


Considering our plans last night, we rushed to pack it to go to the center of the coast of Amed located approximately 2 kilometers on the northern end. At 6.40 we’ve been hurtling down the road toward the northern coast of Amed and go to the one place that echoes its shape rent snorkeling equipment.
It’s too early morning. There are some people who are apparently going to dive. The sea breeze was blowing winds and waves looks a bit big and play boats and boats moored on the edge of the sea. Some boats seem to be dragged down the waves until somewhat to the deep sea side. An officer approached us and offers snorkeling and diving packages. But with smooth we refused because of wind gusts and it seems like not a good time for diving or just snorkeling. Finally we just walk into the sea and sea water play.


Soon upon enough time we played around in the seafront, until finally the Sun is growing up and shining feels the heat in the skin. And finally at 8.37 we decide to return to the hotel for breakfast. After we park our vehicle, we go up to the terrace where breakfast is prepared. Breakfast in the form of eggs scrambled with tomatoes herbs and two pieces of bread served with a cup of hot tea or coffee. Enough to filled and generate an energy until lunch time later. He he he …


After had our breakfast, we entered to the room and packing our belongings and prepare everything before leaving the hotel and back to Denpasar. But before, we’ll stop over to the Brown House where the location is on the one way to our return for travel routes to our home in Denpasar. So, we have to hurry to get ready looking for the luncheon venue around North Amed Beach before continuing the trip to the Brown House to go home back to Denpasar.

At 11:30 we were leaving the hotel towards the coast of North Amed to search for lunch and enjoy the atmosphere of the coast of Amed in daylight. We arrived on the coast of North Amed at 11 and choose a restaurant called Warung Bali that looks quite clean and lively. Seen some foreign tourists were enjoying lunch while talking chit chat.
beach-rumah-coklat-2 We chose a middle seat near to the coast so that we could see the passing of the boat departing tourists for diving and snorkeling. A young man welcoming us and offer some food and give us a menu list. It seems that this young man is a stall owner at the same time. He offers a special menu of Barracuda grilled fish or snapper. I chose the Barracuda grilled fish with fresh vegetables, while my wife chose the Snapper grilled with fresh vegetables also. A glass of fresh apple juice to accompany my lunch today. Atmosphere was very lively and customers come and go so busy lunch time.

Not so long time for enjoyed our lunch time as we must in hurry at 13.40 we leave Warung Bali to go to Brown’s House and then home to Denpasar. We scoured the highway Karangasem – Denpasar to Brown’s House where headed home in the village of Jasri, still around Karangasem residence too.
Brown’s Houses currently being trend especially among children and teenagers…

He he he …

Finally after almost in a hour driving from Amed Beach, we enter the area of the Brown’s House where set in amid coconut groves on the edge of the sea. Enter the area of the Brown’s House, we’ve been stopped intercepted by officers who asking a fee permit of Rp 10,000.0.-per car to passing by the area to go to the Brown’s House.
We walked in between the high coconut trees in-stream was interrupted with the surrounding bush, should take careful passing the pathway we follow since there is a piece of the coconut tree which cut not in good way, so it could hit the bottom of our vehicles.

Enter Brown’s home area, many vehicles have been parking which not in order, so if any new vehicles come entering the area will in difficulties . If you wanted to visit to the Brown’s House, please pay attention of the area so that our vehicles are not impacted the former base of the coconut tree. Before entering, we must buy a ticket entrance which is Rp. 10,000.0 per person and get a piece of white soap as merchandize. Sadly ticket clerk seem not friendly and rude and even less often shout to visitors of who entering the area without buy a ticket. Most of the visitors do not understand to paying admission. As the ticket box is hiding in window and there is no sign of the ticket box. As well there is no sign, we must buy a ticket admission to enter. It is the one which often outwit visitors, so the visitors just entering and eventually shooting by rangers tickets to buy a ticket before enter. Alamaaak …!

Entering the complex area of Brown’s House, there is nothing special, coconut groves land covering an area of about 50 acres is not special, just the shape of the building is not common, because the building shaped or circle with a roof of bamboo stems that are torn and mounted stacked such that the form field as the rain water flow in grooved so as not seeping into the room.

The roof of bamboo is then coated with asphalt is heated until it melts and liquid, then apply around at all of the areas of the roof so that the bamboo become waterproof. In the past, the roof of bamboo has this model was used as a regular in the remote corners of the roof, so it is not something new. There are 2 large swing from ropes hung on two coconut tree trunk position is rather high. So when we play swing, and if seen from the seafront, the swing was impressed is above of the houses.

There are several buildings of bamboo-shaped ship, this seems to be the point of interest of this overall Brown’s House. Many of the teenagers use this point a place to take a picture and selfies picture. They are chit chat loudly while taking a photo which makes the atmosphere became boisterous with shouting and their babble. Maybe our kids are born in a modern era, consider the roof of bamboo model, become a new and special. As known, since they born from a baby to become a kids they just found their home use a modern roof materials like porcelain roof, or asbestos. He he he … panorama-beach-rumah-coklat
There are several large buildings with shapes and models that are almost the same. Is a circular or semicircular with bamboo roofs conical or conical spring. I am trying to sightseeing around the area to figure out, what’s actually a special about this Brown’s House, which make the people curious to visit.
As it turns out, I found that actually this place is the Chocolate Factory houses a wide range of products made from chocolate. Home-based manufacturer of various kind of snack made from chocolate. And it turns out that the owner is a foreigner. The name of the manufacturer is Charlie’s Chocolate Factory. Again and again we lost by foreigners who made the money machine in Bali …. Ha ha hah…

Subjected to a building that appears to be the largest, seem used for the room where different types of chocolate-based products are made. I entered the room and look at them, and realized how chocolate candy chocolate and jams are made. The building is also simultaneously show room chocolate products that have been prepared are marketed.

After seeing the view around, finally we all get bored too, because nothing special from this Brown’s House. We also prepared ready to pass on the way back to Denpasar. The village of Jasri – Denpasar we will travel approximately 1, 5 hour drive.
Finally, we ended our short the holidays and now it’s time for a rest. Home recharge for a routine the next day.
Well, a friend of “da Trooper Bali”, that is our short vacation to the eastern part of the island of Bali, hopefully reading this story gave you benefits and additional insight for companions “da Trooper Bali”.


We apologize, if there is unpleasant words and thank you for always following my words in this “da Trooper Bali” . Once again, please be forgiven. Keep read the article in “da Trooper Bali” because I will continue to share information and stories only in “da Trooper Bali”…

Greetings of friendship,





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