Holidays to the East part of Bali (part 3)

Hi, all of my beloved friends who love to join in the “da Troper Bali”,
I am coming again to continue to share my holiday in the East part of Bali a fee week ago. Here is the story… Please enjoy…!


Last synopsis :

My daughter Dewinta order “rujak” the mixed fruit with palm sugar sauces, Orange Juice and other snack. Unfortunately, we had to wait quite longtime for our order. This is we can realized as there is so many people of visitors to the area, while the officer’s canteen there are only 6 people.
Travel far enough and badly damaged streets and far locations that are difficult to reach, paid off with the satisfaction of enjoying the beauty of this Tree House.


Enjoying the uniqueness and the beauty of the tree house, at 14.50 eventually we left and headed to the Inn which we have booked on the coast of Amed, not too far from the tree house. Just about 25 km or 25 minutes drive reverses direction and turn to the left, we’ve entered the coast of Amed.


The Street towards the beach still very bright, because the Sun is still shining violet reddish rays in the sky. We continued down the road to the Inn and find the location where we spend our night to stay. Entering the coastal areas provide very comfortable mood and escape. The wind is breezy and rather shady makes the mind and soul is quiet and serene. Amed beach is a beach located on the eastern end of the island near the port of Padangbai which is a the door connecting the two island Bali Island and Lombok Island.


After a 25-minute drive finally at 13.17 we entered the site of Amed Beach and continues down the street which is quite crowded with a walker who most of them are a foreign tourists from different countries. The atmosphere of the beach very creamy feel and make us feeling free. From the gap diner place and restaurant, which lay along the road we could see the coast with waves that white breaking to the seaside of the beach. We are on searching the site of the hotel we’ve been booking previously located a little South towards the entrance around 2 kilometers from the Centre of the coast of Amed.


Finally, at 20 minutes we arrived at the Acarya Cottace, we’ve booked a few weeks earlier. The Inn is not too large and is located above of the cliffs that dealing directly with the offshore. From the terrace of our cottage we directly can see the boat and ship passing by crossing the Lombok Strait get in to Lombok island. See the sea without limits create our feelings felt relieved and feeling all the burden that we seemed to squeeze off. When we are finished taking care of the process of checking in, we go to the room to take a rest for a while, whilst the children take off soon their clothing and dabble into the existing pool in front of the terrace.


While my wife and I sat down in the terrace while twiddle, while looking at the eastern horizon offshore. I recently was reminded of that during on the way had stopped in the village of Pesinggahan, Klungkung buying Satay fish with “ketupat” the rice steam in the knitted bag made from coconut leafs. Fish Satay broil the fish in the village of Pesinggahan is very famous for tasty, many civil servants from Denpasar and Badung who deliberately came to Pesinggahan just to had a lunch with Satay fish and vegetable Eggplant with spicy onion sambal delights, even Denpasar – Klungkung passable. It takes 40 minutes to 1 hours to depart from Denpasar. My wife and I enjoy fish Satay with “ketupat” while still pedestal berm on the hotel terrace. While the far ahead out at the sea there, we can see the large ships that crossed the Strait and many fishing boats are also on the ocean to catch fish.
Hmmm …. Eat Satay fish and and heard the wave sounds while looking at the sea turns out to add to enjoy fish Satay. He he he …


After eating and after resting for a moment, I finally joined with the children swim and soak in the outdoor. Our soak long enough until the day getting dark and the Moon and stars began rising on the eastern horizon.
So I soonest out form the fool for bathing and pack it down to look for dinner while enjoying the night atmosphere of the coast of Amed. By 19.15 p.m. we all ready and set out in search of food around the coast of Amed. The atmosphere feels relaxed and at peace. Hear the sound of the sea waves on the beach gives a deep impression and brings us into the mood which is very comfortable and peaceful.


Don’t need much time, finally we chose a restaurant that looks elegant with light rays of lights that Dim and give the impression of a beautiful and elegant. We parked the vehicle and get into a restaurant. It place that turns out to have 3 floors, Basement, 1st floor and 2nd floor. I glanced down and noticed there is a small park that is well enough with a couple of small gardens seats on it. We chose to seat on the 1st floor because of the 2nd floor was already fully booked. We ordered food and is somewhat confused by the menu option that quite a lot.
After choice and have a look all of the menu list, in the end I just ordered fried rice special receipt from this restaurant. Fried rice again fried rice again… He he he …


We enjoyed dinner while talking and discuss our plans for the next day. We conclude tomorrow morning will be playing the center of Amed Beach plying water and the wave in Central Coast Amed and go back to the hotel for packing. And we’ll have lunch before returning to Denpasar at about 14.00 later on.


Finally at 1 o’clock we went back to the hotel for a rest time for while. Te street rather quiet here because not many tourist in the roads at night, most of them only dwell in hotels or eating in the restaurant closest to her hotel. By 22:28 o’clock we were relaxing in the hotel room while looking out to sea and listening to the orchestra of waves dancing to the beach.

To be continued….!


Dewa Dwipayana
Jl. Gunungsari Blok D 23, Denpasar BArat 80117
Phone 0361 427230
Mobile 0816 572800
E-mail : Dewa.dwipayanan@gmailcom;

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