Holiday to the east part of Bali (part 2)

Synopsis of last episode.

It turns out that the road is still long to the Tree House, because we could not ride with normal speed, considering the rocks as well as narrow and downhill of the roads. Our speed is only 10 to 20 kilometers per hour. It feels like we’re just about to arrive at a location approximately at13.00 o’clock.

The streets that we skip the already not so solid, so we could spur the vehicle a bit faster, but must remain alert, considering suddenly there are motorcycles that cross the street without giving sign or turn lights. This sometimes makes me freak out and have to do sudden braking that makes passengers being startled. The Sun was shining the light of increasingly blazing because increasingly, lucky us the air conditioning in the cabin worked perfectly so that all of us feel comfortable along this trip. We continue to rolling toward the North amid the searing Sun of East Bali. The streets are rather continuing uphill because of getting closer to the location of the Tree House. Left right way evident in trees and grasses that started yellowing due to the heat of the Sun, in addition, the area east of Bali indeed seldom cloudy. That’s why, many of the residents of the village of Culik, this Fortress that wandered out of their village to search for a better income and lucky.

Hopefully with the advancement of technology, the Government is able to provide water for the needs of this population so that a minus in the village of Culik it can survive and not leave the land of his forefathers.
“Uuufps …! In front of 200 meters again we have to turn left dad.” said my daughter.
I reduce the speed of vehicles while paying attention to the T-junction told by my daughter. Directions to the location of the Tree House is not clearly visible, since there is no sign or hint where to board the direction we have to go through. Lucky my daughter and her friend understood using an electronic map of the last up dated which is very accurate, so we don’t get lost or going the wrong way.
“It’s the T-junction on the left a closed shrub and bushes that look of drought,” said Sari friends my daughter who join in this trip.

A small road trail to the Tree House was indeed surrounded by scrub Oaks because of drought with great stones and endless gravel around the shrubs. The possibility of those large rocks and gravel is came from Mount Agung flooded from time eruption in he year of 1963. We were rolling along the narrow streets with a thin asphalt start to break down and leaving only gravel and macadam that is getting into the more badly damaged. GREAT-VIEW On the left and right side, many trees and shrubs connect along connection without any houses around it. Only dry shrubs and palm trees that grow along without an order. We still continue to following the way that it felt endless because it is still on and on with the dry bush land that is unbroken with abyss and boulders in dry grass which molt land. The road is now winding up with a steep incline and derivatives. The streets increasingly narrows with abyss in the left side of the road. PIRAMIDA-IN-RUMAH-POHON



Finally we entered the area where the look there are some simple home with its dusty, dry but not seen its inhabitants. The streets still with rocks and gravel and dusty flying off. I reduced the speed to avoid gaping holes and with his left hand, abyss. When it starts moving forward, I am forced to stop again because it looked before there is a vehicle approaching. Apparently the just came out from the Tree House after their visit. I took off the brake pedal of my Red Mitsubishi and started forward again, but must stop again and should kick again the brake pedal, when from the opposite direction there is a red-color city car also reverses direction. I was forced to pull out with carefully because the streets are very narrow and the gaping chasm on my left side. Once the vehicle passes we move forward again and in the distance, we can see there is a bamboo bridge which hanging with walls built out of cobblestone-like stacked stack without plastering sand and cement. PEPOHONAN-RUMAH-POHON

“It was the location of his tree house dad” said my daughter Dewinta while pointing to her finger to the front.
In the distance and in a highest we see the bamboo hung and tied above the tree that connected with tall buildings with pillars that are also made from bamboo which seem so floating. The bright weather make it look striking in the highest. We are constantly approached and eventually reached the location of the Tree House, RUMAH-POHON-JUGA but to reach our parking lot must be rather steep path down the slippery ground sand. Some of the small vehicle that will return home seemed difficulty climbing the incline it because the slippery road surface. Some of them are take the way on tried and tried again and again so as not to lose the traction to climbs the road.
After several vehicles were successful up and passed us, we go down and enter the parking area that seems to be newly created and filled in as the soil is very loose when trapped by the wheels. Finally we arrived in the Tree House at 12.15 Bali time.

I am a bit worried, if sudden heavy rains would make the parking lot became a sea of mud, that would be difficult to traverse the streets especially uphill towards the back. However, the sky was bright and clean in blue without even a slight clouds, the weather looks very nice and light with a very scorching sunshine. It seemed unlikely it will rain. Seen a lot of vehicles have in the area of parking lot. It was a lot of visitors during the day. After Park my Red Mitsubishi in a secure, we get down and get in to the area tree house after paying for parking at Rp. 10,000.0 per car. So down sunshine feels stung the skin and face. Temperatures outside the range between 30 to 33 degrees Celsius. Quite hot indeed. He he he.


My advice if you are will visit here, we recommend setting up a hat or umbrella to reduce the bit of the Sun. We are entering the area of a the Tree House from the entrance of a rather narrow and uphill climb several dates with the walls of the separate from the “outside world” which also built from the round stone with a similar size. So enter the entrance we were greeted and welcomed by the clerk and ask for donations for the maintenance contribution of the e area which is Rp 10,000.00.-per person. We pay Rp.100.000,-for 8 people. Afterward, we were free to enter the area but of course while maintaining the norms of decency and ethics.
We welcoming by this banner…. He he he he….



I noticed there some building in this Tree House. And try to count and calculate that there are 3 high building which is quite spacious with a size of approximately 70 square meters built from big bamboo stands for all skeletal structure and also the structure of floor then covered by “gedek” the knitted bamboo. This place is quite extensive can be reached by climbing the stairs which is also made from bamboo stalks or hanging in a bamboo bridge made from bamboo as well with a length of almost 20 meters and wide about 1 meter and hanged with ropes “gadung” a traditional rope. This suspension bridge passes, making enough adrenaline challenged, because the time to traverse the bridge would sway and swinging left and right quiet hard, so that we will be swung and swinging around that made stunned and even fear and panic, the sensation that filling by a group of teenagers who run together on that suspension bridge. They scream yell in fear at the time of passing the bridge.


The bridge is swinging and swaying, need extra struggle to reach the prime building from where we can see a beautiful view of the sea in the East of the island of Bali from a height and in the west, we can see the mount Agung which is the highest mountain in the island of Bali. Besides the major landmark of it, there’s more substantial building that functioned as a two-story cafeteria downstairs and a place to relax on the floor it. From the top floor which is in the highest area of this location we can see around the lovely views with the backdrop of the blue sea in the distance at the East side of Mount Agung and mansions.


Uniquely, despite the scorching sunlight seared, but the entire area that doesn’t make us a sultry. The air felt cool comfort. Any visible verdant grass, and other plants such as passion fruit, mangosteen, oranges, papaya, guava. Grapefruit, bananas and other plants flourished, even though the water is very limited due to its location of this area in the highest at foot of Mount Agung. There is also a restricted area with nets, where turkeys, chickens, peacocks and even a small dog like peking’s dogs roam freely.


There is also a canteen that sells quite a variety of drinks such as variety of juicem like orange juice, iced tea, assorted soft drink, a variety of snacks, Rujak or mixed fruits with palm sugar souce, “tipat cantok”, fried noodles and even fried rice or nasi goreng is also available with prices evenly Rp. 10,000.0-per serving. Reasonably priced and friendly to our pockets. I walk around to have a look to sightseeing the area to know and find out more details of this Tree House area. I looked around and realized if the location of the tree house is on the top of the fairly high hills and elongated like a large ship that is stranded on land, since the end of the East side of the area is tapered like the stern of the ship, while the surrounding ravines and barren plains of endless hills and stone structure of the lava froze so be boulders as big as elephants and cows.


Oh yes, this is the lava stone which is currently much used in Balinese communities to build sanctuaries, temples and other arts buildings, including the gate of Bali style. Seem artistic and looks magnificent. Rock lava flooded the eruption of Mount Agung in 1963 it does have characteristics and strokes as well as the unique black color and beautiful, especially after become a building of the temple or Balinese main gate called “candi bentar” and other Balinese style gate. The buildings are constructed from lava rock type is so very chic and its aura is very authoritative. Currently the price of lava rock from Mount Agung is quite expensive because of the many requests from within Bali Island itself and even also from outside of the island. YOU-HAVE-TO I continued walking around against the area and try to count the square wide of the area of which I am an appraiser covering an area about 18,000 square meters or approximately 180 acres.BUILDING-IN-RUMAH-POHON But due to the location in the height above a cursory and long look a bit narrow. After walked around and take some photos at various locations, we are looking for a gazebo or “bale bengong” to resting.
My daughter Dewinta order “rujak” the mixed fruit with palm sugar sauces, Orange Juice and other snack. Unfortunately, we had to wait quite longtime for our order. This is we can realized as there is so many people of visitors to the area, while the officer’s canteen there are only 6 people.
Travel far enough and badly damaged streets and far locations that are difficult to reach, paid off with the satisfaction of enjoying the beauty of this Tree House.

To be continued…


Dewa Dwipayana
Jl. Gunungsari Blok D 23, Denpasar 80117
Phone 0361 427230 Mobile 0816 572800

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