Holiday to the east part of Bali Island ( part 1)

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I would like to share about the destination to spend our holiday in other part of Bali. Talking about holiday in Bali, we will directly forward to Kuta, Sanur and Nusa Dua area which located in south of Bali Island. Yes, this area quiet famous and very popular in all over the world as itself.

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In fact, many places and other tourist destinations in Bali that also beautiful and exotic which we can visit in different parts of Bali Island truly chic and pretty and very interestingly compared to a tourist destination that was popular which is in the southern area of the island such as; Tanah Lot, Sanur, Kuta, Nusa Dua, the Garuda Wisnu Kencana, the Pandawa and some other places in the South of the island of Bali. Well, the holiday season in July 2016 ago, I and my family have an opportunity for a vacation and enjoy a holiday in parts of the East coast of the island of Bali.


In fact many locations for attractive and beautiful vacation with lower budget cost in various locations in Bali. Here I will share my vacation with my family to Eastern hemisphere of Bali Island which a very exotic and interesting with a lower budget that complies with our bags. I had been planning a vacation to the eastern part of the island of Bali.

Here I will share my vacation with my family to Eastern hemisphere Bali a very exotic and interesting with a budget that complies with our bags.
This year’s holiday, I and my family had been planning a vacation to the eastern part of the island of Bali. After considering the various aspects and the budget, we finally decided to take a vacation to the beaches of Amed, and before heading to the coast of Amed, we will pay a visit to the village of Culik, the Stronghold of Karangasem and then spending the night in the coast of Amed. To streamline the time to avoid not to get confused on the street, I plan and arrange for 2 days of vacation. The plan will Leaving from Denpasar towards the village of village of Culik, the new famous “Rumah Pohon”, then headed to the beach to enjoy the beautiful beaches of Amed and snorkeling in the afternoon, spend the night on the beach of Amed and the next day we plan to visit to the home of the chocolate which is still one route directions back to Denpasar.


I have book rooms with a budget that complies with our bags. Our two families with a total of 4 adults and 2 teenagers and two children. After weighing, we finally decided to order 3 simple rooms with budget 600 thousand per room with extra bed including breakfast for 8 people. Without the elaborate preparation, we set off at 7:30 in the morning from Denpasar towards the East. Distance Karangasem Denpasar approximately 60 kilometers or will about 2.5 hours driving to the town of Karangasem and we are still heading North approximately 25 kilometers or about 30-minute drive to the village of Culik, the Sub camps. Lucky us, this holiday season the streets are not too busy dense, so we could drive comfortably without the extreme traffic jam and or crashes and lining up on the road. We are down the road towards the East, Jalan Gatot Subroto, follow the main road to by pass I Gusti Ngurah Rai, Tohpati, turn left directing on the circles of road, to the directions to Gianyar via the by Pass Professor Ida Bagus Mantra which is the most wide road of that shortening the distance of Denpasar with Bali eastern part. It connects the Denpasar with Karangasem Regency which is the eastern end of the island of Bali.


By 9:30 o’clock we stopped at the village of Pesinggahan which is also a favorite place for fans and lovers of sea fish specialties in the form of sea fish and “sate lilit” and “pepes” or fillet of sea fish mixed with Balinese sauce’s wrapping by banana leafs and grilled which was served with rice and vegetables, and fried peanuts. My daughter Dewinta wanted to eat a typical “Warung Ikan Laut” that is quiet good enough and seem health and clean. In this we simply order a meal because that’s been sold in packages consisting of a bowl of fish soup, rice with 2 “sate lilit”, 2 “ sate tusuk” satay, pinch a small bowl of vegetable, peanut and fried. The price of one package including a glass of the hot sweet tea is 17.000 Rupiahs. Quite satisfying and makes us full until 3 hours. He he he. We ate our food in a rush, as the time goes by and today’s already moving on the day and the sun began to emit the rays very hot.


To catch up on time in order to arrive at a tree house in the village of Culik, the Fortress before the middle of the day. At 10.15 we’re moving again towards the East and going straight to a tree house in the village of Culik. The streets are getting a little crowded because we have started approaching the village, Padangbai crossings from Bali to Lombok. We continue to rolling with speed about 40 to 50 kilometers an hour, following the main road. The journey began when approaching light dairy choked up at the T-junction Padang Bai Harbor and directions to Karangasem due to unbalance of the timing of the traffic light between green light and a red light from the direction of the side leading to the port. The green light just missed 3 or 4 vehicles and Red again, while waiting for red lights in long enough, so the vehicle queue buildup going on long line.

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We are stuck at a red light waiting for almost 10 minutes, before you we continue the journey towards Karangasem quite smoothly. With an average speed of 60 kilometers per hour, we hope would be arriving at the location of the Tree house before noon. After walking a few kilometers, the streets start winding and narrow with a fairly sharp rise, however, keen safe to passing. The clock on the dashboard has shown at 11 o’clock when we entering the village of Candi Dasa, a few kilometers before the town of Karangasem. Candi Dasa is also a well-known tourist destination and visited by many of overseas travelers. Even many of those who are repeatedly because of their love the island and the beach with nature in this village of Candi Dasa. Candi Dasa beach is famous for its white sand that is not inferior to Sanur and Kuta. Left right along a small, home stay and plenty of restaurant and bar side by side along the way. We can see that most of the people who passed are foreigners from overseas from various nationalities. We still have to continue to move towards the North.

The streets are narrow and left right start seemingly barren as it enters the village of Munti Gunung. In the distance appear to Mount Agung, standing grandly, we pass the bridge of the dried river with lot of rocks and the stone. Apparently not enough rain water to irrigate it.
From the GPS I see that the distance to the tree house is still about 15 kilometers with it takes about 45 minutes. That’s assuming a fixed speed 50 kilometers per hour. We are still on the road in the hot mix smooth. Few kilometers more will enter the macadam roads passable were severely damaged, before down the slopes and canyons that deep and again climbing the cliff with steep winding roads. Lucky me I drove my Red Mitsubishi Freeca with legendary Diesel’s engine in power full, recalcitrant and heat resistant, even it’s not in four wheel drive for all terrain, however I trust and strongly believe with its cruising capability and durability of the machinery which is already legendary. The temperature outside the cabin around 34 to 38 degrees Celsius with a very scorching sunlight, making the eye feels glare and heat. But not so in the cabin of my Red Mitsubishi. The cabin feels airy and comfortable thanks to the air conditioning that is still in highly optimized cooling the cabin.

With beloved in sunset point

Finally we entered the village of Culik, Kubu Regency. I reduce the speed of my Red Mitsu as I am not so familiar with the way. I must find the T junction to look up for the driveway towards the Tree house. Enter the roadway towards the tree house is indeed feels like entering another world, due to in the right and left side of the pathway stretch of cliffs with boulders and trees palm from the family of brasses flabelliform and ejection, along with other great-looking of various big high trees dried due to the heat of the weather. The grass looks dry as a barren expanse of straw. Occasional dust rotating windblown dust suddenly blows in gusts. We keep moving forward followed by the vehicle with my brother in law who driving a Toyota Yaris hatchback with four passengers weighted fair, had made him a little worried considering the steep roads with steep climbs and macadam of the road. However after I notify tricks and to take heart and concentration seems to be moving with the safe countermeasure to car deck stuck in the stone streets.


It turns out that the road is still long to the Tree House, because we could not ride with normal speed, considering the rocks as well as narrow and downhill of the roads. Our speed is only 10 to 20 kilometers per hour. It feels like we’re just about to arrive at a location approximately at13.00 o’clock.

To be continued…


Dewa Dwipayana
DK 999 YQ
“da Trooper Bali”

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