Be what you are and be strong, although your friends leave you behinds….!

Dear all of da Trooper Bali friends,

How are you today…?
Wish all of you are in good health and lucky…

Due to many things and some family problem as well as busy time to serve my wife who are in bad health, I can not writing any thing on this site.
Now, I need your support to keep me strong facing a difficulties which visit in my life. I really really need your support to passing this phase…
Believe me, I will always remembering you in the rest of my life for every things that you gave to me to make me strong and passing this hard time.

As time goes by, I can see and feel who were the true good friends, who are just looking for an opportunity and advantage whether its be a material or a non material.

Sick and sad to see a friends who were I appreciate as a good and best friends to who I can share, and now turns only capitalize and steal the opportunity at the time when I am in trouble. But it’s much better rather than forever stuck in the actual circumstances of my own detriment.

With events like that, I have enriched myself with understanding and appreciate the genuine friendship that has been shown by many friends of mine who actually shows sympathy to me in hard times that I facing.

This condition makes me realize and can clearly see, that previously I had only built a vague friendship which has been pointed out by several people who I used to think as friends formerly.

The world will continue to spin and will not stop until the end of the times. And I am pretty sure, my difficult hard experienced may also be experiencing by every person in this world. Who knows …?

I’m grateful to be able to wake up, though feels poignant at heart …!

Thanks God for your blessing and reminder ….!

My beloved da Trooper Bali friends, I am thanking you for your support and always be my friends.

Once again thank you for your kind support. It really really mean to me…!


Dewa Dwipayana
da Trooper Bali
DK 999 YQ

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