Adventure to Lembongan Island (part 4 End )

Synopsis last posted :

We arrived in the DayDream Bungalow by 11.15. I then came to the staff asking for the bill of our rooms. I met the owner of the bungalow. Donna and Lance Wolltmann. They are Australian couple. I give them my feedback about our stay, about the rooms and other things related to the services.
Lance told me that in the future, if I want to stay just give them a call and they will pick up to the beach and arrange the transfer in and out with compliment.
I pay the rooms and after say goodbye we leave the bungalow and will have our lunch in Jungutbatu village to taste the seafood there around.
Panorama View Point

By 11.20 Lembongan Island time, we riding the motorbike to Jungutbatu village about 20 minutes from Dream Beach. Almost all of the road to the village are in bad condition. The asphalt has been broken and damage in everywhere, while the dust are in the wind, make us must use a mask to close our mouth and nose to avoid the dust are come with our breathe. But we enjoy the road while riding a motorbike. Some of the tourist domestic and a foreign also riding a motorbike. Most of the domestic are a teenager especially the girls with some group and they make a video using their smart phone while their friend riding a motorbike.
The sun light and the sky are very clear with the blue sky color. The seagull are flying in the sky and suddenly down like acrobatic and hidden in the horizon.
We stop over in the top of the higher land of this island call Panorama hill. Thru this hill we may see around and especially the sea in the east of the island. We can see the houses in Jungutbatu village and as well can see the view of the small harbor with “jukung” and many speed boat parked in the beach. It seems so busy. The boats come and go bringing in and bringing out many tourists to this exotic island. In the seaside, we also can see the tower of the light for the sign of the island.
After taking some picture, we continue our trip to Jungutbatu village and the road decline extremely as we downing the hill. Jungutbatu village located in the seaside. So we are now down to the seaside thru the only one way to the go thru.

Within 10 minutes we arrived in Jungutbatu village. So I start to slow the motorbike and find a suitable place to park while waiting for my daughter and my sister who seem left behind during riding to the village. I stop in front of the “warung” and standing the motorbike while waiting. I and my wife sit down in front of the “warung” and start to make a conversation with the owner of the “warung”. The old lady who a guess about 60 years old. The time already showed 11.30.
“Om Swastyastu Ibu. “ I said. ( Om Swastyastu is a greeting for a Hindu Bali’s, meaning like “Excuse me”, when we need the help like asking for the direction or asking the help for something we need for)
“Om Swastyastu” she replied.
“We are going to see the warung who selling fresh fish grilled around here. Would you please advise us which warung you recommended?” I asked.
“Oh yeach. Here there is a few of “warung makan” who serve fresh fish grilled. You may choice any one of them. The location is nearby and closed each other. There is a big warung, a medium and also small one. Mostly serve the fresh fish.” She explains.
“But I recommend you may choose the closed one, named Baruna Grilled fish. Over there in the opposite of this road.” she continued.
I turn my head to follow her finger direction and found by my eyes in the opposite of the road Baruna Fish Grilled. Only a few feet from our position.
I said thank you to that old kind lady and back to my seat in the floor in front of her warung, while awaiting for my sister and her husband which still not arrived.
We wait for them almost 20 minutes. But the still not appear. So I try to call them by my cellular, but cannot get thru. I also ask my wife to call, but again could not get thru. I am quiet afraid that they got an accident, but I threw away my negative though.
When I try to call again after plenty of call are fault, finally the last call get connected and I spoke to my brother in law and he explain, that they have miss the direction.
So I ask him where they are now. And he said did not knew where about. I remember, when we downhill from the Panorama hill, there is a Y junction in front. To go to Jungutbatu village, we must turn left and down again. So I ask my brother when they see the Y junction, which where they follow.
“Okay. Let’s start from the Panorama Hill, to make your mind refresh.” I said.
“When we down from Panorama Hill, we see the Y junction. You should turn to the left to Jungutbatu village, while if you follow to the straight way you will go to another village and will back to the Panorama to the different way.” I explain to him.
“So now, you have to back track till you found the Y junction. In the Y junction you should turn right and down and just follow the main road and you will find the buried land and a yard with a brick block fabric and some sand. Just follow the main road which is about 2 kilometers a head and you will arrive in Jungutbatu village.” I continued.
“It’s clear for you..?” I ask him to make sure what I explain.
“All right. I got it. I will ride now.” He replied over the phone.
I then put my cellular on its pocket and back to the floor while waiting.
Only 10 minutes after, my brother came with a laughing. He laughs because he doesn’t believe him missing his way while there is the only one way to Jungutbatu village. Because of he is too confident that the way he follows is to the right direction.
After all of us ready, I ask to all of us to go to opposite of the road to Baruna Fish Grilled. The time already 15 minutes to 12 o’clock. All of us are in a heavy hungry.
We enter to the Baruna warung and find a table to pamper ourselves comfort. We choose the table in the middle with 10 seats. So it fit for all of us. The place quiet good as well the cleanliness. The decoration also not bad.
We choose the menu in hurry as all of us in a heavy hungry. After short discussion, all of us finally order Tuna Fish Grilled with Balinese style. To make them quick when cooking.
After waiting for about 20 minutes our order is ready.
Wow, I am about surprise with the portion of the meal. Tuna grilled fish serve in dinner plate with rice, “sambal matah” and green bean stick. What makes me surprising is the portion the Tuna fish. It is in big jumbo pieces. Seem so delicious. So we start to eat and only 15 minutes, all of us had the meal already. He he he…
Since we must ready by 15.00 to boarding to the speed boat, we must go to Dream Beach to catch the time of departure. So we soon move from Jungutbatu to Dream Beach which is only 20 minutes riding, so by 13.00 we already in Dream Beach.
At 12.00 we arrived in Dream Beach and hand over the motor bike to the owner and afterwards, try to find the host of the boat who bring us when we are arrived in Lembongan. The boat named is Lembongan Paradise. I see around and ask a guy nearest, about the boat that we should load, but get inform that we are too late. The boat we should get is departure already at 12.00 to Bali Island and no second boat after.
I am quiet confuse. As in the ticket that we have been paid for return stated that the departure time is on 12,00, 13.00, 15.00 and the last is on 16.00.
So I ask again to the guest and inform about the ticket and the explanation on it, but h seem dislike and shooting at me saying, where you buy the ticket please complain there. We have no business with your problem he speaks very loud till many people looking at me by wondering.

I try to control myself from my emotion which feels growing up to my head.
And say :
“I am just asking you about. If you do not knew or not understand, Just let me know. Please do not shooting to me.” I said and left that guy away.

My wife starts panic and asking.

“What happen..?” “Why those guy shooting to you..?” she asks.

“I am just asking him about the boat and explain that we bought a return ticket already.” So why there is no boat available. But he seems angry and shooting.” I said.

I take the ticket and find the contact and phone number of the guy in the ticket box in Sanur. Then I call him thru his cellular.

“Sir. This is Dewa. I bought the ticket for two ways Sanur – Lembongan – Sanur return and paid in cash on 17 of June for 7 pax. And now we will back to Sanur, but ther is no boat available for us. What happen with my ticket..?” I argue them.

“No worries. The boat is available. You may came to Dream Beach and ask them that you have paid the ticket.” That guy said.

I then go to the beach and find the captain of the Dream Beach Boat and explain him about it. But he only said that there is no agreement with the ticket box in Sanur about it.

So I call again to the ticket box office in Sanur and inform them about my problem. And again they said that there is a boat available for us. So I gave my cellular to the captain of the Dream Beach Boat and they discuss quiet tough and finally the captain said that our ticket 7 of us is already on the list they have from the ticket box in Sanur. So I feel blessing. Thanks god.

Apparently, due to a high season because of the long week end and in addition it is a Idulfitri the Islamic holiday, many people spend their holiday in Lembongan so the boat traffic very high and not enough seat available during the day. The overbooked happen for this day.
After our ticket confirm, we are count by the boat staff. He said the boot only can accommodate for 50 people. It is very dangerous if accommodate with more that the capacity. So they have to make sure the passengers and the loading.

There are a foreigner tourist with their family came and asking for the boat. Hey also shown the ticket they have paid. But the captain said the boat is full. And could not accommodate any other passenger.
As the tourist bought the ticket for return, they assume that they can go back to Sanur every time as long as the time of the departure state on the ticket they bought. This is also what I though before we argue with the guy who I asking for the boat this noon.

The tourist insist to say that they have to go as their flight to their country is in the midnight, but the staff of the boat ignore and just start angry and say no. the boat could not accommodate addition pax as it would be overload and become a dangerous during the sailing.
Due to the tourist insist to go the captain of the boat then shooting, that he is the captain and he have a full authority who will going to go to the boat.

I am very unpleasant to see and to hear the dispute. As the way how to treat the tourist by the boat staffs very unprofessional and seem they do not well known what they are doing by dispute and argue that way with the tourist. The dispute happen quiet long and the children of about 4 or 5 years old of the family started to crying loud and loud as he watching his father dispute and shooting by the people.
I try to cool down both party and advice the guests to contact the ticket box to find the best solution as I did. They follow my advice and get the ticket and call to the ticket box office to find the result.
I believe that this accident will contra productive and damaging the tourist destination of Lembongan Island. All of the tourist component should avoid a bad image of the destination if we need improve the number of visits in Lembongan Island.

Anyway, hopefully the government can see the case and make an evaluation and of course the people in the island also treat their guests better to make the guest’s satisfaction which will help them to growth their tourist destination.
By 15.30 the speed boat starts to sail to cross the sea of Selat Bali. The staff of the boat trunk the boat and push it to the deep sea. In the deep sea the engines are turn on. The boat have quarter engine with about 50 horse power of each engine. So both engines can push the boat with maximum speed limit. I seat in the front left rows of the seats, beside the window and the front bonnet. So I can see the sea water springing up beside the body of the boat. The wave not that high and the wind also not so hard. It is very nice weather this day.
And the only 24 minutes sailing, we can see the Sanur beach and the boat slowdown, and finally stop about 100 meters from the beach side.

We get our from the boat and awaiting our luggage in the water which on our foot knee high. The beach that busy with many people splash and swimming and or just walk on the pathway in the beach side. I am glad have been arrived and back home after 2 days of journey in Lembongan Island.

I have ask my son t pick us in front of the Grand Inna Bali beach as it not possible to park the car closely to the beach due to no access because of so many vehicle are parked in the side of the road. So we walk by to the front of the main entrance of the Inna Grand Bali Beach, where my son waiting.
That is my journey story to Lembongan Island. Hope will enriched your knowledge and useful as a traveling advice.
Bye now, and hopefully you will visit this web in the near future. As I will write my next journey to other places.


Dewa Dwipayana
“da Trooper Bali”
Jl. Gunungsari Blok D 23
Padangsambian Kaja – Denpasar Barat 80117
Bali – Indonesia
Phone 0361 427230
Mobile : 0816 572800
WA : 08199244995

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