Adventure to Lembongan Island ( part 3)

Synopsis last posted :

As the time run so fast and the sun also start going down to the west horizon, by 16.03 we decided back to the Dream Beach our bungalow in Dream Beach and get shower to refresh our body and soul. We back to our accommodation by 16.15.

Rock Beach
Rock Beach

We explore the Blue Lagoon Point and take some picture in some location. We spent our time about 2 hours in Blue Lagoon Jump Clift. Please enjoy the picture.
As the time run so fast and the sun also start going down to the west horizon, by 16.03 we decided back to the Dream Beach our bungalow in Dream Beach and get shower to refresh our body and soul. We back to our accommodation by 16.15.
After having a free time for about half an hour, I plan to watch the sunset in
Dream Beach, located nearly closed to the DayDream Bungalow where we stay. But we must ride a motorbike to go there, as take about 10 to 15 minutes if we went there by walk.
According to Komang the guy in DayDream Bungalow, the sunset time within 17.35 to 8.00 local time. So I take motorbike and ride with my wife going to the beach. The beach in Dream Beach is full of rock stone. The beach it is not for swim as the sea level deep. It’s about 3 to 5 meters down to the rock stone, with some wild grass around. It is only to see a view and panorama.



We arrive in the beach about 17.40 but unfortunately, the sky was not so bright. It is cloudy. The sun almost down in the horizon, but we could not see the sun clearly as the cloudy wrapping around. The horizon seem red terracotta with the line bordered between the sea and the sky. It’s beautiful still.
I and my wife relaxing and sight seeing to enjoy the panorama of the Dream Beach and it’s situation. There are also many people from oversea enjoy the sunset. Most of them are seem from China and Korea, but I meet many teen’s girl group also enjoying the sunset. They took a picture in group and individual in exstacy as it’s their time to do so as like my daughter did with her girl friends and classmate.
Suddenly, I surprising by a pick up running quiet fast which bring many chinesse guests which seem also wants to see the sunset, but they are too late. The sun already down and left the red color in the west horizon, and in addition a cloud wrapping the sun, so we could not see the sun clearly.
I take some pictures of my wife and of course myself for my documentation. Picture in the rock side with the sea back ground seem pretty beautiful.


I spent the time quiet lot and just back to the bungalow after the dark time came at 18.45. The light are on and in the dark, seem like a raising stars around the island.
We back to the bungalow to take a bath, as we plan to have a dinner in the Dream Beach Club Restaurant at Sandy Bay Beach which also only 5 minutes from our bungalow by walk.
I work out a little bit in the verandah of the bungalow, just doing push up and sit up for about 20 minutes, to kill the time, while queing the shower room, I jump to the splash pool to cooled my body after almost full day sunbathing during sightseeing around the island. Feel pure fresh while playing in the pool for almost half an hour.
It’s dark already and the only sea breeze and the sound of the tide wrapping the area. There is no motor or a car seem run around. It’s very nature with the sound of the night insect and the sea. It s a pleasure time for us to relax and enjoy the island.

My wife call me and said that she and my daughter Dewinta are ready for dinner.
So I went out from the pool and get into the room and go to the shower room. I turn on the water and surprise as the very hot water sprung from the hanging shower. I turn off the valve and watching carefully the valve knob. I though I was put a wrong position of the valve for a hot water which usually in red color. And I am sure that the valve position is on the right side for a cool water with the blue color.
I turn on again and slowly and put may hand on the water and the water still in hot. Ha ha ha. Finally I realized that the valve is fixed in the wrong direction. The red for hot water, springing the cool water while the blue for cool water is with a hot water. This is an example. We must careful and learn from this case to avoid changing our holiday become a night mare.
I am showering my body in a hurry, as my wife remind me that my sister and her husband and their child is ready and un patient to have a dinner since they are in a heave hungry. Ha ha ha..
In 25 minutes I am ready for dinner.
We are walking in the dark to Sandy Bay. Lucky me, I am always brought my mini light in my hand bang. I ask my family walking in front of me, while I directing the light in front of them as a guidance, so they can watch the way in the light.
The restaurant located about 400 meters from our bungalow, we can see the lights of the Dream Beach Club Restaurant. It’s located in the beach. Named Sandy Bay. This restaurant has a splash pool as well which located in the seaside. In front of the pool are the beach with white sand and If we see around there is only sea and the horizon with some time the light of plane in the sky passing the island.


We greet by the young lady the staff of restaurant with white color of uniform. She asking how many people of us. I explain that we are 7 people and she then host us to have a table in the middle of the area near to the beach side.
A few second latter, a young lady seem like a Hispanic came over us and welcoming. She is a pretty women and seem a warm chic and energy women. She ask me where come from and how long will be in the island. I introduce myself and my family and asking where she from. She said, she is from Uruguay and her name is Patricia. After forward the menu list, she left us to welcoming and serve another guests.
I ask her what is the special of the day in the resto and said their Chicken steak very popular and in a high demand. The special is the chicken steak with homemade sweet potato. Sound delicious. I am interesting. After forward the menu list, she left us to welcoming and serve another guests. I check the menu list and looking for the price. The price seem reasonable almost with same price like in Kuta, Jimbaran or Sanur. But, I will now after had the food and feel the taste of the food. Let’s wait…!

I ask my sister and her family to choose the menu, while I order Chicken steak with homemade sweet potato, while my wife order regular chicken steak, while my daughter my sister daughter order Gordon blue chicken t. My sister and her husband only order fried noodle with seafood.
The restaurant seem very busy and most of the guests are foreigner. Only us a local tourist. He he he. It is good for us to having a food in this kind of restaurant.
The restaurant is on the sand with the wood table and chairs just like Seafood grilled café’s in Jimbaran. The roof made from alang-alang and there also a tent with roof made from canvas fabric in white color. The ambience are good and homey for us. The staff are helpful and warm.


After awaiting for about half an hour, our order came. Chicken steak set up in the wood plat with a handler, the ingredient is mixed vegetable salad with thousand island dressing, and the interesting one is the homemade sweet potato stick in red terracotta color like charrot. The portion quantity is big enough for me. I take one stick of the potato and bit it. Hmmm It’s yummy…! The taste like a regular potato’s but a slight different.
After all of the orders completed, we had our meals while talking about the restaurant and the food we had. My daughter and my wife also take a stick of the sweet potato and the loves the taste. I tried the taste of the Gordon blue chicken steak and the taste almost the same like what we had in Denpasar. The taste of salad also not so different like what we had in Denpasar.


Finally we finish our dinner at 21.30 and we happy and satisfied with the food and the services we experience in this restaurant. We back to the bungalow by walk and arrived on 2150. Since there is no television and other entertainment equipment in the room, we are go to the bed and sleep well.


We woke up early in the morning. It is 5.30 in Lembongan Island. I open the curtain and look around, and the whether seem a slight cloudy. The grey in the sky, but the whether felt good.
I came out from the room and sit on the long chairs in the poolside. Just relax and enjoy the whether. A few minutes after, my wife also woke up. I invite her to sightseeing to the beach to watching the sunrise, look around and enjoying the view and panorama of the Dream Bach. I take the motorbike and move to Dream Beach in a hurry, and see many people already there, most of them are busy with their camera, and there are a couple taking the picture. Seem they make pre wedding picture near the pandanuous trees.

After a couple minutes, my daughter my young sister and her husband and their child also join with me to sightseeing. They take a pictures in many location. Mostly in the rock with the sea background.
We playing in the beach until 10.50 and back to the bungalow for checkout process.
We arrived in the DayDream Bungalow by 11.15. I then came to the staff asking for the bill of our rooms. I met the owner of the bungalow. Donna and Lance Wolltmann. They are Australian couple. I give them my feedback about our stay, about the rooms and other things related to the services.
Lance told me that in the future, if I want to stay just give them a call and they will pick up to the beach and arrange the transfer in and out with compliment.
I pay the rooms and after say goodbye we leave the bungalow and will have our lunch in Jungutbatu village to taste the seafood there around.

To be continue…..


Dewa Dwipayana
“da Trooper Bali”
DK 999 YQ

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