Pimp my Hi Roof Black Trooper (part 7 Finish)

Synopsis of the previous posted.

I am inspect the whole body and found that it seem all the surface now is fine and ready to paint, but according to Mr. Dodi, it should be put a putty and check all the surface to make sure that no spot or a slight damage. It is very important to have a best quality result. It could be take another 2 till three weeks to do so.
Please enjoy of reading…

25th weeks 11 May 2014

I visit the workshop and see that the primary black paint are applied on the body, but seem that there is another smooth putty also applied in some spot, because of not good surface still appear.


Mr.Doddy still work on it He use a smooth sand paper to rub the surface to make it smooth, before ready to apply the finishing paint in the oven machine.
He inform me that need another few days to finish rub the surface before ready by finishing paint. I just inspect the whole body area and left the workshop at 17.00 to home.
I wish that it will finish within a week. There is still some work awaiting to do on this da Trooper, i.e. the cabin interior as the former one seem so ugly and very dirty.
And after, it must check also the wire installation i.e. power windows cable, head lamp, sign lighting and another cable which must restoration
I left the workshop at 17.30 to home.


26th weeks 18 May 2014,

I just arrived in the workshop when my da trooper out from the oven. I saw it in the mirror and it seem so shining. I am happy to saw it. But seem it is still on the work as there is a worker still rub the frame of the body . And I ask what he did. He inform that he rub the frame before repaint it.
Ah ya, I understand that the frame also will be repaint to make it clean and shine.
I ask him to clean up also the shock absorber from the dirty and the dust which spotting the shock breaker body.
The rim also are now release and break down of part by part. The rim consist of two pieces the alloy wheel itself and ring bad lock with 16 pieces stainless nuts. The alloy wheel are paint in black, while the bad lock ring are in candy red It was finish repaint now. And waiting to build after the paint are dry and strong.


27th weeks 25 May 2014,

After a week, I visit the workshop and found that the body and the alloy rim are now fixed on it’s place and also the windows are now fixed.
The work pending now is to fixing the Air Condition and its installation, after they fixed the Air Condition Installation, the next work is to recondition the seats, the roof trim, the floor mats and the door trim.
I discussed with the owner and he ask me where I prefer to rebuild the interior, I inform and ask to send my da trooper to the interior work near my home, where I usually fixing the interior and the seats of my previous car.
After give the order to the owner regarding to the interior work to the owner of the workshop, I left and home.
And on the next day evening I visit the interior workshop to discuss about the interior I dreaming of and make a synthetic leather and the color combination, and the model of the stretch, I am home.
It would be take about ten days to finish the interior of my da trooper.


Week 29th weeks, 8 June 2014

I’ve been called by the interior workshop to check the detail as the interior already finish and need to check the things.
So I came to the workshop and check all the things of the interior and so far I am happy with the result.
The vehicle then send again to the body work workshop to quality check polishing the whole body and before send to my home. It need a few days to finish the process.


30th weeks, 15 June 2014

I visit the workshop and found that the bumper still on process repainting as there is some point is in bad finishing. So I ask to repaint to make it better.
I also ask to general check before send it to my home.
On 19 June 2014, I’ve been inform by my wife that my da trooper have been home and she said that she things there is missing, but she could not understand what is that.
Then in the evening, when I am home, I inspect all the things and found that the air scope and the snorkel are not installed.
So in the morning the day after I ask my wife to send the vehicle to the workshop again and ask the workshop to install those two things. He he he. Then my da Trooper completed rebuilt.


It was need 30 weeks to rebuilt my da Trooper. But I have to test drive and assure that every things are alright, before driving for the near event coming.
That is the story of Pimp my da Trooper.
Hopefully this story will worth and help you or anyone to learn before rebuild or restoring the vehicle.


The time to test drive my da Trooper to know what is still missing on it. Step by step must improve performance, especially the engine performance, and another small small things, which I can not predict what is it.

I thanking you to your support and feed back about the story of this project.


Dewa Dwipayana

DK 999 YQ

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