Pimp my Hi-Roof Black Trooper project ( part 3)

Hello all of da Trooper Bali my beloved netters….
How are you today…? Hopefully every things ar OK with you and your family too.
I will continue to share about the development of the Pimp my da Trooper project. Just enjoy the story.
New flat metal for the

The seven weeks, 28 December 2013.

As usual, I still intent to visit the work shop every Saturday noon to inspect and monitoring the development of the Pimp my Trooper project.
Since lately the whether not so good as almost hard rain every day, the technician could not work as fast as usual, I notify that the progress of the work was not much significantly progress.

New Water line of the roof

But the water line of the right side are now finish and ready for foxy primary paint, but must be brushing by sand paper before painting. According to the service consultant, to remake and welding of the water line might be take another a week to finish. After finish with water line, it must inspect all of the panel part to find if there is any hidden porous rusted part. It is to make sure that no porous part are miss to remake and change the metal. This is very important to keep the body long life and avoid porous by rust quickly.
New water line of the front roof

The frame of the front glass is also just finish to remake, as it is some point are also porous, and the pillar A both side are also just finish to remake. I notice that it ready to fitting before paint by anti rust foxy primary paint.
I inspect to all of the part, including to the engine room, especially the firewall and found that there is a porous in the corner of the engine room left and right both side in the end of the spark board of the wheel and as well the hub of the fire wall and the spark board. Event only a little spot, but I insist asked to the mechanic to cut the rusted plat and changes it with the new one to stop the rust beating the body. The position of the rusted part are in the difficult side, so it is take time to remake it to fit it in the right position and keep the surface as like the originally.

New water line of the left side
As the mechanic is an expert guy who is already been work as a mechanic specialist in the body part and welded a car, he really keep his work result in the best quality and keep the body as like originally, even he must spent a lot of time to build it. So I am very happy with him as he also often ask my opinion if there is any doubt related to the things he done.
He also inspect that the inside water line which is hidden by the wind in let, which is in the front of the glass window are also porous by the rust, seem this is the small hole where the water coming from during the heavy hard rain, so it must be fixed and must cut the porous part and change with the new plat. So Mr. Demung cut the outer cover to inspect the inner water line and yes, after the outer cover cut off, we can see that the inside water line where the water must be run and out from the side of the above of the front wheel are porous by the rust. Mr. Demung cut them and remake with the new plat to close those small hole. As usual, he paint the new plat and the inside of the water line by the antirust paint, and after it quiet dry then close the hole and welded those part closed and to make it waterproof.
Porous in the inside of the water line

This happen to the both side, left and right. Mr. Demung really rally make me quiet amazing as he knew very well the part side of the vehicle where is usually porous by the rust, he keep check every side where is potentially damage. Even in the hidden side. I am really really happy with his work and effort. And must give him an award after he finish with the body remake project. The project still need about another 12 weeks, to finish.

And now will inspect also the frame of the body and I hope that there is no porous or any damage on it.
Seem that almost all of the panel are now finish to remake and just awaiting for brushing the new part before primary paint. But I again ask the consultant to re-inspect all of the part to make sure that all of the panel are clean from the porous.
Damage of the inside water line

So after finished with the original body, Mr. Demung the body welded specialist will concern to build a new over fender as I wants to change the old over fender and make the new one with a slight modification. The old one was with Buckwasher model with L nuts around, and now with the new one without a nuts around and also will seem more bold then before as the old fender quiet round and opal, and the new one now with the angle with a bit sharp and pointy.
Frame of the front over fender

Actually I am not sure how will be it seem, but in my sketch it seem bold and strong. But do not know yet in the real after applied in the body of the da Trooper. Hopefully will be at least look like in the sketch. He he he…
I will inspect again next week before finalized and finishing, so if there is any doubt I still have a time to modify to a proper model and seem much better and glorious.

To be continued

See you next….!


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