Pimp my Hi-Roof Black Trooper project (part 5)

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I am back again to meet you to share my project. Just read and enjoy…

Ten weeks, 15 February 2014.

As usual post office hours, I drove my Freeca II Mitsubishi or in Indonesia well known as a Mitsubishi Kuda with 4D56 diesel engine to the workshop to see the progress of my babe da Trooper. I start from Nusa Dua by 14.35 Bali Time, but un fortunately the traffic a long the road from Jimbaran to Denpasar jam hold me too long on the road. Normally take abut 45 minute to Denpasar from Nusa Dua, but this time take almost 2 hour.

Creating rear end
Creating rear end

Finally I arrive at workshop by 16.50 Bali time and the workshop ready to close. But as a loyal costumer, I can entry the workshop and just have a look my trooper. Seem not so many progress from last week. It’s only fitting the rear end and that’s it. But luckily, MR. Eko the mechanic still not went out. He greet me and said that he must fixing another car since the owner of the car will bring the car to Java. He apologize for the delaying. But I said never mind as I must understanding that he also must follow his boss direction after me.

Fitting Foot Step and fender
Fitting Foot Step and fender

We discuss about the rear end and the fender and also the remake of the footstep. Use the previous foot step, but must modify a little bit to make it match and harmonize with the front fender and the rear end of the vehicle.
After discussed the model of the foot step and the rear end, I left the workshop at 17.14 Bali time in a hurry as I must be in my home village due to my wife must open her aerobic class by 18.00

Fitting Foot Step
Fitting Foot Step

Eleven weeks, 22 February 2014.
By 12.15 I’ve been on the way to the workshop as I bit early home from the office as I take a permit to home earlier than usually. So I am arrive at the workshop by 13.20 Bali time and go straight away to the hangar of the welded to see the develop of the project.
I realized that the front fender and the rear end almost finish, but Mr. Eko still check the detail of the harmonization of the body kit in order to make it perfectly fit and good looking on the vehicle.

Fitting Foot Step and fender
Fitting Foot Step and fender

I watch the mechanic cutting the new plat to make the part of the fender. I enjoyed very much watching the mechanic doing the work. So I can observed how the part must cut down and how to fitting and remake the part of the fender.
I back home by 17.15 Bali time as the workshop near to closed.

Twelve week, 1 March 2014.
As usual I arrived in the workshop by 15.00 and inspect the development of the project and knowing that the fender now almost finish. But still fitting the foot step to make it proper and good looking when it bolt on the body of the da trooper.
Need the good mood and patience to make the foot step in order to make the harmonize part overall.
I must appreciate to Mr. Eko the technician for his effort to realized the body kit are fit and built properly on my da trooper. He many do a trail and error to realized what I wants and how it look on the da trooper, and if I think it is not perfect or not good looking, I ask him to put out and remake with another model or design. It’s really take time to build until met what I expected.
But finally the foot step now fit on my da trooper. It make me happy.

Foot Step
Foot Step

Thirteen weeks, 8 March 2014
I inspect the project and realize that, foot step are fit and also the fender are now seem in connection with the footstep, but actually there is still a small things which not make me satisfied, but I could not think what is that. It is around the foot step and the front fender.
But it’s Okay for the moment, as we must to continue to another part to make the progress move on. So the mechanic start with another work which is to modify the front bumper.

Modify Bullbar
Modify Bullbar

Fourteen weeks, 15 March 2014.
Now, the mechanic work with the front bumper as I need to modify a little bit, fitting the Xenon lamp ex All New CRV on the front bumper, remove the turn direction lamp and add the small direction lamp on the right and left side of the end bumper and add on wide of the bumper down about 2 inches and follows to ending in front face of the bumper. So it make the bumper seem more bigger and more tough. He he he.
While the Xenon lamp ex All New CRV are now buried in the end of the front face in left and right of the front bumper. It use as a head lamp or fog lamp. It quiet difficult to fitting and build the house of the Xenon lamp as a very slim space for it position in the front bumper, but Mr. Eko success to made it.

Rear fender construction
Rear fender construction
Fitting new grill
Fitting new grill

Sixteen weeks , 22 March 2014.
This week I am not visit the workshop as I am away from the town to Yogyakarta to gathering with some of friends from Java and Bali which held in Grand Aston Jl. Urip Sumoharjo, Yogyakarta for three days. I miss the work of the project.

To be continue…

Dewa Dwipayana
da Trooper Bali

Selamat Hari Raya Nyepi, 31 Maret 2014

Dewa "da Trooper Bali"

Kami atas nama redaksi “da Trooper Bali” mengucapkan Selamat Hari Raya Nyepi Tahu Baru Caka 1936, 31 Maret 2014.

Semoga Ida Hyang Widhi / Tuhan Yang Maha Kuasa selalu melindungi dunia beserta isinya dan semua mahluk di didunia diberkati dan mendapatkan rahmatNYA. Astungkara dunia akan selalu damai.

Kami mohon maaf jika ada kesalahan baik yang disengaja ataupun yang tidak disengaja
dalam penulisan kata-kata yang mungkin kurang berkenan di haati para pembaca semua.
Semoga kedepannya “da Trooper Bali” semakin baik dan memberikan manfaat bagi sahabat semua dan masyarakat pada umumnya. Astungkara.

Selamat Hari Raya Nyepi
Selamat Hari Raya Nyepi

Dewa Dwipayana
“da Trooper Bali”

Pimp my Hi-Roof Black Trooper project ( part 4)

Hallo all of my beloved friends who love to join in this web. I am back again to continue sharing pimp my da trooper. Please enjoy…!

Eight weeks, 1 February 2014.

I visit the work shop at 15.15 Bali time, but quiet surprising as there is no development at all. And the owner of the workshop greet me and inform that Mr. Demung the mechanic who work on my da Trooper is absent since last Monday as his mother being hospitalized, and telling me that he have been replace by Mr. Eko, the lovely man who I discuss at the first and asked his opinion about the condition and the plan of the over fender I wish.


I straight away came to the hangar where my da Trooper placed I meet Mr. Eko still measuring the wide of the fender. He greet me when I closer to the da Trooper. He inform me that he has appointing to continue the project replacing Mr. Demung as he still keeping his mother in hospital. But by joke he also telling me that Mr. Demung could not continue to build the over fender as he does not have an idea, although I always discuss and give the direction what I wants on the fender. But it’s okay, as now I can develop my idea and realizing on Mr.Eko hands as he seem so enthusiasm to build the fender as he also very much interesting on how will my da trooper look upon the fender finish and fit on it’s body.


Mr. Eko now measuring the wide fender and the wide of it’s molded. According to him this is the difficulties work to build a fender. To make it fit and looks great. So he will work and finish on the one side till the end of the rear bumper to make it nice looking. And for sure will do try and error until we see it nice and perfect.


The rear fenders are now already find the size and the design and it’s fit on the body, and now to finishing to be more perfect and seem smooth before coating by primary anti rust paint. Mr. Eko finishing the rear fender smooth and very diligent.
After rear fenders finish, he will build the rear end bumper fender and replaced the original one. It is will face the rear of the da trooper more wide and big because of the wide body.


Nine weeks, 8 February 2014.
Rear fenders now finish. Mr. Eko now start with the rear end bumper to measuring the plat and designing the model of the side rear end. We discus about the molded on the bumper, it will be good or not if the molded go around the bumper till the end on the side beside the fender. I still not so sure that it will be nice looking if the molded go through the side rear end bumper. Meaning the molded will be ended on back side only. While the side beside the fender will be without molded, but again I also not so sure will be nice looking or not.

But in my mind, the bumper and the fender and also the side body molded will be finishing by the rough texture paint or like a plastic surface. But again I am still quiet doubt. Anyway, finally I decided to wait after all of the fender finish to built. And we will concentrate with the finishing after all the welded process are finish and start with the finishing process.
I left the workshop by 4.14 pm Bali time as I must go to home village as usual.

To be continued.

Dewa Dwipayana

Attribute to Bang Gamal Pasha Lampung – Bali

Dear sahabat da Trooper Bali dimanapun berada,

Hari Jum’at malam, tanggal 31 Januari 2014 kami menemui Istri almarhum sahabat kita, saudara kita bang Gamal Pasha, mbak Dewi yang ditemani putri pertamanya Dea Rosadea beberapa saudara dekat dari Lampung berlibur di Bali.Kami bertemu di Intansari Café, Jimbaran dimana pertama kali kami makan bersama Bang Gamal, Mbak Dewi dan Afif.

Pertemuan teakhir dgn Bang Gamal di Rosovivo. Cafe th 2012.
Pertemuan terakhir dgn Bang Gamal di Rosovivo. Cafe, Kuta th 2012.

Dewa dan Bang Gamal Pasha

Selama di Bali mbak Dewi dan Dea ditemani oleh kerabat dekatnya di Bali, Pak Vidi dan keluarga.
Setelah bang Gamal Pasha berpulang, praktis mbak Dewi jarang bepergian dan berkunjung ke Bali. Inilah kunjungan pertamanya ke Bali setelah kepergian Bang Gamal pada tanggal 15 Februari 2013 lalu.

Desak, mbak Dewi, Dewinta, Dea, DewaBerpose sejenak setelah makan malam bersamaDewi-Dea-di-Jimbaran
Di Intansari Cafe Jimbaran

Terimakasih Mbak Dewi dan Dea atas kesediaannya menemui kami, semoga Bang Gamal bebahagia di alam sana, karena tali silaturahmi kita tetap terjalin erat walau jarang bisa berkomunikasi intents karena kesibukan masing-masing.
Semoga persaudaraan dan kekerabatan kita tetap kekal selamanya. Amin.

Salam dari kami di Bali,


Dewa, Desak dan Dewinta.

Pimp my Hi-Roof Black Trooper project ( part 3)

Hello all of da Trooper Bali my beloved netters….
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I will continue to share about the development of the Pimp my da Trooper project. Just enjoy the story.
New flat metal for the

The seven weeks, 28 December 2013.

As usual, I still intent to visit the work shop every Saturday noon to inspect and monitoring the development of the Pimp my Trooper project.
Since lately the whether not so good as almost hard rain every day, the technician could not work as fast as usual, I notify that the progress of the work was not much significantly progress.

New Water line of the roof

But the water line of the right side are now finish and ready for foxy primary paint, but must be brushing by sand paper before painting. According to the service consultant, to remake and welding of the water line might be take another a week to finish. After finish with water line, it must inspect all of the panel part to find if there is any hidden porous rusted part. It is to make sure that no porous part are miss to remake and change the metal. This is very important to keep the body long life and avoid porous by rust quickly.
New water line of the front roof

The frame of the front glass is also just finish to remake, as it is some point are also porous, and the pillar A both side are also just finish to remake. I notice that it ready to fitting before paint by anti rust foxy primary paint.
I inspect to all of the part, including to the engine room, especially the firewall and found that there is a porous in the corner of the engine room left and right both side in the end of the spark board of the wheel and as well the hub of the fire wall and the spark board. Event only a little spot, but I insist asked to the mechanic to cut the rusted plat and changes it with the new one to stop the rust beating the body. The position of the rusted part are in the difficult side, so it is take time to remake it to fit it in the right position and keep the surface as like the originally.

New water line of the left side
As the mechanic is an expert guy who is already been work as a mechanic specialist in the body part and welded a car, he really keep his work result in the best quality and keep the body as like originally, even he must spent a lot of time to build it. So I am very happy with him as he also often ask my opinion if there is any doubt related to the things he done.
He also inspect that the inside water line which is hidden by the wind in let, which is in the front of the glass window are also porous by the rust, seem this is the small hole where the water coming from during the heavy hard rain, so it must be fixed and must cut the porous part and change with the new plat. So Mr. Demung cut the outer cover to inspect the inner water line and yes, after the outer cover cut off, we can see that the inside water line where the water must be run and out from the side of the above of the front wheel are porous by the rust. Mr. Demung cut them and remake with the new plat to close those small hole. As usual, he paint the new plat and the inside of the water line by the antirust paint, and after it quiet dry then close the hole and welded those part closed and to make it waterproof.
Porous in the inside of the water line

This happen to the both side, left and right. Mr. Demung really rally make me quiet amazing as he knew very well the part side of the vehicle where is usually porous by the rust, he keep check every side where is potentially damage. Even in the hidden side. I am really really happy with his work and effort. And must give him an award after he finish with the body remake project. The project still need about another 12 weeks, to finish.

And now will inspect also the frame of the body and I hope that there is no porous or any damage on it.
Seem that almost all of the panel are now finish to remake and just awaiting for brushing the new part before primary paint. But I again ask the consultant to re-inspect all of the part to make sure that all of the panel are clean from the porous.
Damage of the inside water line

So after finished with the original body, Mr. Demung the body welded specialist will concern to build a new over fender as I wants to change the old over fender and make the new one with a slight modification. The old one was with Buckwasher model with L nuts around, and now with the new one without a nuts around and also will seem more bold then before as the old fender quiet round and opal, and the new one now with the angle with a bit sharp and pointy.
Frame of the front over fender

Actually I am not sure how will be it seem, but in my sketch it seem bold and strong. But do not know yet in the real after applied in the body of the da Trooper. Hopefully will be at least look like in the sketch. He he he…
I will inspect again next week before finalized and finishing, so if there is any doubt I still have a time to modify to a proper model and seem much better and glorious.

To be continued

See you next….!