Pimp my Hi-Roof Black Trooper project ( part 1)

Dear all of “da Trooper Bali” friends… After quiet long thinking and of course saving money for the project, finally my babe Hi-Roof Black Trooper went to the body and paint repair work shop just close to my home in Denpasar.

My Black Trooper
My Black Trooper

And the restoration begins .

Actually I’ve plan to repair my babe two years ago, since there is a few spot in the corner of the front door left – right are porous by the rust and the aged. As well on the roof water line, almost 25% of it are porous and seem must cut and replace it with the new flat metal, otherwise it would be rusted again in the short time.

In Tanjung Papuma
In Tanjung Papuma

So prior, I discuss with the mechanic and ask his opinion about it and he told me that it would be more safe that the water line of the roof must replacing the flat metal to make sure that the rust will not porous by rust faster.

I drive my Hi-Roof-Black-Trooper to the body and paint work shop on 15 October 2013 to show the condition and ask his opinion and discuss it with the owner of the workshop about the condition and he ask me to wait for a few days to check all the damages to make the calculate the estimation cost and time frame.

Before left the workshop, I also asked the estimation of the working days to finalize the project, so I can make a plan what to do and make a preparation as well compiling all the details might be needed to make over onto my babe Hi-Roof-Black-Trooper. The work estimated about 16 weeks for body work and another one wee for the interior work. Finish about 16 weeks or four months. Plan to change the rubber of the front cabin glass as it seem not so perfect, especially always a leaking during a hard rain.


And I have bought the rubber glass holder a year ago. After got the receipt of the work order copy, I left the work shop and promise will visit the work shop every Saturday noon to monitor the development and the progress.

On the first week Saturday noon,

I visit the work shop and found that the interior part as like sound system, all of the seat the floor carpets, the door trim and the ceiling trim are now removed, so I can re-inspect the inner of the vehicle, the flat of the floor where I can see that the deck of the leg room of the front passenger is porous by the rust a little bit and made a hold which is I remain the water coming from, wetting and spotting the floor carpet and left the bad smell after all.

The exterior are also now removed. The bumper of replica ARB with the T-Max EW-12500 and the DLA spot lamp is also now released from the vehicle, where I can see the disappear part like the cross member of the body, and luckily seem there is no rusted on it part. I spent my time to discuss with the mechanic about what the development is and what I expecting to do on my babe Trooper. I left the work shop at 17.00 as the work shop is closed by 4.00 earlier due to a short time of work for Saturday.

The second weeks Saturday noon,

When I visit I see the right doors front and rear already cut and took the entire rusted flat replaced with the new flat metal. I check the result of the work of the welding and seem perfected and no bias welded along the new flat. The good welding very important to have a best finishing detail. Till this work, I am very satisfied. The doors are also precisely firm on it position, especially the wide of the space between the pillar and the doors. It is precisely firm. I also discussed with the mechanic about some detail to have a best result of the welding.

The difficulty raise are to replace the side deck of the floor, as it is with double flat and in addition, very difficult to make it as same and precision as it was. The mechanic is experienced and works as a welder over than 20 years. Since then, he make part by part of the new flat, measured the size of the part precisely and fitting it on its position. Before welded on its position the new flat are painted with the rust protection paint to hamper the rust eaten the flat quickly.

I am happy with work result of the mechanic.

Check the folds of the new flat of the doors are also perfect; seem as like the original part. And got a bad news that all the over fender could not use again as rusted and porous and must make a new. It must will an additional cost involved. He he he…

In the jungle during theadventure tour
In the jungle during theadventure tour

On the third week Saturday noon,

I visit the workshop and found that all of the right side are now cleaned from the old paint till the flat surface appears. So I can inspect the condition of the flat, and it seem there is spot torn on the front right door, which I recognize when my son hit by the truck on October 2010 during our trip to the home town in Tabanan regency.

It was welded and repaints that time, but I am not satisfied with the result as the position of the door not precisely firm on it positions, especially the space with the pillar B. And now the mechanic set the position and makes it precise and firm on it position. I am glad to know it. In this week, the mechanic still work to make the right side of the deck floor, which is the difficulties part to make it. So he work so diligent and slowly to measure, fitting and measure again and again until the part is firm and precisely fit on it position. It takes more time then to make the doors which are wider than the side wall deck. I am awaiting the mechanic to work just to wants to know how to do it and how difficult he works to.. I left the workshop at 17.00 o’clock back home ask I must go to visit and stay in my home village in Tabanan regency.

On the fourth week Saturday noon,

I visit the work shop straight away from the work office and found there is some progress and it is the back door are just released, both of the wide door and the small unique door are just make up. This door is also rusted. It is almost all along the bottom part of the both are rusted, and must cut the old rusted flat and replace with the new one. It is just working to remove the old paint till the flat surface is appear and must brush to clearance to make the surface clean and smooth. It is also a difficulties part to remake the new flat as there is a difficult folds to make and there is a surface with a small hook for the balloon rubber to keep the door quiet and steady when the vehicle moving. The mechanic doing this part very gently and patience and of course take a long time. I left the work shop at 16.40 as I must back home and prepare to go to home village in Tabanan regency.

Adventure to Baliwoso
Adventure to Baliwoso

To be continued…


Dewa Dwipayana




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