Adventure to the heart of Pengotan village, Bangli regency (part 1)

Dear all of Trooper Indonesia Bali readers, how are you…? Are you OK…? Great…!  I am happy to back again with you after a few time not writing.

I am happy back again to share my experience in adventure tour recently after vacuum for a few months due to there is some problem happens with me and my family and lately my Black Trooper. Probably some of you still remember my last journey with My Black Trooper is to Dieng highland joining the IX Trooper Indonesia Gathering in December 2010.

It’s doesn’t matter as long as all of you are well and happy with your family.  Now, I will share my last journey and adventure to Pengotan village in Bangli residence about sixty (60) kilo meters in the north east from city of Denpasar which can reach within 1 till 2 hour driving the vehicle. Pengotan village as well neighbor of popular tourist destination like Kintamani, Penelokan, Toyabungkah the vulcaninc Mounth Batur as well the Trunyan ancient heritage village with their Baliage tradition where the people not buried or cremate the bodies.

My journey adventure to Pengotan village have been on my agenda for just refresh my family, especially for my beloved daughter who are now still in high school first grade. I want her to learn and study about the classic ancient life of people in order wishing her to be more open mind to see how the life to be, and how we must treat the people who not lucky live in the city as like in the deep inside of isolation places.

Anyway, before sharing the journey experience, firstly I would like to telling you how is the plan to adventure to Pengotan Village come up. Here is the story.

Actually although I am original Balinese, I haven’t knew exactly where is the Pengotan village, even long time a go, I ‘ve been stay for certain days in Tembuku, Susut village in Bangli resident, where is also nearby from Pengotan village, but never heard about this village. Perhaps because of my interest not so hard effort to know. Hah hah…..

I just heard Pengotan village from the originate people who call me over the phone some day. He just asking one question. Which quite made me wondering. It was 7 February 2011 daytime. My mobile ringing with song from UB40 Chery Chery babe. hah hah.

I pick up the phone and listening the voices over there as follows :

“Are you Mr. Dewa the former owner of the Hi Roof Silver Trooper with license no. DK 869 YO?” Asked a male voice on the phone.

With surprising me, I said;  “ Yes it was my Trooper formerly. What’s wrong..? “  I replied.

With glad voices he then introduce himself.

“My name is Ketut Suarno. My nick name is Nang Gatot “ He continued with laughing.

“Your Silver Trooper now belong to mine”. “ I bought it a few months ago.” she said with glad voices.

“How do you know my number…?” I asked him in wondering.

 “Well, Pak Dewa, I am a field manager in Baliwoso outbound and camping ground places in Pengotan village, Bangli.” He then explain himself completely.

“I got your number from one of our visitor, named Pak Gamal, who stay with us a few month ago and informing me that you are the contact person of the Trooper Community in Bali. Aren’t you..? He asked me again.

“Ah yes Pak Ketut. Bang Gamal is one of my friend. He is more than friend for me.“ I explain him in detail.

 He then laughing. And continued that he have been advise over the phone by Bang Gamal to call me and introduce himself and suggest to join with the Trooper community. And after a few phone conversation, many time Pak Ketut invite me and family to sightseeing to Baliwoso just for refreshing or rendevou. But since I am quiet busy and still has own home project in home village and must in charge every week to check the development, the invitation could not be adhered although I wants it to be there for refreshing.

Day by day, week by week and month pasting so fast, and I still does not have a good time to do my journey to Baliwoso, until beginning of April 2012, my daughter screaming to me and asking when will we do a journey to Baliwoso and I just said end of April to stop her screaming. But unfortunately, my wife has so many activities to do and she could not escape from it. And again I must re scheduling the plan and become more far from the reality. Oh God. It is so difficult to refresh, I say to my self.

Until 8 May 2012, I said to my daughter and my wife that we will go sightseeing to Baliwoso for refreshing on the next Sunday of 13 May 2012. Just ourselves. My wife and my daughter Dewinta.

Four days before the journey, simply I share my plan to some friends of KTI Bali or Bali Trooper Community and invite them to join if they wants. And surprising me that some friends then respond and enthusiast to join. There is 3 friends and family with 3 vehicle going to join on that time. It could be a great fun with some friends, I think.

And I then call Pak Ketut Suarno to inform my plan and ask him if he able to host us to visit Bali Woso on that time. He said OK. And going to host us and arrange the trek of adventure tour to enjo. He confirm that the schedule is on 13 May 2012. And we then prepare for the journey.

But, the day after, some friends call me and propose to delay the journey until the next week or on 20 May 2012 as they and family really want to join, but have some works that cannot wait to do this week.  I than once again invite them and make sure if they really wants to join and asked to list how many person will join as Pak Ketut wants to know how many person will join in order to enable prepare a meals for coffee break and the lunch, to avoid the problem of the meals less or too much.

Once again then I call Pak Ketut and explain the situation and ask his approval to reschedule the tour and luckily he approved with pleasant. And now the time to prepare our vehicle and ourselves too. I always remind all of the friends who definite to joint tomake sure whethe they still insist to go or not. Just to make sue how many vehicle will go on.

I personally almost un patient to go to Pengotan as it was my pleasure to do the adventure with my Black Trooper after long time not do so.

( to be continued )

Please follow this story, as you will know how lovely the  adventure is…






Dewa Dwipayana


DK 999 YQ


  1. Can’t wait to see the 2nd part.
    Thanks a lot for giving me chance to drive the legendary Black Trooper. I can feel true power of 4ZD1 engine through offroad track. Sorry for the dent. 😀
    Yes, Pengotan and BaliWoso is a marvelous place. I’m enjoying Bali within that last touring.

    1. Hah hah hah.

      Thanks Mas Dhika for your comments. IT is good for me to know the capapbility of Mr. Black after the accident a few month ago. Thanks as well for your help driving Mr. Black so in the future I know which part must be take care and to be up grade.

      Also need your advise how to up grade the powe and capability of Mr. Black to a better perromance and eficiency.

      Thansk again for acompanying me on the tour.

      With my best regards,

      Dewa & Mr. Black.

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