Adventure to the heart of Pengotan village, Bangli regency (part 3)

Hi my beloved friends…  How are you today..?

Hope I finds you well.  I am back again to continue the story of our last adventure to Pengotan, Bangli regency. Please enjoy….!

Last synopsys :

We start from the meeting point at 8.45 WITA by normal cruise following Jl. Cok Agung Trisna, Jalan Puputan, Jalan Hang Tuah, and entering Jalan By Pass I Gusti Ngurah Rai Padang Galak, U turn to Jalan Ida Bagus Mantra, Ketewel and will use the regular route to the east side of Gianyar City thru Tulikup village.

I am pretty happy to realized that so far the trip are in order as like what we plan.

Now about the route.

This is the first touring of KTI Bali after a few months. I personally very happy that this journey can be a real one as I am not pretty sure that this plan can be real due to most of the members are busy with their own activities or with their family. I really really happy with this journey.

Driving on the way...







We are still in Jalan By Pass Tohpati – Nusa Dua, when my mobile rang. It was from Pak Ketut Suarno of Baliwoso. He asking do we have move on to Pengotan?

“Selamat pagi Pak Dewa. Where is the position of the convoy this time…?” He asks me.

“Selamat pagi Pak Ketut. Thank you for your phone call. We are on the way and still in Jalan By Pass I Gusti Ngurah Rai and will turn to Jl. Ida Bagus Mantra, Ketewel.” I said over the phone.

“Ach OK. Just follow the main road and find direction to Tulikup village after the cross road of Pantai Saba.” He said again.

“Please come to my home first. We stop over in my home and had a coffee break before continue the journey”. He mentions.

“Ok. Pak Ketut. It could be will reach your home in an hour”. I said while I still controlling the steering wheel to fix in the right trek forward.

We driving with normal cruise to avoid any accident as the road quiet crowded.

We are now entering Jalan Ida Bagus Mantra which is the ending of the Denpasar city against Gianyar regency. Jalan Ida Bagus Mantra is built to make a short cut to Gianyar, Klungkung and Karangasem regency. Thru this way we may each Klungkung or Semarapura and the last east of Bali Island regency Karangasem faster. Almost 2 hours faster than if we must go thru the regular main road. Before this road built, we must go thru Gianyar city which is a smaller wide road than this road. The name of Professor Ida Bagus Mantra taken from the name of the second Governor of Bali.

Host by Pak Ketut Suarno aka nang Gatot

Along of this road, now a days is become a center of the stone carved and  furniture antique and some other goods for the Balinese art. Even now also there is plenty of the traditional “warong “ which serve the fish grilled and “fish satay” called “sate languan” with serve in hot spicy taste. We can try it later on just to experience. Hah hah.

Back to the journey, we are now entering the road to the Tulikup village, which is the short cut to Bangli regency. The digital clock in the console box displayed 9.15 Bali time, while take to another half an hour to reach Pengotan village. We will stop to Pak Ketut Suarno home as he invite just now.

Coffee break with pure black balinese coffee and fries sweet potato


We continue driving passing the Tulikup village and entering the Taman Bangli in the normal cruise about 60 kilometers per hour in speed. And in a few minutes we entering the capitol of Bangli regency, and start to slowly because of the activities of the people. We just passing the hospital and continuing the driving out of the city and start entering the Kubu village. We expecting will reach Pengotan village in the next 25 minutes.

To avoid miss direction, I call Pak Ketut Suarno and explaining that we just passing Kubu village and ask his opinion.

“ Pak Ketut we are now in Kubu village. Please advise me how long will reach your home and what is the signage of your home.” I asked hm.

“Well Pak Dewa. Just follow the main road. It is closed now. It is only about 10 kilometers a head. You will find the gasoline station in your left side. That is the Pengotan village”. He said again.

“Just continue a head. I will ask my staff to waiting in front of my home area. There is a Daihatsu Taft park in front of my home and one of my staff waiting for your there.” He said again.

“Ah, OK Pak Ketut. It is great…” I replied.

I then inform to all the members thru the radio communication about the clue and to have a look in front on the left side.

The adventure start from here....

In about 10 minuet, finally we found the gasoline in our left side and we then slowly driving and yes about 2 kilometers after the Gasoline Station we then see the Taft Jeep parking in the left side of the main road, and one guy raise his hand from the jeep and give us a sign to turn and entering the yard of the house. Finally we reach Pak Ketut home at 9.37 Bali time.

Start in1000 meters above the sea level and increasing...

After parking our vehicle we then jump out of the car and Pak Ketut Suarno welcoming us and we shaking hands and entering the home. The home is in a natural as like most people village has, with a wide yard some building. There is a kitchen building in the south side, the main building  of the beds room in the east side and in the north is a building call “bale daje” mostly use to host the guests. There also a antique building with in our forefather use to safe the paddy called “jineng “ or “klumpu” or “lumbung” in bahasa.

Pak Ketut and his staff and relative escort us to “bale daje”. And in few minutes we have been preparing a hot original Balinese coffee and two plate of Balinese French fries” Hah hah hah, It is the fries sweet potato taken from Pak Ketut Suarno field. It was planted in organic. There is none chemical used for every plantation in Pengotan.

Host by Pak Ketut Suarno aka nang Gatot

We enjoy the sweet potato as taste so sweet nice. Companying with hot Balinese black coffee is delicious and make us more fresh with spirit., while we discuss and talking about our trip from Denpasar to Pengotan.

We quickly had the coffee and the fries sweet potato as we must a hurry the adventure tour as we plan to have a lunch in Baliwoso camping site at 13.00 Bali time.

We take some picture in here and prepare to the journey. I suggest a ladies and the children to the rest room to avoid stop in the forest to find the rest room.

Before start, I ask Andhika to take my seat to drive my Black Trooper as I need his opinion about the engine, the suspension and the torsion in order to make a list of what must improve later on.

By 9.53 Bali time we start move from Pak Ketut Suarno to the trek and realized we must back trek to the Gasoline Station and start the journey from the pathways nearby. Apparently, the pathways seem declining and surrounding by the cabbage and the tangerine field. We driving slowly to keep it on the trek as well to maintain the distance among the vehicle.

Entering the forest


Pak Ketut Suarno staff lead in front of us riding Kawasaki D-Tracker as a pathfinder and a companying by one guy as a photographer and cameraman to filming the journey.

So far so good and every things are run smoothly as like what we plan earlier. We keep rolling and communicate each other on the 2 meter band radio communication.

The surround seem very interesting fresh and greeny as the green green grass and green trees everywhere. We keep rolling while I take a picture by my mobile and SLR to memorize the journey.

In front of me is Pak Rumpika with his Grey Trooper powered by C223 standard. He bring all of his family, wife, and 2 children and 1 infant. Back from this journey he will continue to visit his family in other village of Bangli regency in Sulahan, about a few kilometers from Pengotan. He very enthusiast join to this trip.  

The trek

While, following in my back, is Putu Andy with his Series Long Land Rover green army with the original engine. I am quiet wondering when in the main road, his Landy run so fast and seem so powerful and I just thought that it have been swap the engine by 4JB1T or others.

Deep inside of the forest

While on the last is Pak Agung with his FJ40 Red Maroon. Not worries with FJ40 a legendary Land Cruiser. He drives pretty cool and climbs the trek easily. He he he…

We have been drive for about half an hour in the trek. So far the trek is a dust and a bit wet, then with a coral mixed the sand and in other part only the wet grass with the dew on it.

Suddenly, Pak Ketut stop his Silver Hi Roof Trooper which is make all of us stop and watch what is going on. I jump out of the Trooper and walk to reach him, but he only need to check whether all the members are safe.  He he he..

The grass..

After almost 1 and half an hour, we out from the forest and entering the asphalt with surrounding by the corn field and see Pak Ketut stop his Hi Roof Silver Trooper and following by Yande with his Hi Roof  Black Trooper. While 3 Taft of Pak Ketut staff seem already been parking there.

Stop over in the corn field for coffee break







We stop the car and jump out and come to Pak Ketut. He smile and approaching me and said :

“Lets take a rest and coffee break in this cottage.” He said.

“This is my brother field.” “We take a coffee break and a steam sweet corn prepared by my brother.” He said. 

We stop and take a coffee and steam corn to refresh.

Coffee break with steam corn in the field

We enjoy a steam corn and a coffee for refresehment. Thanks for the coffee break Pak Ketut. We enjoy it very much yuor courtessy and the sweet corn. It is really really amazing day we have.

Every body are happy enjoying the coffee break








(to be continued)



Dewa Dipayana



Adventure to the heart of Pengotan village, Bangli regency (part 2)

Hi all of my beloved da Trooper Indonesia friends. How are you today…? Hope every things are well with you.

I am back again to continue the story of the adventure to the heart of Pengotan village in Bangli regency.

Last synopsis  :

But, the day after, some friends call me and propose to delay the journey until the next week or on 20 May 2012 as he and family really want to join, but have some works that cannot wait to do this week.  I than once again invite them and make sure if they really wants to join and asked to list how many person will join as Pak Ketut wants to know how many person will join in order to enable prepare a meals for coffee break and the lunch, to avoid the problem of the meals less or too much.

Once again then I call Pak Ketut and explain the situation and ask his approval to reschedule the tour and luckily he approved with pleasant. And now the time to prepare our vehicle and ourselves too.

I personally almost un patient to go to Pengotan as it was my pleasure to do the adventure with my Black Trooper after long time not do so.

About Pengotan village.

Pengotan village is one of the ancient old original Balinese village call “Bali Aga”. The village placed very closed with Kintamani and still in the same area with popular active volcanic mountain in Bali, Mount Batur. The situation is about 900 to 1100 meters above the sea level, hence make the weather pretty cold nice which is about 23 to 26 degrees in the day time and will significantly drop till 16 to 19 degrees at the night and will make a wet of the grass and the trees trunk when the morning has broken.

It is not difficult to find the village, it’s only driving for about 1 to 2 hours to reaches. There is two route we can choice. The first route is the regular route thru the east side of Gianyar City. While the other route is thru the famous art village thru Ubud where we stop over to buy some things of the handycraft.

Pengotan village population with about 700 people with most of them are a farmer. They planting cabbage, tangerine, carrot, sweet potatos, green bean and some of other plantation.

Pengotan village pretty good to visit especially for the people who love to learn the traditional original Balinese culture. Pengotan people are originate Balinese. Meaning, they are not came from Java during the Majapahit Royal Kingdom. They are pure Balinese. Pengotan village a holy priest leader who assign  because she or he has a special power and knowledge about the supra natural where the people belief their leader will help to communicate with their gods and goddess in order to keep them secure and give them all the things needed in their life. Their leader is really a special wise person and has a good talent to get in touch with the god and goddess who can arrange the structure of principle of life for the people of Pengotan village to keep their village safely.

In the structure of the principle of life of Pengotan people, there is a unique tradition and culture which could not be found in other places or village. There is the Mass Wedding Ceremony which could be join about 40 to 70 wedding couple blessing during the wedding ceremony. There is also the “mass cremation for the people of Pengotan. The ceremony will held twice a year according to the Balinese calendar. According to Pak Ketut Suarno or famous called as Nang Gatot who also one of the village organizer, the Mass Wedding ceremony ritual will held within March to April every year, while the Mass Cremation will held within February every year in accordance with the Balinese calendar. But the exact date are not mandatory. That’s way not all of the visitor has a chance to watch the ceremony, but nevertheless the Pengotan still interesting to visit. He he he…

Okay, that is the story of the Pengotan village. Now back to our journey.

After fixing the plan and arrange all the things, I send short message to all friends who wants to join and ask their commitment not to cancel or inform me in advance if there is any changes of the members.

And yes on 11 May 2012 I records that there is 6 Trooper, 1 Chevy Luv 4 X 4 and 2 land Rover Series long on the list, with about 23 pax including 17 adults and 6 children. Me with my Black Trooper DK 999 YQ powered by 4ZD1 standard, still wearing old tire R15/7.5″ Rim with  Achilles Desert Hawk in 60% condition occupying by my self as a navigator, Andhika as pilot, my wife Ditta in the center raw seat.  An then Pak Komang Artayasa with his Blue LWB Trooper 3 doors powered by 4JB1T powerful engine acompanying by his brother and his 2 children, Yande Suartika with his Hi Roof Black Trooper with license DK 777 CL powered by 4ZD1 standard using 15R with 30” tire BS/MT in good condition above then 80% condition, Gusti Made Rumpika with his Grey LWB 5 doors powered by C223 standard wearing R15 BS A/T new tire let say still 95% because change a few before bring all of his family, wife and 3 children, Putu Andy with his Landy long with gasoline engine standard bring his family, wife and 3 children also 1 adult of his relative and Pak Agung a friend of Putu Andy with hard Top 79 with engine swap to diesel from Toyota Dyna accompanying by his relative. While 3 members, Bli Gde Roda, Pak Murya and Pak Ketut Uban could not join because they have work which could not wait to do. So there will be 6 vehicle going to join adventure to Pengotan village Bangli regency this morning.

As discuss earlier, the meeting point is in gasoline station in Jl. Cok Agung Tresna, nearby the TVRI Bali station and we prepare to be there by 7.30 WITA.

While I and my wife stay in my “kampong village” since last night has get up by 5.30 am WITA as we must do an offering to our family temple in our forefather house before leaving to Denpasar.

I get up early in the morning and get a shower after my wife finish and get ready at 6.00 WITA. I have prepare my Black Trooper since yesterday noon and checked  the engine bay to make sure everythings are alright. Check the water coolant, the deep stick engine oil, liquid of the battery and seem every things are OK. I start the engine and let it warming up in it’s garage while I preparing the logistic to carry on for the trip.

By 6.05 WITA we leave my home village and moving to our forefather house nearby to praying as today is the holly day for Hindu. Just take about 20 minutes, we than move on to Denpasar. From my kampong in Sam Sam village in Tabanan regency take time about 45 minutes if no traffic jam. My kampong placed in main road of Denpasar – Gilimanuk which is the only road to and from Denpasar to Java. I quiet afraid that the road will crowded and traffic jam by the trucks full loaded which usually will cause move very slow and makes the traffic jam on this road. It is often happen especially a long on the road nearby my village.

By 6.30 WITA. I ‘ve been in Jalan By Pass Kediri – Pesiapan and facing a traffic jam because of there is a big truck loaded a heavy items move very slowly and causing the other vehicle must quieting on it’s back including me. I try to passing but, from the opposite there is big bus also want to passing the other vehicle and make me must get back and quieting again. It’s really really stagg finally as the trucks in front of me seem facing a problem with the loaded as it seem it is over loaded and it move become more slowly now because of the inclining road.

Suddenly my mobile rang, but for short message sign. I pick up the hand set and watching the display and  it was from Andhika, stating that he is on the way to Renon.

I still driving in a normal cruise when the mobile ringing again. I pick up the hand set and it was from Pak Komang Arthayasa asking where is the meeting point, as there is no body in Gasoline Station that we mention earlier. I just inform that it could be most of the friends still on the way and suggest to waiting for a while, and inform that I am also on the way and take about another 10 minutes to arrive there.

I flash look at the digital clock in console box which is already been shown 7.45 WITA while we still in Tabanan regency and need another 18 kilometers to ward to reach Jalan Cok Agung Tresna in Renon, Denpasar. Just after facing the traffic light in Kediri to Tanah Lot, I can passing the truck and could push the pedal more fast.

Luckily in Kapal village and in Beringkit traditional market the road not really crowded as usual, so I can driving more faster to catch the time to be arrive in Renon in time.

Suddenly my mobile ringing gain and it was from Yande Suartika asking where is the meeting point exactly as he felt he was late. On that time I already been in Jalan Cok Agung Tresna about a few seconds from the meeting points.

Pak Putu Andy also call me informing that he start slowly ahead as need to buy some foods for the children in the near mart in front.He joining by Pak Agung with his Red Maroon FJ 40.

By 8.27 WITA I arrive at the meeting point and drop to the gasoline station to fill the fuel tank fully. And Yande follow me to fill the fuel tank. Upon fully the fuel tank, I ask my wife to line up with the friends who already waiting while I need to visit a rest room.It seem there is Pak Komang Artayasa Trooper, Pak Rumpika already been park there.

We start from the meeting point at 8.45 WITA by normal cruise following Jl. Cok Agung Trisna, Jalan Puputan, Jalan Hang Tuah, and entering Jalan By Pass I Gusti Ngurah Rai Padang Galak, U turn to Jalan Ida Bagus Mantra, Ketewel and will use the regular route to the east side of Gianyar City thru Tulikup village.

I am pretty happy to realized that so far the trip are in order as like what we plan.

(to be continue)

please visit this web as the story will continue….


Dewa Dwipayana


Adventure to the heart of Pengotan village, Bangli regency (part 1)

Dear all of Trooper Indonesia Bali readers, how are you…? Are you OK…? Great…!  I am happy to back again with you after a few time not writing.

I am happy back again to share my experience in adventure tour recently after vacuum for a few months due to there is some problem happens with me and my family and lately my Black Trooper. Probably some of you still remember my last journey with My Black Trooper is to Dieng highland joining the IX Trooper Indonesia Gathering in December 2010.

It’s doesn’t matter as long as all of you are well and happy with your family.  Now, I will share my last journey and adventure to Pengotan village in Bangli residence about sixty (60) kilo meters in the north east from city of Denpasar which can reach within 1 till 2 hour driving the vehicle. Pengotan village as well neighbor of popular tourist destination like Kintamani, Penelokan, Toyabungkah the vulcaninc Mounth Batur as well the Trunyan ancient heritage village with their Baliage tradition where the people not buried or cremate the bodies.

My journey adventure to Pengotan village have been on my agenda for just refresh my family, especially for my beloved daughter who are now still in high school first grade. I want her to learn and study about the classic ancient life of people in order wishing her to be more open mind to see how the life to be, and how we must treat the people who not lucky live in the city as like in the deep inside of isolation places.

Anyway, before sharing the journey experience, firstly I would like to telling you how is the plan to adventure to Pengotan Village come up. Here is the story.

Actually although I am original Balinese, I haven’t knew exactly where is the Pengotan village, even long time a go, I ‘ve been stay for certain days in Tembuku, Susut village in Bangli resident, where is also nearby from Pengotan village, but never heard about this village. Perhaps because of my interest not so hard effort to know. Hah hah…..

I just heard Pengotan village from the originate people who call me over the phone some day. He just asking one question. Which quite made me wondering. It was 7 February 2011 daytime. My mobile ringing with song from UB40 Chery Chery babe. hah hah.

I pick up the phone and listening the voices over there as follows :

“Are you Mr. Dewa the former owner of the Hi Roof Silver Trooper with license no. DK 869 YO?” Asked a male voice on the phone.

With surprising me, I said;  “ Yes it was my Trooper formerly. What’s wrong..? “  I replied.

With glad voices he then introduce himself.

“My name is Ketut Suarno. My nick name is Nang Gatot “ He continued with laughing.

“Your Silver Trooper now belong to mine”. “ I bought it a few months ago.” she said with glad voices.

“How do you know my number…?” I asked him in wondering.

 “Well, Pak Dewa, I am a field manager in Baliwoso outbound and camping ground places in Pengotan village, Bangli.” He then explain himself completely.

“I got your number from one of our visitor, named Pak Gamal, who stay with us a few month ago and informing me that you are the contact person of the Trooper Community in Bali. Aren’t you..? He asked me again.

“Ah yes Pak Ketut. Bang Gamal is one of my friend. He is more than friend for me.“ I explain him in detail.

 He then laughing. And continued that he have been advise over the phone by Bang Gamal to call me and introduce himself and suggest to join with the Trooper community. And after a few phone conversation, many time Pak Ketut invite me and family to sightseeing to Baliwoso just for refreshing or rendevou. But since I am quiet busy and still has own home project in home village and must in charge every week to check the development, the invitation could not be adhered although I wants it to be there for refreshing.

Day by day, week by week and month pasting so fast, and I still does not have a good time to do my journey to Baliwoso, until beginning of April 2012, my daughter screaming to me and asking when will we do a journey to Baliwoso and I just said end of April to stop her screaming. But unfortunately, my wife has so many activities to do and she could not escape from it. And again I must re scheduling the plan and become more far from the reality. Oh God. It is so difficult to refresh, I say to my self.

Until 8 May 2012, I said to my daughter and my wife that we will go sightseeing to Baliwoso for refreshing on the next Sunday of 13 May 2012. Just ourselves. My wife and my daughter Dewinta.

Four days before the journey, simply I share my plan to some friends of KTI Bali or Bali Trooper Community and invite them to join if they wants. And surprising me that some friends then respond and enthusiast to join. There is 3 friends and family with 3 vehicle going to join on that time. It could be a great fun with some friends, I think.

And I then call Pak Ketut Suarno to inform my plan and ask him if he able to host us to visit Bali Woso on that time. He said OK. And going to host us and arrange the trek of adventure tour to enjo. He confirm that the schedule is on 13 May 2012. And we then prepare for the journey.

But, the day after, some friends call me and propose to delay the journey until the next week or on 20 May 2012 as they and family really want to join, but have some works that cannot wait to do this week.  I than once again invite them and make sure if they really wants to join and asked to list how many person will join as Pak Ketut wants to know how many person will join in order to enable prepare a meals for coffee break and the lunch, to avoid the problem of the meals less or too much.

Once again then I call Pak Ketut and explain the situation and ask his approval to reschedule the tour and luckily he approved with pleasant. And now the time to prepare our vehicle and ourselves too. I always remind all of the friends who definite to joint tomake sure whethe they still insist to go or not. Just to make sue how many vehicle will go on.

I personally almost un patient to go to Pengotan as it was my pleasure to do the adventure with my Black Trooper after long time not do so.

( to be continued )

Please follow this story, as you will know how lovely the  adventure is…






Dewa Dwipayana


DK 999 YQ