Gong Xi Fat Chay…!!!

Dear all of da Trooper Indonesia, Bali friends,

I am back again to visit you in this new year 2012, of course with a great hope and wishes.  Today already been three weeks we spent in the new year of 2012, it could be a lot of new experience we’ve got and in the same time a hard work we must doing to achieve our goals in this new year. I believe that all of our firends will have a best oportunity in this new year as it is.

For all of friends who celebrating, Gong Xi Fat Chay…!!  Happy Chinese New Year 2563. Hope this Dragon year will bring us prosperous, a joyfull  peace and happiness.

Once again we would like to say

                          “Gong Xi Fat Chay to all of you……!!!

                                          23 January 2012

Warm regards from al of us in da Trooper Indonesia, Bali








Dewa Dwipayana




  1. Good day, Bli Dewa..!
    My first visit to KTI Bali blogspot in 2012..hehehe. Just checking my link in Blogspot Trooper Indonesia to make sure the link is still work…and it works fine..!!

    Glad to see the other colleague having the similar page to share the same interest in Trooper and stories behind it…

    Have a nice day, then Bli Dewa…hope to see more stories in this blog…..


    1. Ha ha ha.. Godd day mas Yud.

      Terimakasih telah visit mas. Belakangan ini saya agak jarang buka karena kesibukan yang semakin padat. (mbok mestinya semakin bertambahnya umur kesibukan mestinya berkurang ya) jadi saya baru sempat buka seminggu sekali mas.

      Banyak hal yang telah berubah seiring dengan berjalannya waktu, tapi satu hal yang tidak berubah di hati saya adalah sekali KTI tetap KTI mas… He he he he.

      Semoga saya selalu dan tetap bisa konsisten di KTI, walau mungkin tidak se aktif dulu.

      Sekali lagi saya ucapkan terimakasih telah sudi berkunjung ke blog ini mas….

      salam untuk keluarga dan teman-teman KTI semua ya..

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