Dinner with Firman Swiss Mobil in Jimbaran Cafe

Dear KTI Frineds,

How are you today…?  Hope everything are OK with you and your family…

I would like to share to all of you that on 27 February 2011 recently one of our KTI friends from Jakarta spend their holidays in Bali for 3 days 2 nights. He is Mas Firman Iskandar or famously known as a Firman Swiss mobil from Cengkareng. Mas Firman joined KTI Jaya, Jakarta  since a few months a go.

He came with his lovely wife Deswita for holiday.  Seem for repeating their honeymoon in Bali. He he he.

Actually there is no plan for me to meet our friend as I and my lovely wife also on holiday in my kampong in Sam Sam village in Tabanan Residence about 27 kilo meters from city of Denpasar my home town during working time.

As usual during holiday I turn off the alarm and the device to avoid the disturbing by the call during my slept as I want to sleep well and woke up as late as I can. (Gonna be lazy on the bed while watching the television with my wife). I need the really free time for every week for relaxation of my body and soul.

I woke up because of the reminder alarm that on that day 27 February is the birth day of Mas Harmen one of our KTI Friend whoformerlyis the Chairman of KTI National. So in sleepy I turn on the device and soon there is a lot of mail raise on the screen. I open the last mail of  Trooper Indonesia mailing groups and I read that Mas Firman one our KTI friend who I never met before wrote that he just arrive in Bali.

Soon I send him a message welcoming and ask if we can meet in any place in the noon or evening. And I got a reply from him. And after matching the time and the place, finally we agree that we will meet in Jimbaran’ fish grilled name Intansari Cafe, which is I knew they served a good health and delicious fish grill and other sea food grilled. We promise that we will meet there about 17.30 Bali time.

So I prepared my self and ask my wife to be ready at 16.00 Bali time and will drive to Jimbaran’ cafe directly. It takes about an hour and half driving to Jimbaran’ from mykampong.

I then go to bath room, but unfortunately there is no water on the shower. I check the water tank and also no water, I ask my neighbor and get inform that the water installation are stopped due to there is a maintain plumbing from the PDAM / water installation company, so it going to take a whole day to fixed it. Hah hah hah it would be no water for our whole day in kampong and it seem we could not take a shower and cooking.

Knowing this matter, my wife ask to go home to our home town in Denpasar earlier ant take a shower in there before we go to Jimbaran’. So we back home to Denpasar at 13.47 Bali time and arrive in Denpasar home at 14.53 and go to take a shower directly.

My daughter ask me why back home in a hurry and when I explain that we will going to Jimbaran’ Cafe meet a friend of KTI and in a loud voice she want to join us and go to bath room in hurry too.

By 16.37 Bali time we ready to go. I jump to my Black Trooper following by my wife and my daughter and in few minute we already on the way to Jimbaran’, but the road to Jimbaran’ quiet busy and must driving slowly by slowly.

My device beep once and I guess that is the message from Mas Firman and I guess that he and his wife already been in Jimbaran’. I  open the device and yes my guess is 100% right. Mas Firman and his wife already been in Jimbaran and still walking a long the beach while waiting the sun set.

I simply reply and inform that we on the way and will be there in the couple minutes. But unfortunately the road is really really busy and the speed is limited. we rolling about 6 to 10 kilo meters per hour and will late to reach Jimbaran’ about 35 minutes.

By 17.56 Bali time, finally we arrive in Intansari Cafe Jimbaran. I entering the cafe and walking side by side with my wife to the beach and I looking for Mas Firman by my eyes.

The weather quite good bright and the beach as well the cafes are also quiet busy many people walking or just standing in the beach while talking, most of them are foreigner. Many European which I guest a Germany and Italian but in other side also many Japanese and Korean or Taiwanese sat on the chairs while watching the sea wave caressed by the sea breeze.  It’s really really pretty nice noon.

Once I se to the right side, I see Mas Firman wearing green army T-shirt a companying by his lovely wife.

I waved both of my hands to them and only one sight, Mas Firman smile at me and walk approach me and we shaking a hands together.

I introduce my wife and my daughter to him and to his wife.

After talking for awhile, we find the table with has six seats which facing to the beach so we can watch to the beach while talking and having the dinner.


We had our dinner slowly while talking and discuss about every things, about our hobbies, about our experience during work as a hotelier and of course about our Trooper.

By 22.30 Bali time we finish our dinner and left the table when the raining is start.

Tomorrow Mas  Firman and his wife will sight seeing to Tanah Lot and Garuda Wisnu Kencana, and after they plan to goto Sukawati art market.

Bythe reason of exploring bali more easier and faster, Mas Firman and wife rather riding the motocycle. He is right, since the road in Bali especially in Kuta and other part of  Bali tourists destination are very busy and crowded.

That is what I can shared to all of you. Hope this report will be gave all of you a benefit and knowing Mas Firman on his next visit to Bali.

Okay Mas Firman and wife have great holiday in Bali and will refresh your mind after back to Jakarta.

BEst regards to your child and all of your family too.

See you again my friends…





  1. I am just starting out in management media and starting to find out how to do it well – resources like this blog post are very helpful. As our Site is based in the US, it’s all a bit new to us. The reference above is something that I worry about as well, how to show your own real enthusiasm and share to the community.

    1. Hi Bruce,

      Thanks a lot for visiting us.
      I am just a beginer and amateur, but try to do my best.
      please share your comments to improve my knowledges in blogging.

      Best regarsd,


  2. friend – It\’s great to see meaningful info like this on the internet. Many times people are just posting content out on their blogs for the sake of content, but the info here is completely useful and is something that I am willing to put to use. Thanks much!

    1. Hi Bro.

      Thanks a lot for your comment.

      Yes, ti is what I mean by built this blog..
      But feel so difficul to be consistent.. He he he
      But I’ll try it much…

      Have a great day…


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