KTI Bali Host Brunei Darussalam Four Wheel Drive Association Touring in Bali. (part 1)

Hello all of my beloved KTI friends…..

I am back again to you to share and report our last journey around Bali Island. And this time we have some colleagues and their family from Brunei Darussalam our neighbor country. They will spend their holidays for a few days from 14 to 29 December 2007 in Indonesia and they will spend their times in Bali Island to sight seeing around for three days. Of course they drive  their 4 X 4 vehicle such as Toyota Prado, Toyota Land Cruiser, Toyota Hi Lux Tiger and  Nissan Patrol TDI. Total vehicle is 12 of 4 X 4 vehicle, while KTI Bali also bring a few friends who driving their Land Cruiser VX and 1 FJ40 Hard Top beside another two Trooper including me and Pak Wiranto with his Yellow short Trooper, but Pak Wiranto and his family go directly to Kintamani and will waiting us in Lake View Restaurant.

Alright here we go with the story. Please enjoy…..

Two month ago Babe Harry Sanusi who is famous in an adventure off road and known as one of the IOF (Indonesian Offroader  Federation) committee call me to inform that he will have a group from Brunei Darussalam who will trip to Bali and riding their own 4 X 4 vehicle and need may advise about the accommodation with certain budget and also the schedule and the route and the itinerary during in Bali. They plan to touring in Bali is probably in December about 22 to 26 December 2007. According to Babe Harry it would be good if we can bring them to sight seeing to Kintamani and have a lunch in Lake View Restaurant as what we had when we held a Trooper Indonesia Gathering VI Bali in the end of the year 2006.      

Due to this request, I and a few friend of KTI Bali than discuss about this issue and we start to prepare our self in order to fulfill this request.

I by my self start to observe the room rate which is fit for the budget that they have. As we all knew in month of December almost all of the hotel is in high demand for accommodations and to avoid a problem of the accommodations we have to make a book to the hotel in advance and paid for deposit to secure the rooms. After searching to a few hotels that is possible to fit for the budget, finally we assigned the hotel which fit with the budget in Palm Beach Hotel In Jl. Wana Segara,Kuta close with Risata Resort, and ex Holiday Inn..

Again I report to Babe Harry Sanusi about the rate of the rooms and advise him that we have to block the room and must paid for one night deposit to secure the rooms. And Babe Harry is agree with the condition with offer with the Palm Beach Hotel. I also asked Babe Harry to check thru the website of the hotel to compare the room and the rate that they offer in order to find the fit and the best price that we can get. The publish price of the Superior room from this hotel about IDR.650.000,- plus 21% Tax & service will be become of IDR.786.500,-  I try to negotiate the price with the hotel but the best price that we can get only with the 25 % off.  So we have to find another way to get the better price which is less than IDR.400.000,-  I try to bargaining with the hotel, but it is so tough to get it. After long bargaining and long argue and use my empower in my duty and ask one of my friend who have  Tours & Travel Agent, finally we could get the best price a little bit below than IDR.400.000,- I than report to Babe Harry about the last condition and he agree to block the room and pay for one deposit of the three night that they will plan.

Upon agree by Babe Harry Sanusi about the room rate that we get, he than transfer me the funds for block the room for one night. I by my self then go to the hotel and pay a one night deposit to secure the rooms. So  the rooms is secure now. And I start to prepare another things to make every things are OK.

I than find the quotation and find the price for the buffet lunch in Lake View Restaurant in Kintamani. Since we have a lunch for our group during Trooper Indonesia Gathering VI in December 2006, this time we can have a best price which is IDR, 45.000,- nett per pax while the publish rate is IDR.60.000,- plus 21% Tax & service become IDR.71.200,- per pax. I soon make a reservation for this group to secure the lunch as well.

I make a list to take a note that every thing are well managed in order to make every step and moment are well done.

I still have to prepare one thing. The itinerary of the trip and the time schedule of every place that we will visit to control the time that we will spend in every places that we visit. I than make a draft and send it to Babe Harry for his approval and knowledge.

While we still have to prepare our self and our vehicle to make sure that we are health and fit and our Trooper is also in the best performance.

After every things are in order I feel so confidence and just waiting for the day of the even is coming.

After waiting for a few weeks, the time is come. Babe Harry call me that the convoy is move on it’s way to Bali. They start from Brunei on 17 December 2007 to Pontianak and will be cross the sea to Java. But they will shipping their vehicle by container, while the passenger will be fly by air flight to Java. Babe Harry told me to prepare and monitor every things that may needs later on. I agree and convince him about that.

If every things is in order the convoy will be entering Bali Island on 22 December evening about 3 or 5 o’clock pm, so they will have a good time to see the sunset in front of the Hotel beach. I pray for them for their safety and their plan will in order and nothings happen during their way to Bali.

On 23 December 2007 Pak Rudy the assistant of Babe Harry call me that due to any problem with one  of the vehicle of the participant they must postpone their arrival in Bali for one day. They suppose to be arrives in Bali on 23 December 2007, but due to the problem of one vehicle they must stay for a few hours to fixing the vehicle before they continue their journey.

In consequent of those case, I must contact to the hotel and inform about the  postpone check in for the next day due to those problem. It is quiet tough to negotiate again with the hotel due to they asking a one night postpone fee. After quiet long argue finally the hotel agree not to charge for one night postpone fee. Thanks God for HIS kindness in this case.

On 22 December 2007morning I call Babe Harry to his celuller asking where are  they are now and get inform that they just arrive in Bromo and will stay for one night to see the Sunrise from the top of the Bromo caldera.  

He inform me that they probably will get down from the mountain in the middle of the day and will take about 6 to 7 hour driving to Bali. If assume the road not too busy and there is no technical problem with any vehicle of the participant.  But I quiet doubt about the time that taken from Bromo to Bali. My feeling says that they will delay the time arrival in Bali.

On 23 December 2007  at 13.35 Bali time I call babe Harry asking their last position and get inform that they just down from the mountain and move to Bali. He predict that they will cross the Bali strait by 6.30 pm and will arrive in Palm Beach Hotel about 9.30 pm Bali time. So I call my friend who arrange the accommodation in Palm Beach Hotel to make sure  that the rooms are secure and fit for the participants.

Until 9.30 pm we still have no call or any information about the participant from Babe Harry. I call to his mobile, but he not picking up the handset. So I do my plan to going out to find some goods for my family needs. I went to Tiara Dewata super market until it’s closed about 9.45 pm.

On  10.14 pm I call Babe Harry to check their last position. On the phone Babe Harry inform me that there is one vehicle now having a problem with the bearing of the front left  wheel. The convoy stop in Probolinggo to fixing up and change the bearing. Babe Harry also ask me not to wait the convoy as he predict that they will delay to Bali about 5 hour. I count the hours to Bali and predict that the fast they will reach Bali by 5 am early in the morning. While waiting their arrival,  I just lying on the sofa to wait the minutes coming by slowly, and finally I get slept without my knowing.

I woke up at 7.30 am in the morning with surprise since last night I plan to wait and will meet the convoy in Ubung Station and will host them to Palm Beach Hotel in Kuta, but my plan is gone as I got sleep without knowing my self.

I hand my mobile and dial Babe Harry mobile phone quickly.  And a lady voice heard from the phone. She is Siska. Babe Harry’s secretary.

“Good morning Dewa.” We just arrive and checked in to the hotel at  5.30 early in the morning. And almost all of the participant still slept since they are quiet tired after long journey from Probolinggo East Java without a rest as we must caught the schedule to Lake View Restaurant in Kintamani .”  She explain to me without my request.

“OK no problem. I just quiet worry about the participant if they got accident on the way.” I said.  “Just let them to sleep for a few hour to recovery them self. Probably we will depart from Denpasar to Kintamani about 11.30 am Bali time.” I continued.  “It is OK for you?” I asked her.

“Oh it would be OK Dewa.” She replied.

“I will cal you by 11.20 WITA Bali time to make sure that you and the participant will be alright.” I said over the phone.

“OK”  See you soon.” I replied and put my mobile phone on it’s case.

The rain quiet hard falling. And I am quiet doubt whether we could see the panorama of Penelokan and Mount Batur caldera  and it’s rock stone  from the Lake View Restaurant due to the hard fog surrounding the space.

I prepare my self to be ready at 10.00 Bali time.

While my friend who wants to join us to go to Kintamani call me over the Radio Communication in dial 146.500 Mhz.asking me where is my last position. They are Ibu Dian with her husband and child beside Pak Dede with his daughter.

They keep calling me over the radio. We ready to go. I and my wife Ditta and my daughter Dewinta ride my Trooper to Kuta.

I call to Babe Harry mobile phone to check whether they are moving and make a deal the meeting point. “Yes Dewa.” He picking up the phone. “ Where are you now.?’ He asking.

“I am in Imambonjol street. Move to Kuta.” I replied.” “May we meet in the east of the Simpang Siur Statue?” I ask Babe Harry. 

“Oh OK. “ Said Babe Harry.  “But we still awaiting some members that still not down yet from their rooms. Just wait for a few minutes.” He inform me.

It’s alright. I will waiting in the east of the Simpang Siur Statue, in the left side of the street. “ I explain.

The rain fall more hard and hard now. I see the digital clock in console box. The time display already been 11.35 WITA. All  three of us feeling hungry since this morning we could not had our breakfast due to the time run so fast.. My daughter Dewinta keep calling me to find a good place to have a lunch. I drive my Black Trooper slowly and keep watching if there is a pub to have a lunch.

“Stop dad.” There is a. pub for lunch.” Suddenly my daughter speak loudly and appointing her finger to one pub named “Warung  Ibu Mega”. It is about 200 meters in the east of Simpang Siur. But we past the pub already for a few meter.  I than swift the knob of the transmission to “R” and move back ward and directing my Black Trooper and park it in front of “Warung Ibu Mega” The rain still fall so hard. I open the lock of the door and ask my wife to go inside of the Warung Ibu Mega with my daughter Dewinta and I follows after they take a sit in front row table set.

The pub not so big. It is about 20 meter square space. With 5 table set with four and six chairs in each table.. I see around and notice of the furniture and the decoration that it’s has on it. On the right side, there is display rack for fast food ready menu, There is a big cup of Jack fruit soup, a medium plate of  Indonesian fried chicken, a cup of spinach soup, a medium plate of fried green bean, a big plate of soy bean a medium plate of fried spicy hot tuna, a medium plate of beef with hot and spicy cooked, a plate of soy bean and always not forget the spicy “sambal.”

I ask my wife to make a quick order since we must take our lunch in a hurry to catch up the time. I take a medium plate of  white rice one piece of fried chicken, a few of a jack fruit soup, a little of fried green bean and sambal. We order three glass of sweet hot tea .

I  ask my wife and my daughter to had our lunch quickly. So we had our lunch within 14 minutes. After pay our lunch for Rp.28.000,- for three we got on to the Trooper and I switch on the radio to call Babe Harry and the convoy from Brunei Darussalam.

I call Babe Harry by mobile phone and asking do they move already.

“Yes . We just move Dewa.” Now tell me the way to go to Simpang Siur.”  He asking me again.

“Can we talk over the radio communication ” I asked him.

“Oh OK. It’s will be fine.” He replied. “We are using the frequency of KTI Jakarta. It is in 147.750 Mhz.” He explain me.

“OK I will programming my radio and insert those frequency on it’s memory.” I replied and start to make a frequency. I look at my Icom IC2100 which mounted in the dashboard. I see the display monitor and start enter the number 147.750 Mhz and press the key of the MR to keep this frequency in the memory.

After the frequency install in it’s memory of my Icom IC2100, I call Babe Harry thru the radio.

“CQ CQ CQ. Babe Harry do you copy me..? Over…?!?” I call Babe Harry thru the radio.

“Coming Dewa.” I copy you.” “But please tell me the way to Simpang Siur.” He asking me about the way that they must to follow to my position.

“Alright Be.” I replied over the radio.

“ I will guide you to Simpang Siur now.  From Palm Beach Hotel, you may go to the direction of By Pass Sanur.” I speak slowly on the radio. “Just out from the Palm Beach turn to the left from the palm Beach Hotel and follow the main road. On the “T” junction, you take to the right side to follow the straight way. After a few meter you will find another “T” junction. You take to the straight away as well. You will entering the Jl. Kediri street. You just follows this street till you find another “T” junction with a traffic light. In this “T” junction you should turn to the right.” I speak quiet loud since the rain even more hard now.

The rain now falling down like crazy. It is really really hard rain. I drive my Black Trooper slowly due to the rain very hard and our vision only about 2 or 4 meter onwards. All are white and the washer glass could not cover to waive the water in the front glasses of my Trooper.  It is very heavy to waive the rain water from the front windows of my Trooper. Even I switch to the high speed washer. I try to find the side of the street which is fit for some big vehicle with it’s big wheels. So I slow down my Trooper and stop when I see a quiet long space along the street, while I keep speaking over the radio with Babe Harry to guide them come to my position.

“Dewa are you monitor…?” I heard Babe Harry call me over the radio.

“Yes Be. Please go a head. Where is your position now.?” I replied.

 “We just turn left on the “T” junction with traffic light in front of the Statue near the way to airport.” He said.

“OK. You are in the right track.”  I said. “You just passing the Statue of  Brigjen I Gusti Ngurah Rai. The heroes from Carangsari residence who is died in Puputan Margarana battle during the independent war in the year of 1945.” I explain to him over the radio.

“Now you just follow the main road, go a head do not turn any where.”  I explain once again.

“OK copy that.”  He replied.

“In the turn cross of the Statue of big Bima you turn right. This turn cross called Simpang Siur, because to many ways surround it which are will make the road user are confuse and make the traffic quiet confusing. Simpang Siur means confuse for every things. Perhaps.” I explain in detail.

“OK. copy that.” He replied again.

“We are already been in the turn and turn right now, but one ”kereta” still on the trap by the traffic light.” One participant sounding.

“OK. Just slow down, I am only a few meters in front of you. Just see the Black Hi-Roof Trooper with car license no. DK999YQ with flashing the hazard.” I explain again.

While waiting the convoy, I switch the memory of the radio to 145.000 Mhz, where my friend still awaiting me in Jl. Ida Bagus Mantra, High Way who will join us to convoy.

Ibu Dian, Pak Made and Dede are still waiting us. I inform them to switch the frequency to 147.750 Mhz to join us.

“Pak Made are you copy me..?” I call him over the radio.

 “Yes’ I copy you and stand by. Over.” He replied.

 “Pak Dede are you copy me here..? I call also Pak Dede to join.

“OK. I copy. Stand by.” Over.” He replied.

 “Dewa are you monitor…?” Babe Harry call me on the radio.

“Yes Be. Where are you now…?”  I asked.

No answer. But I see there is a light of the car in our back slow down their ways. I see more focus and I see Babe Harry jump out of the silver vehicle and walk to me under the rain. The vehicle seem so amazing. I try to see more detail and I know it is Toyota Hi Lux, Tiger. Seem so great and strong.

I also soon jump out of the Trooper and come  closed  to Babe Harry. Who is wet by the rain.   We shake hands and ask about our condition.

“How are you Dewa…? Sorry we are not in schedule. We have some problem with the vehicle. Even my car left in Surabaya, due to the ball join are broken and must wait the parts from Kuala Lumpur now.” He explain to me.

“OK Be. No problem. So now are we go direct to Kintamani to have a lunch or we will stop over in some places that interesting…?” I asked.

 “No. No. all of us are hungry now, because you know last night we check in to the hotel at 5.45 WITA early in the morning and no restaurants are open on that time. While this morning, we are get up very late to catch the breakfast time. So I think we will go directly to Lake View Restaurant for having lunch, and we will talking about the plan to go while we are lunch.” He said.

“OK Be. Lets go. I bring my 4 X 4 friends who awaiting us in By Pass Professor Ida Bagus Mantra now. So lets go and I will be leader at the moment. Please follow me.” I said and we jump onto the vehicle and start to move to the east.

“OK ladies and gentlemen, please follow the Black Trooper with license no triple 9. He is Dewa the Leader of Komunitas Trooper Indonesia, Bali. He will lead us to Kintamani. Lets move.” Babe Harry instruct to the participant and we move to the east. To Kintamani.

The rain still continue even more hard than before. The time in my Trooper display at 11.44 am WITA or Bali time.

While driving, I contact to Pak Made and Pak Dede and inform them that we are already on the move to By Pass Professor Ida Bagus Mantra where they are awaiting for us.

I speed my Trooper up to 70 km per hour to catch up the lunch time. Driving in the rain time some time quiet comfortable as the cabin will be feel quiet nice cold and make us not felling tired quickly, but in the same time must take an extra careful since the road will be slippery and our vision is also limited due to the fog of the water close our vision.

Like what we facing now, the road seem so white because of the fog and our journey to Kintamani still far away and will take about 2 hours driving.  We keep contact each others over the radio to keep our convoy fit and in the proper line. We will had our lunch about 13.55 WITA. Quiet late actually.

On 11.58 am WITA we finally get close with Pak Made, Bu Dian. Pak Nyoman in their Grey  Land Cruiser and Pak Dede with his Dark Grey FJ40 Hard Top.

I call them and inform that we already been close to them and asked them to move an lead the convoy.

“Pak Made Are you copy me…? I am in the back of you about 50 meters. Please move slowly and lead the convoy.” I asked them over the radio.

 “Yes I copy you. Do we will stop over in Goa Gajah…? Pak Dede asked me.”

 “No, no, no. We just straight away to Lake View Restaurant in Kintamani to have a lunch as almost all of us are in a heavy hungry.” I explain to Pak Dede, while I drive the Trooper more fast as they start to speed their own vehicle faster.

“OK than. Alright. We will speed for about 70 km per hour.” He replied.

By 12.19 am WITA we passing in Sukawati art market and stag by slowly due to there is so many tourist foreign and domestic looking for souvenirs. There is a lot of big busses and private cars are parked a long the way of the street, which is make a traffic jam.

“This is  Sukawati art market where we can find a souvenir or a handicraft for your relatives or neighbor.” I explain to the participant over the radio.

 “OK. Copy that.” One participant comment over the radio too.

We move very slowly due to the busy traffic and many vehicle passing by.
To be continue.

Please visit our site continuesly. I will post many journey report.




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