KTI Bali Host Brunei Darussalam Four Wheel Drive Association Touring in Bali. (Part 5) Finish

The last synopsys :

“Hey look at that house. It is in our right side. There is a house with a head bird.”

He said.

Yes there is a house with built like a big heard bird. It is a giant bird which is trying to out from the big box. The idea is quiet creative.

“Do we need to take a picture for it..? “ I asked the convoy.

Okay no need to stop. Just keep it rolling. But in slowdown. We can take a picture of it without stop.” Some one responding to me.

Here is the full story :

“Alright than.” I said.  “Okay then Pak Dede, we keep rolling but please slowdown.” I order to Pak Dede who is in the front line as a leader.

“Pak Dewa and our friends from Brunei. Do you copy me…? Please tell me your position right now.” Pak Adi from Mentari Restaurant calling over the radio.

“Yes Pak Adi.  I copy you. Currently we already passing Batunya village.” I said.

“Oke ” He replied.

“Thank you Pak Adi.” Sorry for being late.” As you knew we facing a fog all over the way to Kintamani.” I said.

“No problem at all Pak.” He replied again.

The day get starting to dark and in addition the cloud also make the light of the sun could not reach the earth.

We start feeling cold as we are now already about 1.475 meters above the sea it is about 18 degree Celcius which is quiet cold for us.

I see the digital clock in the console box of my Black Trooper. It is already 6.15 pm and we still moving to following the small road and will be end to the main road of  Denpasar to Singaraja.

“Please turn right on the front of “T” junction. We will entering Mentari Restaurant in the next 5 minutes.” I explain to all of the participants.

We following the main road slowly as the decline road to the lake side of the Beratan Lake.  And in about 5 minutes we finally entering Mentari Restauant.

Pak Adi the staff of Mentari Restaurant welcoming us. We shake hands together and host the participant to have a coffee break.

The menu of coffee break are Coffee or tea, young sweet corn with steam, Balinese black pourage with sweet coconut milk, fried banana and season fruit like watermelon, papaya, honey melon.

Since the whether quiet cold now, the coffee break really taste delicious after the long journey from Plaga village under the light rain.

All of the participants enjoyed the coffee break. We enjoy the coffee break while we chit chat about the road and the moment that we passing during the trip.

After the light coffee break, we will continue the trip back to Palm Beach Hotel Kuta, and probably will arrive in the hotel about 9.30 pm.

“Dewa where is the nearest gasoline station in here…? “ Babe Harry Sanusi ask me  suddenly.

“Oh ya. The nearest is in a head about 500 meters from here.”  “But there is also another gasoline station along the way to Denpasar. We will find, one, two, three station the nearest about 1 or 2 kilometers from here in the south where we will passing them by.” I explain to Babe Harry more detail.

“Alright then.” Let me check with the participant vehicle. So they can prepare and will filling their tank in full. There is four vehicle that need to refilling their tank.” He said.

At 7.45 pm Bali time, finally we move from Mentari Restaurant to Palm Beach Hotel in Kuta after we say thank you and good bye to Pak Adi the staff of Mentari Restaurant.

The light rain starting again when we start moving. I start the engine and starting  to move when I see Pak Wiranto open his engine hood, so I stop and jump out of the da Trooper to know what happen with the engine of the short Yellow Trooper of Pak Wranto, while the engine fell more hard now.

“What happen Pak .” I asked .

“Not really problem Oak, but there is one “skunt” cable connection for the Starter dynamo are broken.” He explain.

“How hard it is Pak . May I see.”  I asked and take the “skunt”. Yes the skunt aer broken and it is difficult to fit the “skunt” to the terminal power of the dynamo starter. It is cause there is no power electricity to the dynamo and it mean we could not start the engine.

“Pak Wiranto may we have to open the clip of the “skunt” and clip the cable on it for emergency. I think we could do it just for this night. But tomorrow please visit your technician and ask to change the “skunt” immediately.” I said.

“Yes. I will Pak Dewa.” He said.

“We than work together to open the clip of the “skunt” and clip the inner of the cable in it carfully and press the clip to hold tight the inner of the cable.

After we fit the “skunt” to the terminal connection of the dynamo starter, I ask Pak Wiranto to start the engine. And yes. It is work.

The rain even more hard right now. And all of us soon jump onto the da Trooper. We start slowly to the south.

 “Pak Dede monitor….” I call Pak  Dede the convoy leader to knowing their last position since they move about 15 minutes in advance from us.

“Go a head….” He replied.

“Where is your position now over…”? I asked again.

We are already been in the gasoline station. It is the second station from Mentari Restaurant as the first stations is has no stock for diesel.” He explain once again.

“It is about 6 km from Mentari Restaurant.” He explain once again.

”How is Pak Wiranto da Trooper…? It is Okay..?” he asked again.

 “Oh yeach. It is okay. But tomorrow he must change the “skunt” to avoid the same problem in the future. “ I explain.

“Alright then…  So we can move directly to Kuta after all of the vehicle are refilling their own tank.” I said.

“Okay….” He replied me.

The rain fall more hard now. I jump onto the da Trooper and lying on the head rest bucket to refresh my self.

The time shown 7.45 pm Bali time.  Quiet late too.

It is need about 1 to 2 hours to reach Palm Beach in Kuta if we moving in the rain like now.

Almost on 8 pm Bali time we start moving to Palm Beach in Kuta. We just following the regular road, pasing Luwus Village, Perean Vilage, Mekarsari village, Mengwi, Kapal and we turn right in Abianbase village will bring us to the short cut of Kuta, passing by Krobokan, Seminyak, North Legian and we will out in the “T” junction in North Legian to the left since it is forbidden to go straight in those “T” junction so we turn left and then to Jalan Legian and finally we entering the Jalan Wana Segara and entering the Palm Beach otel to take a rest for another day activity tomorrow.

OK my friends that’s all of our story for the journey hosting our friends from Brunei Darussalam tour de Bali.

Please stay tune with us coz we will came again with another good story for all of you.

Bye now.

Please visit this site everytime….. COz we will always write you an interesting story. 




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