KTI Bali Host Brunei Darussalam Four Wheel Drive Association Touring in Bali. (part 3 )

Last sysnopsys :

“Pak Dewa, where we have to park our cars.?” He asked me again.

 “Please lead us to the Lake View Restaurant parking area.” I replied to Pak Dede.

“But I pass the Lake View Restaurant.” He said.

“Okay. You just back ward by slowly and turn to the right.” I asked to Pak Dede once again.

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Everyone please turn to the right  We already arrive in lake View Restaurant.” Please be careful as our vision very limited.” I remind all the participant.

“Pak Dede, please watch us and give a sign to the  people that we will turn to the right.” I asked Pak Dede to help us to give the sign to other people that we will crossing the road to Lake View Restaurant.

“Are everyone has crossing the road and entering the parking lot of restaurant…?” I asked to the member.

“Okay. All the vehicle are in the parking lot now.” One members responding.

The rain still fall but not so hard rain.

I jump out from my da Trooper and walk closely to the Toyota Hi Lux Tiger, where is Babe Harry also  jump out from it.

We shake hand together and walk in rain to other vehicle and say hello to Mr. Haji Ibrahim Nawi Awang Damit and host the participant to entering the main dining room.of restaurant.

Some ladies came to us offering the rings, the necklace, the T-shirts and other items  that they sell. I watching them offering their items to the participant.and  talk to them and get inform that they only sell in consignment. They will get the fee based on the total items that they sold in the daily basis.

The Lake View Restaurant built in the Hill top where we can see around to the mountain and the vegetable plantation like a cabbage, carrots, potatoes, chili, celery, onion and another vegetable plant. And the back ground of the panorama is the rock and black sand with the Batur volcano mountain.

But unfortunately, we could not see those beautiful panorama clearly as the hard fog has closed our vision.

Lake View Restaurant main dining room is quiet big. It has about 200 seat and can be maximize up to 300 seat if needed. It’s also has another wing dining room which is located  in the side of hill terrace.  The seat capacity about 150 to 200 seats with a very beautiful panorama down there.

Pak Wiranto our friend from KTI Bali already been there with his family, the wife and his two boy welcoming us and host us to the table set and a companying us also to get the foods from the food displaying desk.

“You may start from the soup,  salad or direct to the main dishes.” He offer us the meals.

“Thank you Pak.” I said and check the participant to start the lunch. It is quiet late lunch actually as we just arrived to the restaurant at 13.47 Bali time.

As I am hungry too, I than join the participant to had a lunch and take a seat in front of Pak Rudy the staff of Babe Harry, while our friend Pak Nyoman, his wife Ibu Dian and his child, Pak Made and Pak Dede also join us to had a lunch.

The foods is good and has many variety. The vegetable soup, chicken soup, Salad with mixed vegetable, fried chicken, fried rice, white rice, chicken satay with peanuts sauces, tuna and prawn grilled and smoked beef,  Hot snack like spring roll, chicken wings, friend banana, and a season fruit like water melon, papaya, melon and pineapple for the dessert. We also have a coffee or tea for the closing.

The taste is also delicious. In addition due to the rain and a cold whether, we feel hungry and had a meals  much more than regularly.

The participants are seem enjoy the foods very much,  especially for the children, they like the fruit and the fried banana with the fla sauces. It is nice and have a great taste as I feel too.

After having a lunch we still spent the times for a few minutes to chit chat and talking about the trip that we will continue today.

Upon all of the participant get ready, we go  to the parking lot and take a picture together for our documentation. Although the rain still falling to the ground, but all of us are enthusiast to take a picture of us. We change the camera to take the pictures.

By 14.42 Bali time, we move to the north Kintamani to continue our trip to Plaga to see the highest bridge in Petang, Plaga North of Badung  regency.

The fog  still hard and close our vision. Every things seem are white. We moving forward slowly.

We turn left and follow the road to North Kintamani, Sukawana. We follow the main road to the north. Actually the panorama is very beautiful  around there, but since the hard fog covering the area, we could not see the panorama we only could see a part and the close view not a full panorama.

We move to the north in slowly. For safety driving, we turn on the light of the vehicle, and since we move in convoy the people are watching us in wondering.  After a few minutes, we out of the village and start entering the forest in both side of the road, and in a few part we passing the valley with about 10 or more meters deep down from the road. The road now have a “U” and “S” turn and the inclination about 15 to 35 degree beside a hard fog. This condition make us must be careful and concentrate to the road for the safety reason.

“Dewa how long we will take to the bridge.?” Babe Harry asked.

“It is about one and half an hours Be.” I replied.

“Okay. Copy that.” He replied.

We are now passing the field of the orange. Yes the orange field. Where is some plant with it’s young fruit. We moving in the incline “S” turn and. There is a rice field in both side of the road and again a forest.

After almost an hour, the road is getting down and now we are in 1.450 meters above of the sea and will going down again until 1.100 meters in the bridge.

In a few minutes we entering the Plaga village. And the road now still getting down with a eucalyptus trees in both side of the road.

“Attention to the convoy, in our right side is the Boxing Camp of Daniel Bahari. In this camp Chris John the champion of WBF Welter Class has his work out and exercise and spring partner before he depends his title for a few months.” I explain to the participants.

“Okay. Copy that.” One responding from the convoy..

We moving forward in slowly while we see around.

“Hi look at that. “The bridge…!!!?” Shout one of the participant over the radio.

“Yes the bridge…”  We could see it from our windows. The bridge is still about 2 kilometers from our position in the highest position right now. The bridge seem so long combine the Plaga village and Kintamani village.

We still moving and soon we getting closed to the bridge.  And after the “S”: turn we finally arrive in the bridge and we cross the road and park in the right side of the bridge to take picture.

In here the rain just stop. But there is still no sun. The whether feel quiet cold.

We jump out from the vehicle and sight seeing around the bridge. The high of the bridge is about 787 meters from the based of Tukad Bangkung. This high made the bridge is the highest in Indonesia and perhaps in Asia.

We come together and take a picture in the side of the valley with the back ground of the bridge. We discuss about the bridge and every things which related to the bridge, how long it takes to built the bridge,.

We take a picture in a few position.

After have sight seeing around those highest bridge we continue our trip to Candikuning, Bedugul. We will have a coffee break in Mentari Resataurant.

We are now in Plaga village. Plaga village is located in the north side of Badung regency with about 1,470 meters high above the sea. Plaga actually very closed with Candikuning, Bedugul but they bordering by Batukaru mountain. Therefore the season quiet the same with Bedugul. And the rain fall quiet often in the area hence make the land is good for any kind of plantation which is need a soft and humi land. Furthermore the high land make the season quiet cold. It is almost cold like in Lembang, Puncak Pass in  West Java .

We are now passing the “T”: junction which is the way to Pura Pucak Mangu to the right and to Denpasar or Tabanan to the straight. 

“We go to to straight to Denpasar – Tabanan ways.” Pak Dede our leader inform us about the way.

“Okay. Copy that.” One respond from the participant.

We straight on the “T” junction and now we entering the small wide road and still down the hill. In the left and right side of the road is a field which a tomato and chili plantation and also there is a dragon fruit which still in a flowers.

In some part there is also a murbay plant which according to my relatives is plant to develop the silk material.

The road has so many “S” and “U” turn and up to down due to we following the hill to go to Bedugul.

“All of the participant please be careful we will facing a “T” junction with an inclined “. I remind to the convoy. “Please take to straight to Batunya – Bedugul ways. Please be careful the road is a small wide.” I remind them again.

“Copy that.” Some one reply over the radio.

The road is small as we take short ways and we cut quiet lot the length of the duration if we go to the regular ways. By passing this route we may cut for about 2 hour more faster, but in consequent of it we have to facing the small road with some obstacle that we may facing in this way. But according to our experience in some trip by passing this way, it is not so heavy obstacle. We do not need to activating the 4 wheel drive. But we need to manage our legs and handy the steering wheel very well. 

We facing the Balinese main gate  with wording “Selamat Datang di Desa Catur”. Mean “Welcome to Catur village”.

The road is inclined about 20 degree and after a few meters entering the road, the road will divided to left and right side. The left side is declining while to the right side is inclining.

“Attention to all the participant.” In front of us the road will divided to the left side and the right side.” We will follow the right side road. The inclining one.” I inform to the convoy over the radio.

“Okay. Copy that.” Said of the participant replying my order.

We start to climbing the road and the participant quite wondering to see such a beautiful panorama surround the land. It is very beautiful and magnificent panorama surround it. It is still pure nature.

My mobile phone vibrate and ringing. I take it from its case and press answer. It is from Pak Adi the staff of Pak Agus Pendit from Mentari Restaurant . He asking our position and the frequency of our radio communication where we work, I inform him that we work in 146.750 Mhz. This is the KTI Jakarta frequency that they used for every of their convoy activity in Jakarta.

Within a few minutes he calling for us over the radio. Still quiet low and bad in receive. He transmit form the vehicle in Mentari Restaurant. The Trooper Pick Up green color.

We are now entering Batunya village. This is also an agro culture village. The population of this village about 2,760 peoples. Nad most all of them are a vegetable farmer. In their land thy plating the tomato, chili, cabbage, salad, carrot, potatoes, onion, broccoli, green bean string and many other vegetable plantation.

We passing their field, when suddenly one participant shouting on the radio.

“Hey look at that house. It is in our right side. There is a house with a head bird.” He said.

Yes there is a house with built like a big head bird. It is a giant bird which is trying to out from the big box. The idea is quiet creative.

 “Do we need to take a picture for it..? “ I asked the convoy.

(Tobe continued)

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    1. Hi Dave,

      Thanks to visit this blog. Yeach. most of the people who has spend their time in Bali also saythe same comments.
      Hope you would always enjoy the atmosphere of bali Island. WHich destination in Bali is your favorit..?
      I guess Kuta aren’t you…? Especially in the night time. The ambience really make us happy. As I do…

      Anyway, have a gerat day and hope we can meet each other some day….


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