KTI Bali Host Brunei Darussalam Four Wheel Drive Association Touring in Bali. (part 2)

Last synopsys :

“This is  Sukawati art market where we can find a souvenir or a handicraft for your relatives or neighbour.” I explain to the participant over the radio.

“OK. Copy that.” One participant comment over the radio too.

We move very slowly due to the busy traffic and many vehicle passing by.

“Okay. You just back ward by slowly and turn to the right.” I asked to Pak Dede once again.

Sukawati Art Market already been busy since 5.30 am in the morning as the artist people from the major village of the Gianyar residence bring and off their creation to the art shop in the Sukawati Market. Most of them just put their creation as a consignment goods in the art shop that they trust and the art shop will pay them upon their creation are sold. So the artist always have to wait the money from their produce almost a month or more to cashing their product. It is very poor to get money from their creation.

We still move very slowly from the traffic, while we keep in contact over the radio to inform the participants about the art market and the things that may interest for the tourist.  We offer to the participant to stop over just to have a look about the handicraft and other goods for souvenir, but they do not wants to, as most of the children are hungry heavily. So we continue our trip out from the busy market very slowly. Almost 20 minutes we trap on those busy road after finally we out from it and follows the road to Payangan to make the destination shortly cut.

“Pak Dewa which way we will go thru…?” I heard Pak Dede who lead us to Kintamani asking me over the radio.

“Oh yeach. I think we will go thru Payangan, Goa Gajah, Bedulu, Tampaksiring and Kintamani. How do you think.” I asked back to Pak Dede for his opinion.

“Ach ya. It would be okey. We can reach Lake View Restaurant in short time.”: He replied.

“Alright Pak Dede.” I replied and continue to explain the way that we passing by to the participant. And not in long time, we already in the near of Goa Gajah temple.  Goa Gajah temple or Elephant Cave previously is  the water garden of the King of Bedulu.during the Kingdom era long time a go a few years before century. The Bedul came from words “Bedahulu”

“Bedu” or ” Beda” mean different. “Hulu” mean the top or “head”. So Bedulu meaning the different between the top. This is the story of the King of Bedulu in long time a go.

The King of Bedulu is very strong and smart. He have a supra natural power which realize what he wants. One night the King wants to go around the kingdom  but the only his head is go while his body still left on his bedroom.  Before he left his body, he give a message to his wife that she must wake up his body if until  the morning is broken  he still not get up from the bed otherwise he will die. After messaging to his wife the King head left his body and go around the Kingdom to watching his peoples closely.

Since he go around the kingdom quiet far from his palace and furthermore the King forget and not realized that the morning has broken. He still go around to watching the peoples who still not sleep and discussing with their child how to get the foods for tomorrow. .

While his wife who watching and waiting his body realized that the morning has broken and she is afraid, very afraid that the King will die if she is not wake up him soon. She than wake up the King but got confuse when she realized the King has no head.  She run out of the room in confuse. When she saw the people who is processing the pig for the religion ceremony, she pick up that pig head and run back to the King bedroom and put the pig head on the King neck body and in amazing the pig head suddenly get growth and built in the King neck body and he get up from the bed and slowly find his wife and say thank for wake up him in time. But the king wife is trembling as the King now become incredible, the body is human but his head is a pig. She is very afraid that the King will angry as she change his head with a pig head.

But the King seem like knew what she is keeping in her mind. And suddenly the King said : “Don’t worry my wife. This is not your fault. My destiny is like this. My head will be change like this.” It is came in my dream many times.” He continued.

“Oh my majesty, I am so sorry This happen to you.” Please forgive me your majesty. I am so stupid.” She start crying and fall down her self in front of the foot of the King of Bedulu.

“Oh no my wife. This is not your fault.”  “This is my destiny.” Please wake up and prepare our day.” The King continued his order.

The King than out from the room following with his wife and of course the peoples who see the King than shouted. The King “Beda Ulu.”  Mean; Oh god, The head of the King is different.” That’s way the kindom than named Bedulu as like  what we known as  Bedulu now and then.

Ok my friends, I will tell this story in detail in the next occasion.

Let’s back to our journey to Kintamani.

We still move following the main road to Tampaksiring. Before we will reach Kintamani. A long the way only a coconut and some local plantation like a banana, a manggosteen, a guava, and some local orange. The main road not so wide and the rain would make a road quiet slippery and in addition the fog make our vision to the front very limited. Therefore we must watch and take care the way to avoid an accident may occur in those condition. 

We keep contact to each others especially after the cross line or the T junction, to keep all the participant of convoy in line and no one will left or misdirection.

“We will entering the Tampaksiring village approximately in 200 meters” I inform to the participant over the radio.

“All the convoy, we are now entering the Tampaksiring village.” Babe Harry than continue to inform the participant.

“In Tampaksiring there is a President palace, which is built by President Soekarno in the year of 1956.” Babe Harry continue.

“But we will not stop over in there as if we wants to visit the Palace we have to apply a month in advance in written.” I explain to the participant over the radio.

“In our left side is the corridor of the palace which is can see the view of the river and the rice field in the background before the hill.” I explain once again.

“Okay. Copy that.” One participant responded..

“We will turn to the right direction and down to the bridge to quiet incline.” I explain once again while I drive and turn to the left down to the bridge which will follows the way to Kintamani.

The rain still fall although not so hard which is make the atmosphere feel nice cold, but the fog fall and close our vision and every things in front of us are white.

Suddenly my mobile phone ringing. I take it from it’s case, open the flip and hear the voice out there. It is from Pak Wiranto our friend from KTI Bali. He inform me that he is already been in Lake View Restaurant and also inform that the fog is very hard. We could not see the panorama down there. All is white because of the fog covering all of the space.

I just inform him that we already been in Tampaksiring village and probably will reach Kintamani in a half an hour. I asked Pak Wiranto to prepare the parking area and check the seat that we reserve for 35 pax. 

We are still moving following to the main road to Kintamani Hill. The road has so many turn and inclining. While the rain still falling but now not so hard like before.

I see the altimeter in the dashboard which is now displaying to above 950 meter above of the sea, and for sure we climb to the hill and getting highest time to time. Kintamani its elf is about 1,600 meters above of the sea. But the mount Batur is located down of the Penelokan valey which is about 900 meters above of the sea. If we wants to down to the foot of the mountain we have to follows the road which is down to the Penelokan, passing the Kedisan village. The road is quiet good as it is nice asphalt road, between the rock hill in the left and right side of the road. The rock is combine of stone and the lava which is stoned after out from the caldera of the Batur mountain.

The road will end in the side of the lake Batur which is quiet busy by the domestic and overseas tourists.

The road also bring to the domestic harbor of the lake Batur. There is a small ancient village named. Trunyan which is located a cross of the lake Batur. Trunyan has a unique tradition for their die peoples.

Not like other villages which buried or cremated their bodies, in Trunyan the bodies just put it standing in the yard under big old “Pole” tree standing. They not buried or cremated the bodies. It is amazing, ‘cause the bodies will dry and not raising a bad smell.

According to the literature, this tradition is a real Bali tradition, which is a call the Baliaga.

But we would not crossing the lake to visit Trunyan, we only will had a buffet lunch in Lake View Restaurant, since we have a limited time and must catch up the time to visit the highest bridge which is combine the Kintamani and Plaga, Petang, North Badung regency in Tukad Bangkung.

We are now approaching the T “junction of Kintamani. To the left side we will reach Kintamani, turn to right  will be goes to Klungkung and Bangli residence.

“In the front T junction , we turn left.” I said to the participant.

“OK copy that.” One members responding.

I slow down my Trooper and turn to the left. The road now more wide than before we turn. There is a high grass  in the left and right side of the road. The high grass called “Rumput Gajah”. The road still incline and we are climbing the valley higher than higher. Now we are in 1,300 meters above of the sea.

“We are now in about 1,300 meters above of the sea.” I inform to the participant over the radio communication.  “We will climbing to the Kintamani valley about another 15 kilometers a head.” I inform to the participants over the radio.

While in front Pak Dede a companying with his daughter with his Dark Grey FJ40 Hard Top and Pak Nyoman, Pak Made and Bu Dian are companying by their two daughter and one boy driving the Soft Grey Metalic Land Cruiser F100 series as  a leader still leads us to Kintamani. The fog start covering our vision. We only reach about two meters ahead to see.

“Please turn on your fog lamp.” I inform to the participant to driving safety as it is quiet difficult to see ahead and it would be difficult too viewing us by the vehicle which is came from the opposites.

“All the convoy please turn on your light and your fog lamp.” Babe Harry heard informing to the participant to turn on their light.

To be closed to Kintamani hill the fog much hard and our vision very limited. While the rain start to stop even some time still fall with a soft.

“Everyone, please be careful. There is a truck stuck in front on the left side. It is quiet closed to our way.” Pak Dede informing us over the radio.

“Okay. Copy that.” One participant respond.

“OK in a few meters we will entering Kintamani.” Pak Dede inform us.

“Pak Dewa, where we have to park our cars.?” He asked me again.

“Please lead us to the Lake View Restaurant parking area.” Ireplied to Pak Dede.

“But I pass the Lake View Restaurant.” He said.

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