(Reposted) KTI Bali host Melia Bali Sales & Marketing Go offroad. part 3.

Break time before continue...

Last synopsys : 

Since the trek is very become hardcore for the Trooper. My Black Trooper is still in standard. There is no modification to up grade it performance. The only I’ve done is up grading it appearance, like adding the over fender, change the velg by badlock look while the tire still wear Bridgestone Dueller A/T, bumper ARB model and fitting the T-Max EW12500 electric winch. And also fitting the tow bar towing on the back side. And that’s it.

“OK Yoga.” “Try to push until you pass this obstacle and push the pedal when you reach the mud trek.” I giving him an order.

“Please prepare the remote cable of the winch, in case we need to winch later on.” I said.

“All right.” He replied and take the remote cable box under the front seat and put it beside him.

He start the engine and start to move.

“OK. push the pedal now.” Pak Agus give him an order.

Brrrouumm……  Brrrroumm…….. My black Trooper moving quiet fast, but finally fall down onto the mudding trek where the red roper also stag off before.

He try it again. Until so many times, but the tire even get more buried by the mud deep and deep and finally the tire buried almost all of it.

“Stop…..  stop it…….” I ask him to stop the effort.

“OK we do a winching.” I order him. And get the remote cable of winch.

I take the remote cable and fit it on the winch socket. And start release the steel sling from it’s drum.  We will use the big tree for a winching point.

The tree quite far away from the vehicle. It is about 20 meters. So we need the time to release the sling from the drum.

We take the hook of the sling and tight it on the tree. And we start to winching to recovery. I take the remote switch and start to winch.

“OK let start. “Help by engine power.” Said pak Agus Pendit.

“Kreckt…. Kreeect……Kreeect tek tek tek” the da Trooper start moving from the obstacle and one obstacle is passing by gently, but now it is in the last quiet difficult obstacle and high risk position since the winching point is also far and not in good position for winching.   

We try to put the winching point on the left position, but the vehicle does not move and the left rear tire deeply bogged down on the mud.

So we change the winching point to the right position and the sling not reaching the tree, so need to release more length to the tree which is about 25 meters from the vehicle and in addition the tree is in the deep lowest part of the tree trunk. We need some things to cut down the tree trunk. And luckily there is an axe in my black da Trooper so we can use it.

“OK Yoga.” “Go said Pak Agus Pendit . “Krect…. Kreect krect tek tek tek….And winching start again.  

Need about 15 minutes finally we can recovery my Black Trooper by using the winch. Yoga drive thru the vehicle up there and line up with another vehicle who already parked in a free safe position.

Now the turn for Agus Adi Green da Trooper. This vehicle also still in standard condition but it is already been up grading in a ignition system. It is use a part of Mallory ignition system and also a high competition spark plug. I ‘ve  been heard the engine and the engine power since I am a navigator of Agus Adi.

Let see it’s performance.

The jokey is Agung Wira. And he start the engine and go.

“Brrrooum…….Brrooooum….. the da Trooper move ahead promptly, but it is also fall down in the same position with the previous vehicle. Booged down deeply in the mud.

This 4JG1T engine.... Brrrm brrm brrm....

To safety the engine and the other parts. We decided to recovery the vehicle by towing it.

So I ask Yoga to turn my black da Trooper and we use the winch sling to tow it.

“OK give the power, and Yoga pull it by using your reverse gear.” Pak Agus giving the instruction to Yoga who driving my black Trooper.

And slowly by slowly finally we could recovery al of the vehicle. Upon all of the vehicle lining up, we continue our journey out from the jungle. We have to take a lunch.

The time already pointed to 13.15 WITA. And in addition the rain made all of us  are hungry.

But the rain still falling down although not so hard. So we change our plan to take a lunch in the jungle and I suggest to Pak Wayan Suka as a Tour leader to take a lunch in Mentari Restaurant.

“Okay my friends, upon out from the jungle all of us will go to Mentari Restaurant and we will having lunch in there, since the whether is in a rainy, it is impossible for us to have a lunch in this jungle.” “Do you agree with me..?” I ask all of my friends confirmation.

“Okay.” “It is good for us.” Said almost all of us.

Late lunch in Mentari Restauant with a beautifull view of Beratan Lake


So we moving and following the pathways in the middle of the jungle in between the lowest tree trunk and a bamboo trees to find the way out from the jungle.

By 13.37 WITA we reach the asphalt road which is need another 15 minutes to reach the main road of Denpasar – Buleleng where is the Mentari Restaurant location in opposite of the Beratan Lake.

We arrived in Mentari Restaurant at 13.43 WITA and Pak Agus Pendit host us to get in to the restaurant, while some of us bringing the lunch box to the dining room of the restaurant. The lunch box is consist of the red rice with some of the Balinese  dish like a young rizhoma stick dish, a Balinese chicken fried  and a Urap Plecing kangkung (hot spicy water spinach ).

We distribute the lunch box to ala of the participant and start to having an unique luncheon together.

After all of us finalized the luncheon, we have a coffee a compliment break from Pak Agus Pendit the owner of Mentari Restaurant.

After had an unique lunch and compliment coffee break from Pak Agus Pendit the owner of Mentari Restaurant, we continue our journey to Buyan camping ground, about 3 kilo meters from Mentari Restaurant for photo session.  The whether look good. It is no more rain. But only the sunshine over the sky. 

We drive the da Trooper for about 14 minutes to Buyan camping ground which is located in the side of the Buyan lake.

We arrived in Buyan camping ground at 14.47 WITA. The panorama are very beautiful  in there. The water of the lake shining like a gold which streaming by the breeze. So nice and beautiful panorama.

The participant jump out from the da Trooper and run to the side of the lake. Few of them taking the picture by their friends and make a change each other taking a  photo shooting.

Posing together in the side of Buyan Lake...

 We also take a picture with Trooper Indonesia banner in the side of the lake Buyan.

After every one have a chance to taking the picture, we prepare to get back return to meeting point in Denpasar, via regular way. It will take about 1 and half hours to back to Denpasar. All the participants very satisfaction with the journey.

Finally we finish our journey in meeting point in Ubung with great pleasure and very nice beautiful memory.

Alright my friends, that’s all for the time. But please always visit this website as we will share to you our next journey…

See you soon…..





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