(Reposted) KTI Bali host Melia Bali Sales & Marketing Department Go Offroad. Part. 1

 Dear all of KTI Friends and our loyal visitors… 

My Black Trooper climbing the hill


How are you today my friends….?  Everythings are okay with you aern’t you…?  Great.

I am happy if all of you are okay and blessed in a good health.

I am back again to share our last journey, Off road host the Sales & Marketing Team of Melia Bali Villas & Spa Resort to outing and do an off road to the closed forest in Pekarangan Village in Baturiti regency on Sunday, 6 July 2008.

As regular program of the Sales & Marketing Melia Bali Villas & Spa Resort to refresh their team members is do an outing. The program held in once or two time a year is depend of the time arrangement that they have.  And this time they try some thing different. Yeach. Do an off road with the team. As almost all of the team members never have or never trying to do the offroad tour adventure, so in once occasion Mr. Wayan Sukaarta the Director Of  Sales & Marketing of Melia Bali ask me if they want to join us do an adventure tour and I say yes if they really interesting to try it.  So a week before the time, I inform every things that needed during we go off road to the jungle.

Therefore, I advise them what to bring and what to wear to going off road.  And I ask the list of the participants in order to enable us preparing the vehicle to bring them do an off road.

And here is the full story of the journey. Please enjoy the full story.

My Black Trooper winching....


As agreed by most all of the participants, the meeting point is in the next step of Court Denpasar in Ubung and the time to be there is about 8.15 Bali time in the morning.

I call to our KTI Friends who wants to join in. They are IB Budi with his Smoke brown metallic Trooper, Yande with his Black High Roof Trooper, Agus Adi with his yellow deep High Roof Trooper, Putu Andy with his White Trooper, Agung Wira with his Smoke Brown metallic Vitara, Wiwin Gunawasika with his  Red Ferrary Short Trooper and of course my self with my High Roof Black Trooper to make sure that they will be there on time.

The night before, I have prepare my Black Trooper every things that we may need during the tour. I already purchase an axe, prepare the tools kit bag, a first aid kit an umbrella and a doz of the mineral water and put it onto the back cabin of my Black Trooper, just in case we need it during the tour.

My son Yoga and my daughter Dewinta will join in the tour.  While my wife Ditta has her self activity to help her friend to be one of the committee of the Aerobic competition in Bali Padma Hotel, so she could not join us to the tour.

By 7. 26 WITA morning we start from our home to the meeting point in Court Ubung, but before that we have to picking up one participant Wisnu Wardana to his home nearest the police office in the west of my house about 1 kilometres.

By 7.53 WITA we have met our KTI friends in front of Toyota Auto 2000 gallery, but over the phone I’ve been inform that the participant are awaiting us in the near of Court Ubung. So I ask all of the KTI friends move to Court Ubung to picking up the participants. I go by walk to the Court Ubung to meet them, while Yoga my son driving my da Trooper to picking up.

And yes, I saw the participants already there. They are about 15 people.  I join with them to discus about the journey and help to carrying the lunch box that they prepare and put onto the White Trooper. There also some door prize which will be presents to every driver who join on this tour activity. We carrying all the things to the vehicle and a short brief held to introduce each others and also we will arrange the seats for the participants, who will in which vehicle and soon.

While I am not see the Red Ferrary Trooper of Wiwin Gunawasika on the line up.  So I call him and get inform that he is on the way.

After a short brief we arrange the seats for the participants and every thing are completely arrange we are moving forward. We will go to the north thru Ahmad Yani Street,  Lumintang, Sangeh, Petang and follows the short cut ways to Batunya Village and goes to Baturiti village. I have delivered the itinerary to ever vehicle to guide them the way that we will pass by.

As my plan to train my son driving and coaching in the off road, I ask him to driving my Black Trooper while I join with Agus Adi as his Navigator.

The sky seem cloudily, even not so dark. But I predict that the rain will be falling down in the next couple hours.

My BlackTrooper in action


According to the itinerary, we will be in Baturiti by the latest at 10.15 WITA and we will entering the trek off road by 10.30 and will finish in Mentari Restaurant by 13.00 WITA.

We moving with limited speed of about 60 km per hour as we need to sight seeing a long the way. By 9.05 WITA we entering Sibang Gede village where is the whether start a bit cold than in Denpasar. And in addition the rain start falling down which is make the whether much more cold and cold.

While we still moving and now we are reaching Sangeh the monkey forest in Badung regency. The rain is really fall down now even not so hard, but the fog down and make our vision to the head quiet limited. To keep the convoy in a good formation, we contact each other over the radio communication to  change the information among us.

The view in out there is very pretty as there was a field of cacao plantation and also some glove with the green leafs and its seem so beautiful because of the water and  the dew still on its leafs.

Due to the cold whether some of the participants start asking how long is the destination and how much time do we need to reach there a some of them need to visit the rest room. Especially a women. They seem not could not keep it to visit the rest room soonest, while we start to entering the Batunya village and will entering the gate of the village with wording “Selamat datang di desa Batunya”  meaning “Welcome in Batunya Village”.

After entering the gate, there is the “Y” junction. We follow the left ways road which a light decline. On the left and right side are the cacao plantation and a few of them are with the fruits. And after a few minutes riding, we were passing the field with the plantation of the hot chili and some of them with tomato plantation. And in a few minutes later we facing the beautiful garden of the vegetable with a teracerring land and a few minutes we entering the village named Desa Catur which is still in Baturiti of Tabanan residence. Baturiti is located in the high land about 1.100 meters above the sea, which is made the whether out there is quiet cold. It is about about 21 degree Celsius in the day time and down until 16 to 19 degree Celsius at the night time. It is very cold for us who normally live and feel about 28 to 32 degrees in the city of Denpasar and around it.

But it is really enjoyed for us for the cold whether. And in addition the rain start falling down which is making the whether more cold and make most of the participants need to visit the rest room in the very soon. Aha…..  Due to the cold whether and also the aircon of the vehicle those feeling pushing us to reach the point when we can have the time to visit the rest room.

The small road we passing by, start with the turn declining and “S” turn by inclining drastically which is we must to focus on that, as some there is another vehicle from the opposite way. It is quiet dangerous if suddenly they are appear in front of us while the road is very small and many “S” turn with about 35 degree inclination we must climb for.

On the top of the hill after we climb and will turn to the left in the left side there is a big house with a wide court yard. The location is really in the top of the hill. This big house is a villa of Mr. Joger  The owner of the very famous Joger shop in Kuta.  This villa is occupying every week by the staff of the Joger shop who in holiday.

Only a few minutes, we finally out from those extreme road and reach the main road of Denpasar – Singaraja. In here we turn to the left and we will stop over in Pondok Abianbase in Pak Agus Pendit  residence.

Pak Agus Pendit pondok located after the vegetable traditional market. In this market the farmer will sell their vegetable that they produce to the people who will distribute the vegetable to the region of Bali island including Denpasar and around.

The rain start getting hard when we arrived in Pondok Abianbase. Pak Agus Pendit and his father welcoming us warmly with courtesy.

Soon we stop the vehicle all the participants are jump out from the vehicle run the the rest room. I think they go a hurry as they have kept the hard feeling to go to the rest room to have a peeing.  He he he…

(to be continued)





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