(Reposted) KTI Bali host Melia Bali Sales & Marketing Go Offroad. part. 2


Passing the obstacle...

Ringkasan yang lalu :

The rain start getting hard when we arrived in Pondok Abianbase. Pak Agus Pendit and his father welcoming us warmly with courtesy.

Soon we stop the vehicle all the participants are jump out from the vehicle run the the rest room. I think they go a hurry as they have kept the hard feeling to go to the rest room to have a peeing.  He he he…

There is only two rest room that we can use. One in the main building and the other one is close with the cart port where we park our vehicle. So we must queuing to have the turn to use the rest room for peeing.

The time already pointing at 09.55 WITA. It is quiet fast then the time schedule that I made on the itinerary. The schedule to stop over is by 10.15. We stop there about 15 minutes.

After al of the participants have a chance to the rest room, we arrange all the participants to get into the vehicle and we will go to the trek in the back of Pak Agus Pendit residence.

After say good bye to Pak Agus Pendit father’s and every body get into the vehicle at 10.05 WITA we start moving to the trek about a few meters in the back house of Pondok Abianbase. We entering the line which just fixing by cement and turn to the right entering the field of the vegetable and start trekking the path ways with a some wild plantation in the left and right of the path ways. The ways start inclining the hill and in left side there is a valley with a small river with no water. Actually this is not a river but like a glatzier for the water during the hard rain. And we must watch out the obstacle that may we facing in front of us. The vehicle as a leader is Gusmang with his Smoke Grey metallic da Trooper and following with Agung Wira with his Smoke Grey Suzuki Vitara,, Putu Andy with his White da Trooper, Yande with his Black Hi-Roof da Trooper, Yoga with my Black Hi-roof da Trooper and Pak Agus Pendit with his 4 X 4 Chevy Green leafs Pick Up and my self as a Navigator with Agus Adi in last da Trooper.

Chevy LUV 4 X 4 Agus Pendit for logistic

The rain even more hard falling now. After a few minutes, we start entering a path ways with in between a vegetable field and the small river. The path ways inclining with some obstacle like a small bogger and in addition the small wide path ways make all of the driver must be focus and clearly understand how to manage the steering wheel and how to use the power of the engine in good moment in order to keep the wheel running. The path ways seemly so slippery and due to the rain fall more hard we drive the vehicle smoothly trying to passing the obstacle.

Suddenly the convoy stop. I call Agung Wira over the radio asking what happen and get inform that the Hite Trooper could not passing the third obstacle and also Yande with his Black Trooper as well. I jump out from the vehicle and check to the location. And yes, I saw that the White Trooper could not passing the obstacle. Even not so heavy actually, but it seem there is a problem on it front wheel. The Auto Hub lock not lock the wheel properly, so the engine power could push the front wheels. It is only a two wheel drive.

I also check the Black Trooper of Yande. And it seem the same problem happen. Both of them still using the original auto hub lock, which is some time due to the condition of the trek could not work properly. The auto hub lock not locking the front wheels and the four wheels drive are malfunction.

Upon discussing with Pak Agus Pendit and some KTI Friends, finally we left those two da Trooper in the field and the passenger who is Pak Suarda, Widi, Nova, Pak Suardana, Pak Nugroho we transfer to another da Trooper.

Agus Pendit brief to recovery

So we ask Putu Andy and Yande to get back backward. And since they are already in front of some da Trooper, we finally have to guide every da Trooper to back ward. The first vehicle move to back ward is Yoga with my Black Trooper, following by Yande and the last Putu Andy. As the path ways has so many obstacle the driver must drive back the vehicle slowly with the accurate steering control, otherwise we may will felt down on to the small river in the left of the path ways.After Yande and Putu Andy out from the path ways, we ask them to left the vehicle in the safe position and all of the passenger move to another vehicle, we continue our journey.

Now we have only five vehicle continuing the journey. They are Gusmang with Smoke Grey metallic, Agung Wira with Smoke Grey Metallic Suzuki Vitara, Wiwin with Red Ferarri da Trooper, Yoga with my Black Trooper, my self with Agus Adi with a Green Hi Roof  Trooper and Pak Agus Pendit with 4 X 4 Chevy Green Metallic Pick Up.

Now the trek quiet difficult to passing since the mud start out as Gusmang with his da Trooper digging the trek with his Simex Jungle Trekker tire. But so far all of the vehicle is still shown their performance very well.

After Agung Wira with his Vitara following Gusmang who is the leader of the convoy, we moving and following the path ways in between the vegetable field and valleys. The whether quiet cold as the rain start fall and even more hard. The trek become so slippery and some time our da Trooper sliding on the trek to the left side or the right side where we could not control it by the steering wheel as the trek so slippery. But this is become a un forgetable memory for al of the passengers.

“Whoeeeh…..”.  “It is so amazing said one of the participant with vibrating voice as the whether in a heavy cold.

While the rain falling more hard and hard. We still moving slowly to the deep of the jungle. And in a few minutes later, we entering the closed jungle, where is plenty of the high trees and some of them are a bamboo trees and also a small grass a red flowering trees of Erythrina spp, tree trunk and of course a high grass plantation. It is a few species of the plantation also life in this closed jungle. The length trek in this jungle closed about 3 to 4 kilometers and if every things are alright will take about 1 to 2 hours to reach the nearest regular road.

Hard rain and dark...

But since the rain is falling more hard and hard every time, I think will quiet difficult for us and will take more time to out from this jungle.

We’ve been out from the high trees part now, but still in the closed jungle area. I heard the engine sound seem work hard in front of us.

“Yoga are you monitor…?” I ask my son who driving my Black Trooper thru the hand held radio communication. 

 “Yes coming.” He replied my call.

“What happen in front ..?” I asking him once again.

“Don’t know yet.” “Let me check.” He replied.

I jump out from da Trooper and walking in the slippery ground. The hard heavy rain make the trek so mudding. Plenty of time I have to grab some plantation to keep my body not to fall to the ground because I am sliding with no control due to the slippery.

Red Trooper with Black Trooper

And yes, I see in front of the Red Trooper driving by Wiwin stag off by the mud obstacle. He trying to push the vehicle and there is Agung Wira, Gusmang  and Agus Pendit already watching and guide Wiwin to drive out from that obstacle.

We check the trek then and realized that the trek become quiet extreme for da Trooper. The path ways is incline and in addition in the left is a deep valley. So we stop to trying  and push the engine. If we push the engine too hard, we worry the engine will damage and we will in a difficult problem. We check the front wheel and it seem that the left side free lock is not lock the wheel properly. It probably broke the gear inside. So upon discussing with our pals, we decide to tow the red Trooper until up there.

“Gusmang please tow this Trooper.” Agus Pendit asks Gusmang to recovery the red Trooper. We take the strap and hook it on the hook in Gusmang Trooper, but since the strap not long enough, we have to combine it with another blue strap by the shackle. And now the strap become about 7 meters length and could reach the Red Trooper.

“OK Gusmang.” “You may lift the vehicle now.” Said Agus Pendit to Gusmang.

Gusmang get in to his da Trooper and start the engine. Full the Red Trooper. It is seem quiet heavy to do it, as the tire have been stag of and buried by mud and in addition the rain falling heavily now which is make the trek very very slippery.

“OK Gusmang. Lift it now.” Agus Pendit give an instruction to Gusmang. “Win, please do not use the power OK…?!? “ Just control the steering.” He said again.

Slowly the red Trooper moving ahead by the towed and finally, it is out from the heavy mud and Gusmang Tow it until up there in a free safe position.

“Alright.” “It is very good.” I said. And every body gloves the hands to giving applause for its success.

“OK. Next is  Yoga turn to further.”  “Please do your best.” Said Pak Agus  Pendit.

Since the trek is become hardcore for the Trooper. My Black Trooper is still in standard. There is no modification to up grade it performance. The only I’ve done is up grading it appearance, like adding the over fender, change the velg by badlock look while the tire still wear Bridgestone Dueller A/T, bumper ARB model and fitting the T-Max EW12500 electric winch. And also fitting the tow bar towing on the back side. And that’s it.

(to be continue)




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