TRIHITA KARANA, the Harmonious Relationship between Human to God, Human to Human, Human to Environment


Tri Hita Karana was derived from Sanskrit, means three, welfare and cause. In the complete sentence means three things that cause welfare.

Trihita Karana have a significant meaning of three harmonious relationship, namely the relationship between human being with the only God that created the holy knowledge to the human being that must compulsorily be followed, the relationship of human being with other human being and the relationship between human being with the environment and other creatures.  

Terminologically the terms of Tri Hita Karana issued by Dr. I Wayan Mertha Suteja and introduced later by I Gusti Ketut Kaler and I Made Djapa, BA in 1968 – 1970. These three gentlemen were the important persons in Indonesian Hindus Society.

1) The harmonious relationship of Human being with God:

Mention in the Holy book VEDA that God (also called: Brahman) created this universe with all of its contents. The Almighty placed the planet and heaven in the sky. The harmony is not only for human being but also for all creatures, the earth, the heaven, God, the universe included animals and plants.

2) The harmonious relationship of human beings

When the human being can maintain the harmonious relationship with God, by following the directions, then it is reflected by showing cares to other human being in his/ her daily lives. To discuss and create a win-win commitment, to simplify any cases, to build the happiness together and release all the difficulties for the sake of human being. In most of the mantras God mentioned the importance of human relations, to avoid bad act. The Almighty God has given the same opportunity o human being, and all depend upon the choice, willingness and capability of human being to implement. The harmony must be implemented truly not the fake one, it comes out from the inner part of the heart of every individual. Harmony can be shown through sincere tolerations and respects, not only for the one we know but also for the the ones we do not know.

Harmony is not only shown among people with the same level, but between superior and staffs, employers and customers, government and the people with the ultimate goal to get win-win relationship.

3) The harmonious relationship between human being and the universe, environment & other creatures

The source of happiness is laid on the harmony between human being with universe, the earth, the sky, and with other creatures.

Written by:

Iwan Setiawan

Iwan Setiawan

Training Manager

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